Across The World || Dan Howell

Dan and Phil move into a bigger apartment because they decided to take in an exchange student. Meanwhile, Avery is on her way to London to meet her host family, who happens to be Dan and Phil. What happens when she gets there is more than she expected.


30. I'll Never Forget You

Chapter 27

"I'll Never Forget You"

Avery's POV

"Ready to go?", Phil asked.

"Absolutely", I said.

It had been two weeks. Two weeks since Dan nearly died. And who knows how long it's been since we've all been home. But today, Dan was finally coming home from the hospital and we were flying home to London.

When Phil and I arrived at the hospital, Dan was already waiting for us by the front desk.

"Ready to head home?", I smiled.

"Definitely", Dan smiled back.

The three of us hopped in a cab and made our way to the airport.

"I...uh...I bet you're excited to be going home after so long", Phil said.

"Yeah", Dan said, "Phil, are you alright?".

"Huh? What? Yeah, why wouldn't I be?", Phil said awkwardly.

"Oh no reason. You just seem a", Dan said.

"'s not really that big of a deal", Phil said as he dramatically stared out the window.

We got to the airport and it started raining hard. So we all rushed inside to avoid getting soaked from the drenching rain.

"Wow that rain really came out of nowhere", Dan said as he took his coat off.

"What?", Phil said without making eye contact.

"Alright, mate. I know something's bothering you. So why don't you just come clean and tell us?", Dan said.

"Just stay out of it alright? It's none of your business", Phil said as he looked at the ground.

We were almost late for our flight home, so Dan decided to shrug it off for the moment. We just wanted to board our plane before it left without us.

"Phil, are you sure you're alright?", I asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be fine?", he said in kind of a grumpy voice.

"I...I don't know...", I said, kind of trailing off at the end.

The rest of the flight was silent between the three of us. Dan was asleep and something was clearly still bothering Phil. I wish he would just spit it out and tell us.

We arrived back in London a few hours later. Dan was out cold so I had to wake him up to get off the plane. 

"It's sure is good to be back", Dan said as we stepped off the plane.

On the cab ride back to the apartment, Phil looked out the window and watched the houses pass by. he still wasn't really talking to either of us. 

When we got back to the apartment, we were all quite tired.

" you guys later", Phil said as he retreated to his bedroom.

"What was that all about?", I asked.

"Your guess is as good as mine", Dan said, "Man, I'm tired".

"Want to marathon Your Lie In April?", I asked.

"Most definitely", Dan said.

Almost immediately after the theme song started playing, Dan fell asleep. So I quietly got up from my spot on the couch and got a blanket for Dan. Then I went back to my room where I also quickly fell asleep.

Phil's POV

It was very cold in my room. So cold that I could see my breath. I had tossed and turned for what seemed like hours. I hadn't gotten a wink of sleep. I turned over and looked at my clock. It read 1:07 am.

Great. Here comes a sleepless night.

The truth is, Dan was right. Something was bothering me. I knew that Dan and Avery were getting married. I knew they always would.  I saw it from the very beginning. I knew they loved each other. But that's not what was bothering me at all. 

I wasn't jealous of the fact that Dan was getting married and I wasn't. I still had Rachel after all. But I knew...I knew that once Dan married Avery...I knew that they'd both move away to who knows where. I won't see Dan very much at all if ever. That's what was bothering me. I felt like I was losing my best friend.

After a few more minutes of tossing and turning in the cold of the night, I couldn't take it anymore. I went into the kitchen to find the only thing that I felt would comfort me at this time: cereal.

I walked out to the kitchen and I saw that Your Lie In April was playing on the TV.

"Avery and Dan must have watched that when I went to sleep. But why was it still on? Hm. Oh well", I thought to myself.

I got a bowl out of the cupboard and then I got the cereal. Then I got to thinking again. Thinking about how everything was going to change.

"What if Dan and I never see each other again?", I thought to myself, "I mean, I always knew that this would happen one day. That we would stop making videos together and stuff. But I didn't think it would happen so soon. Maybe I'm overthinking it all...But what if I lose my best friend?".

"You aren't going to lose me", Dan said.

I guess I wasn't just saying all of those things in my head.

Dan's POV

I woke up at 1:15 in the morning, well I was more half asleep and half awake, to the sound of someone in the kitchen.

"But what if I lose my best friend?", they said to themselves.

No doubt about it. It was Phil. So that's what was bothering him. He thought he was going to lose me when Avery and I got married. He was wrong. very wrong. I had to go and talk to him.

"You're not going to lose me", I said to him.

" Dan. How did you hear me?", he said.

"I was on the couch", I said, gesturing to the lounge.

"Oh. Well, how much did you hear?", Phil said.

"I heard enough. Phil, how could you think that you'd lose me?", I said.

"I just...when you marry Avery...I feel like I'll hardly ever see you if ever. I'm afraid you'll forget about me", Phil said as tears started to form in his eyes.

"Phil, I could never forget about you. Ever. You're my best friend", I said.

"I know, I just...I just couldn't shake the thought from my head that you might forget about me", Phil said, tears now streaming down his face.

"Phil, why didn't you just come talk to me?", I said, doing everything I could not to cry.

"I don't know. I guess I thought you'd think I was stupid for thinking something like that", he said, looking away.

"Phil, look at me. Even when I marry Avery, even when we move away, even...when we stop making videos, I'll never forget you. I need you to know that. You're my best friend. Okay?", I said, no longer trying not to cry.

"Okay, Dan. Thank you", Phil said.


End of Chapter 27

I hope you guys liked this chapter! Sorry i'm posting it

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