Across The World || Dan Howell

Dan and Phil move into a bigger apartment because they decided to take in an exchange student. Meanwhile, Avery is on her way to London to meet her host family, who happens to be Dan and Phil. What happens when she gets there is more than she expected.


10. Job

Chapter 8




Avery's POV


I woke up at 11:00 with a pain in my neck and Dan's arm around my shoulder. Phil and Rachel were still asleep as well as Dan.


I was going to go into town today to try and get a job. I had scheduled two interviews, one at Starbucks and one at the cinema. The interview at Starbucks was at 2:00 and my interview at the cinema was at 3:30, so I had some time to prepare. I knew that once I came to London, I would eventually have to get a job, so I had brought some already-made resumes with me.


First off, I needed a shower. So I got up from my spot on the couch and went to take my shower. It lasted longer than my usual shower because I had quite a bit of time before my first interview.


I didn't bring a lot clothes that you'd consider "fancy", so I decided on a white button-up shirt, a gray blazer, black dress pants, and black flats. I put a bit more effort into my hair by curling it. Then I put on a bit more makeup than usual, using face powder, eye shadow base, dark eye shadow, blush, and red lipstick.


As I was applying the last bit of lipstick, a sleepy Dan walked into my room.


"Where are you going?", he asked as he rubbed his eyes.


"I have some job interviews today. I have an interview at Starbucks at 2:00 and an interview at the cinema at 3:30", I said.


"Oh...okay", he said, still trying to wake up.


"Well, its 1:40, so I'd better go. See you later, Dan", I said.


"See you, Avery", Dan said as he yawned.


I walked out of my room and passed through the living room where I saw that Phil and Rachel were still asleep. Were we really up that late? I guess so.


As I was about to walk out the front door, Dan said, "Good luck, Avery"


"Thanks, Dan", I smiled. Then I left.


I walked to Starbucks and arrived there at 1:55 and I was immediately greeted.


"Are you the girl who's here for the interview", the lady asked me.


"Yes that's me. I'm Avery", I said.


"Hi Avery, I'm Johannah and I'll be doing your interview today. Come with me to my office", she said. Then I followed her to the back where she led me to a small, beige-colored room with a desk, 3 chairs, and a black couch.


"Have a seat", Johannah said, "Do you have a resume for me today?"


"I do actually", I said as I pulled the paper out of my folder and gave it to her.


She looked it over in silence.


"I see here that you used to work at a clothing store?", she asked.


"I did, yes. I didn't fit in there", I said.


"And you were the valedictorian of your 8th grade and 12th grade graduating class?", she asked.


"Yes, I was", I said.


"Now let me ask you, how do you feel about working with a group of people?", Johannah asked.


"I work best that way", I said.


"Well, Avery you seem like a hard worker and I see no reason not to hire you", she said.


"Really?", I said excitedly.


"Absolutely. You'd work Monday through Thursday from 10:00 to 4:00. If you decide to take the job, just call this number", Johannah said as she handed me a piece of paper with a phone number scribbled on it.


"Thank you so much", I said.


"Of course. I hope to see you later", she said as I got up from my seat.


"Same to you. Bye, Johannah", I said.


"Bye, Avery", she said.


When my interview was over, it was 2:45. I decided to order a drink and then get a taxi to the cinema.


"One grande caramel macchiato please", I said to the cashier.


"Of course and what's your na-oh you're Avery!", said the cashier.


"How do you know my name?", I asked, confused.


"You're the girl who's staying with Dan and Phil!", the cashier said.


"Oh yeah that's me", I smiled.


"Oh my gosh I totally ship you and Dan. Oh my name's Jessica", she said.


"Nice to meet you Jessica", I said.


"Can I get a picture?", Jessica asked.


"Sure!", I said.


She handed me her phone and I took a picture of the both of us.


As I handed her the phone back, she said, "Wow my sister Becky is going to be so jealous! Oh yeah right your drink. Let me just write your name on your cup. Your drink will be out in a few minutes".


"Thanks", I said.


I only waited for about for about 10 minutes when my name was called. Once I got my drink, I took a taxi to the cinema.


I arrived at the cinema at 3:27. I wasn't exactly sure what to do, so I went up to the front counter.


"How can I help you?", the cashier asked.


"I'm here for an interview", I said.


"Oh yeah follow me", she said.


I was again led to a room that only contained a desk, some chairs, and a couch. The only difference was that he couch was brown and there was a tiny plant sitting on the window sill.


"The manager will be with you in a moment. Just have a seat", the lady said.


"Okay", I said as I took a seat in one of the chairs.


A few minutes passed and it was now 3:40. I figured that the manager just got held up and was running late. So I just kept waiting.


Now it was 3:55 and I was starting to worry that I had gotten the date of the interview wrong.


Finally at 4:10, the manager showed up.


"Hi", he said.


"Hello. I'm-", I began.


"Yeah yeah I know your name. It's Avery. My name is Peter", he said.


"Oh um hi Peter. I have a resume here", I said as I held out the paper.


He ripped the resume out of my hand and began looking it over.


After a few moments, he said, "You know, I didn't even want to do this interview anyway".


"Then why am I here?", I asked.


"My wife scheduled it. But you can have the job if you want I guess. Just, um, call the same number as last time", Peter said.


"Uh...mkay", I said and I quickly got up and left the room.


I walked out of the cinema in disbelief. How could a manager be that rude? I didn't want to think about it anymore. I just got in a taxi and headed home.


~ Skip The Drive Back To Dan And Phil's Apartment ~


I got back to Dan and Phil's apartment at 5:00. I walked up the many stairs and opened the door.


"Hello?", I said.


"In here!", Dan yelled from the living room.


"Hey Dan", I said.


"Hi Avery. How did the interviews go?", Dan said from his spot on the couch with his laptop in his lap.


"Well, the interview at Starbucks went great. The manager was really nice. The manager at the cinema was awful, He was 40 minutes late for the interview and he was rude. He said he didn't even want to do the interview", I said.


"Wow what a jerk. Are you going to take the job at Starbucks?", Dan asked.


"Most likely", I said.


"That's good", he said.


"Yeah", I said, "Where's Rachel and Phil?"


"Oh Rachel's family wanted to meet Phil and he went home with her for a few days. So it's just gonna be us for a few days. I hope that's okay", Dan said.


"Oh, um, yeah that's fine", I said.


"Hey can I ask you something?", Dan asked.


"Yeah just give me a minute", I said.


"Mkay", Dan said.


I went to my room and picked out some royal blue silk pajama pants and a baggy black long sleeve shirt to change into. Then I brushed my hair out and put it in a French braid.


"Okay Dan what did you want to ask me?", I said as I walked back out into the living room.


"Come sit next to me", Dan said. So I went and sat in the spot on the couch next to him.


"Is anything wrong?", I asked.


"No no nothing's wrong. I just have a question", Dan said.


"Mkay what is it?", I asked.


He didn't really answer me. He kind of just mumbled something under his breath.


"Sorry? I didn't catch that", I said.


"I was wondering if you um...wanted to maybe...", he said nervously.


"If I wanted to what?", I said.


"I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend", he finally said.


I didn't answer at first.


"Now wold kind of be a good time to say something", Dan laughed.


"Dan, of course. I'd love to be your girlfriend", I smiled.




Wow chapter 8! I can't belive this story had 816 reads! I want to dedicate this chapter to the first person to comment: Maylenna :)Thank you so much to all of you who are reading this story it means a lot to me :) Please continue to fan, comment, like, and favorite :)


Love you xx




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