Infinity: Ashton irwin

Hope is a 17 year old girl who is a castaway and reject to all of the boys at her school but that all changes when she moves to Sidney Australia


2. chapter 1

2 days later*

Hopes ( P.O.V)

Hope come on I want to go explore the town shouted Harry from my bedroom door witch I don't know why he is shouting because I can here him perfectly fine . Ok fine i sigh and get out of bed and go to my bathroom to get ready

1 hour later*

I was all ready Harry I'm ready I yell and walk down stairs and put my converse on and grab my keys and hand bag moments later Harry came down stairs and we headed out first we went to the park and then we got some ice cream and then the shops and last but not least the beach I loved it there . But then I got a phone call of my mum saying that dinner was ready so we had to go home

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