Good Girls Don't Get Caught

Good girls are just bad girls that don't get caught.
Lucas Delaney is that kid in school that you know exist but you'd never talk to. He's the kid that sits in the back of the classroom. He's the kid you didn't know was a street fighter.
Anastasia Emmerine is the girl you knew exist and you'd want to talk to. She's the girl you'd see raising her hand at every question. She's the kid you didn't know would go bad.

Jarred Ravens is the kid who made her go bad in the first place.


6. 6 | Revenge

"Stupid," Crash

"Boy," Whip.

"I'm such a good girl, huh?" Smash.

"Can you pay for it now?" I took out his left headlight,

"With all your money." I grunted and dropped the hammer. I Stepped back and glared at his truck, stupid Jarred and his money. I put the hammer in his passenger seat and slammed the door shut, it slowly made a cracking sound and the door fell off. I squeaked and moved over an stared at it. I shrugged and made my way inside and back to the cafeteria, seeing as though I had about 2 minutes left.

I slammed the cafeteria doors shut behind me and Blake rushed up to me, "What did you do? I swear to god, that glint your eyes sacred the living-" The bell rang and it stopped him from talking, "Go see yourself, its in the parking lot." I jumped up and made my way to the 400 hall.

Halfway through 7th period, the news had already spread. Whispers were heard across the whole classroom as Jarred stepped in. He looked pissed as his eyes roamed the classroom and landed on me. Then did the unexpected, he smirked, HE FREAKING SMIRKED. I raised and eyebrow at him and the teacher looked at him, "Why are you late?"

"Sorry sir, Had to take my car in for a new one." He sat down in the back and I rolled my eyes. The silence was broken as a my ringtone went off;

'I like big butts and I cannot lie-'

Mr. Pline stopped writing on the board and turned to me, "Turn it off." I held up one finger and clicked 'Answer'.

"Hello?" Now everyone was staring at me as I got up and walked out of the classroom. What? Can I not talk in private?

"Hi baby." I stopped in my tracks, "Who is this?" I hissed into the phone.

"The man from your dreams, now what color underwear are you wearing?"

"I don't dream about a guy who sits in basements and plays video games all day." The only reason I said that was because he had that rough voice that sounded like he always yelled at the characters. Idek how to explain it. I ended the call and rubbed my forehead. I could already tell a headache was coming on. 
The bell rang, indicating that school was over. I was glad that I brought my bookbag with me and I heaved it over my shoulder. My phone vibrated again and I picked it up,

"Hello?" I was still angry.

"Tell me where you live and I can sneak into your room while you're sleeping and-" I ended the call.

Okay, what the heck was going on? I started making my way to my brown --well now red-- car, when my phone rang.


"That sounds unsanitary and disgusting." Blake's voice was scared on the other end.

"Sorry Blake, Ive just been getting these weird the calls all afternoon."

"I know." I paused, "How do you know?"

"Um, turn around and look at your car." I did what he said and turned around and looked at my car from across the parking lot. written in sloppy hand writing, in spray paint across my car was

"Call 770- ***-*** for a dirty time" 

I growled, "He's dead."

"Wait," I hung up on Blake and searched the parking lot and my eyes landed Jarred who was leaning against his car, smirking at me. I Had about 30 seconds of insane courage as I made my way over to him. I took a hold of his arm, "Don't you ever say im a good girl again, I'm tired of you and your little friends making fun of me. Don't touch me, don't look at me and don't even breath on me." He took a hold of my shoulder and his grip on me tightened. He looked angry, but the stupid person I am, I didn't care.

"Don't talk to me like that." He growled.

"Who died and made you king?" I growled back. It must've made him more angry because he sqeezed his eyes shut and let go of me. He then proceeded to get in his car and drive off.

I only found this funny because today I brought the dinosaur car, which meant good for me because now My parents have to buy me a new one, concluding that my car was crushed.


I pulled up to the school and pulled into my parking space. I stepped put of my Ford mustang and smirked as everyone stared at its beauty. And I must say, I was still amazed at its beauty as everyone else was. Took for ever to actually convince my mom to get me one, at first she was all, "This is your fault!" But then I told her I wasn't the one to damage it and she was all, "Fine but this is the last car you'll EVER get." OF course I shrugged it off. This car was now my new baby. I looked behind me and pressed the lock button.

"B?" I looked over at Sam as he stared at me, Yes?" I laughed as he turned toward my baby and put his hand on it, "Don't touch him!" I smacked his hand and he cradled it. "This thing is beautiful!" he screamed in my face. Idiot, "I know." I smirked. As I made my way to my locked, I took in all the stares. Soon I got tired of it and slammed my locker.

"Hey baby doll." There at my locker, was the biggest douche ever. I screamed as his hand came up to my mouth, "Would you quiet down? Geez." If he doesn't remove his hand I will bite it. He stared at me for a bit and he slowly removed his hand. "What do you want?" I grumbled, I wasn't in the mood for him and his shenanigans. He flashed his smile, "I need a ride home."

"And?" I raised an eyebrow, I wasn't going to give him a ride home, nope. "Can you drive me home?"

"Pleaseeeeeee" He whined, I groaned. "No."
"Please pretty please."
"FINE! Now shut up." He smiled, satisfied. I cant belive I just offered to give him a ride home... 

The day went on, and I regretted telling Jarred I was going to take him home. As 7th period came along, all I wanted to do was go home.

"Sodium makes up a few different chemicals..." This is the one class I like but for some reason, I just couldn't stay listening. I just kept drifting off here and there.

At some point in my day dream, the bell rang and I was the only one still in the classroom, I gathered up my stuff and walked into the hall. The hall was cleared, because everyone was already outside getting into there cars, wanting to get out of this prison. And since no one was clogging up the halls, I could clearly tell who was at the end of the hall, his fluffy, curly hair was something you couldn't miss.


He could already tell I was going to trample him so he opened his arms and braced himself. He does this every time, yet we still both end up falling. As I crashed into him, we both fell over and I couldn't resist laughing, while he groaned in pain. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? AT MY SCHOOL? IN GEORGIA?" I basically, screamed in his face, "AH B, I'll tell you once I can breathe." He wheezed out, I looked back down and back at him, "Oh." I grinned sheepishly and got up.

I put out my hand for him to take but he shook his head and stood up on his own, "I see you're still as stubborn as much as you were before," I glared at him. He never liked help, he grew up taking care of himself, no help. If you offered to give him a heart because he was dying, he would say no, that's just who he is, "You look good too." I said, taking in his sweats and band t-shirt, him and his laziness.

"I see you're still as sarcastic as you use to be"

"Jerk face." I smirked, I knew where he was going with this.

"Bubble face." I narrowed my eyes at him, he ruined the SPN we were going to have. "As to why I'm here, I came to surprise my little sister!" I slapped his arm lightly, "You could've at least came and seen us on my birthday!"

"With my job, You know I have no choice in that!" I groaned, "I knooooooow,"

You see, Will was in the army. He's my oldest and favorite brother, no doubt I love Kellin and Brody but me and Will got along the best when we were little. He's currently was 28 and in the Private second class rank of the US army. I didn't get to him a lot, but when I his visits were for maybe two weeks. The last time I saw him was last August, so basically I was dying to just see him. I mean here and there, when he had a break for a few we would skype. That didn't happen often, and I only got to see his face, I missed his hugs.

"There you are Winter, I've been loo-" I looked behind Will to see Jarred, "Oh crap! Jarred I'm so sorry!" He put his hand up, signaling for me to stop talking, "It's alright, I see your busy talking to your..Boyfriend." I cringed, boyfriend? Before I could argue, he left out the two doors leading to outside.

Will turned around and scrunched up his eyebrows, "Ex?"

I shook my head aggressively, "God no! Some guy who wanted a ride home." Before he could interject about how I was 'giving some stranger a ride' I grabbed his arm, "Let's go home, mom probably doesn't know you're here and I can't wait to surprise her!!"

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