Across The World || Dan Howell

Dan and Phil move into a bigger apartment because they decided to take in an exchange student. Meanwhile, Avery is on her way to London to meet her host family, who happens to be Dan and Phil. What happens when she gets there is more than she expected.


12. Amusement Park

Chapter 10

"Amusement Park"

Avery's POV

Two days later, Phil and Rachel had returned from visiting her family and the four of us were going to an amusement park for the day.

"Wait wait wait. Did Phil actually do that?", Dan laughed.

"No...", Phil said.

"Yes he did! We wanted to get a present for my family and Phil said he wanted to buy it, so I let him. That was a mistake. I come home and on the dining table there's this giant house plant and I say, "Phil, is that really what you bought?" and he goes, "It improves it"", Rachel laughed.

"You and your bloody house plants", Dan said, causing us all to laugh.

"And let me get this straight, you guys actually met Louis and Charlotte Tomlinson?", Rachel asked.

"Yeah! Actually their mom, Johannah, is the manager of the Starbucks I work at and Charlotte works with me. On my first day at work, Louis came to visit Charlotte", I said.

"You're so lucky! You've absolutely got to help me meet them!", Rachel said. 

"Of course", I said.

"Don't go leaving me for Louis Tomlinson or anything", Phil said.

"Of course not", Rachel said.

Just when Phil was about to kiss Rachel, Dan said, "Whoa you two get a room!"

Phil and Rachel's faces turned bright red.

By that time, we had arrived at the amusement park. When we got out of the car, we were almost immediately noticed.

"Oh my gosh I love you guys so much! Can I please have a picture?", the first girl said.

"Of course!", Dan said.

Rachel and I moved out of the way so the girl could get her picture with Dan and Phil, but she said, "I want a picture with all of you".

So we all took the picture and off we went.

Before we got to the line of the first ride, we were noticed again by two girls named Jessica and Stacy.

"Can we please have a picture?", they asked.

"Sure", Phil said.

They too wanted a picture with all of us, so they stood in the middle with Dan and me on the left and Phil and Rachel on the right.

"Bye!", they said.

"Bye guys!", we said. Then we got in line for the first ride.

We had been waiting in line for about 30 minutes and the line had hardly moved.

"Ugghh this line is moving slower than a snail in molasses", Dan said.

"I'm gonna die if this line doesn't move soon", I said.

"They're meant for each other", Phil whispered to Rachel.

"I agree", Rachel whispered back.

"You guys should really learn how to whisper better", Dan laughed.

After we had been waiting for about an hour, we were finally able to get on the ride. 

"This ride looks terrif-", Phil began to say but before he could finish, the ride had taken off.


"I think I'm actually going to die. That ride was terrifying", Phil said.

"Oh pull yourself together for goodness sake", Dan laughed.

"Hey isn't that Louis and Charlotte?", I said.

"Oh my gosh really? Where? Where?", Rachel said.

"There", I said as I pointed to two people waiting in line for a ride.

"Oh hey Avery!", Charlotte said as we were walking over.

"Hi Charlotte! Hi Louis!", I said.

"Hello, love. Hello Dan and Phil. And who might this be?", Louis said.

"Oh this is my friend Rachel. She's a big fan", I said.

"Hello Rachel. Nice to meet you", Louis said.

Rachel didn't say anything. She kind of had this "I'm fangirling too much inside to say anything" look on her face.

"Rachel, now would be the time for you to say something", Phil said.

"Oh yeah. H-hi Louis. Nice t-t-to m-meet you t-too", Rachel managed to say.

After Rachel had basically embarrassed herself in front of one of the biggest pop stars, it was time to get on the ride.


"Bleeding heck, that was terrifying", Louis said.

"I'm glad someone agrees with me", Phil said.

"Well, Louis and I have to go. We'll see you guys later", Charlotte said.

"Aw okay. Bye Charlotte. Bye Louis", I said.

"Bye, Avery. Bye, Rachel. Bye Dan and Phil", Louis said.

"Bye guys", Dan and Phil said to Louis and  Charlotte.

After Louis and Charlotte left, it was 4:30 and we were all rather tired. We walked around a bit and went on a few more rides, with all of us getting noticed a few more times. By 5:45, we were all quite tired and ready to go home.

"Is anyone else as tired as I am?", Dan asked. We all nodded in agreement.

"Right, then. Let's get a cab", Dan said.


When we arrived back at the apartment, we all tiredly walked up the stairs.

"I'm exhausted", Rachel said as she collapsed on the couch.

"Me too, but that was a fun day guys", I said.

"Indeed it was", Phil said as he took a seat next to Rachel.

"Well, is anyone up for some Sword Art Online?", Dan asked.

"Yes! Me! Do it! Do it now", Phil said.

"And can we order pizza? I'm starving", I said.

"Already on it", Rachel said.

After the first episode of Sword Art Online, our pizza arrived.

"I'll get it", Rachel said.

~ One Marathon of Sword Art Online And 3 Pizzas Later ~

At 11:50, Phil and Rachel had fallen asleep and I was having trouble keeping my eyes open.

"Dan, I think I'm going to go to bed. I'm rather tired", I said.

"Mkay. Goodnight, Avery", said Dan, who was having trouble staying awake as well.

I slowly walked to my room and got changed into my favorite silk pajamas. I then climbed into bed and immediately fell into a deep sleep.

Author's Note (please read):

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