Good Girls Don't Get Caught

Good girls are just bad girls that don't get caught.
Lucas Delaney is that kid in school that you know exist but you'd never talk to. He's the kid that sits in the back of the classroom. He's the kid you didn't know was a street fighter.
Anastasia Emmerine is the girl you knew exist and you'd want to talk to. She's the girl you'd see raising her hand at every question. She's the kid you didn't know would go bad.

Jarred Ravens is the kid who made her go bad in the first place.


5. 5 | Learning

"Blair, I think it's time for the talk." Kellin sat next to me and I looked at him. "I swear to god please don't do this. I'm to old for the sex-"

Kellin busted out laughing, "Why are you laughing?" I huffed. This wasn't funny, I didn't want the sex talk from my brother. I probably knew more than he did anyways. "No, B. I'm not giving you the "talk" and please don't say sex, it makes me uncomfortable." I looked at him confusingly, "What other kind of talk is it?" 
"Its the 'try and not to get kidnaped' talk." I inwardly groaned. "Fine, can we make this quick?" He looked at me for a second, "Ill try but if I don't want someone taking advantage of you, its gonna take a few for you to learn to defend yourself." I shrinked into the couch, Great he thought I couldn't defend myself.

"Tip from Tae kwon do: The elbow is the strongest point in your body. If you are close enough, use it." He pointed to his elbow and put it into a jabbing motion.
"Try it." I groaned, "Do I have tooooo?" I whined, "It gives you the chance to hit me." I grinned, fair enough. I stood up with him and we stood in the middle of the living room and I smiled at him and raised my elbow. He immidiatly retracted it and kicked me to my feet.

"You're not very good at this" He held out his hand and I pushed it away and stood up. "Beginners luck." He stood in front of me, "First move, Get them distracted." He flicked is hand out to the right and my eyes followed it and watched his every move and I was back on the floor. I groaned, Good lord. "First things first, They are going to watch your every move because they want to know whats coming next but you have to trick them into thinking they KNOW whats coming but they actually don't."

2 hours later, I had an ice pack on my head. And let me tell you; my brother can fight. I was now sitting back on the couch. We wernt doing anything, fighting wise. Now he was just telling me the basics.
"Make every blow count and you could walk away; otherwise you may be carried away. Punch, kick, elbow, gouge, bite, stab, rip, crush -- you name it, you should do it, because this person is trying to take your life. The only rule in fighting is to live." I sighed, "Yeah yeah okay I get it, I officially know how to fight, can I go now?" He stood up, "You don't even know the half of it, Brody needs to teach you this." He paused, "Did I hear my name?!" I groaned as my annoying big brother came skipping down the stairs, "When do you not hear your name?"

"When mom is calling me down to do the dishes." He snickered. "We can do this another day, PLEASE. It is now 2 AM and I have school in the morning." Brody looked confused for a second and briefly looked at his watch. "Shet.." He mumbled and went upstairs. I quickly followed after him and made my way into my bedroom. I stripped down and put on a tank top and shorts and crawled into bed.
I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock, I groaned and rolled over. Whoever made alarm clocks should be killed. First of all, the beeping noise annoys me to my wits and second, it wakes me up from my sleep and sleeping is my life job. 
I pulled my special weapon from under my pillow and flung it at my alarm clock and settling back down on my pillow.

10 minutes later I was awaken by my mothers voice. "What happened!?"

Its to early for this. Way to early. I blinked rapidly and settled my blurry eyes on my used to be -- now in a million pieces-- alarm clock.

"Oh, that." I waved her odd coolly, "I smashed it with my hammer.

"Why?!" Mom stood there in her hello kitty pajamas, it would've been intimidating if she didn't look like my 3 year old cousin, so I couldn't help but laugh. "Why do you even have a hammer?"

I sat my self into a sitting position, "Safety reasons, People usually keep baseball bats under there pillow but I don't have one. What I do have, Is a hammer." She grunted, "Will you please just get up?" Then it dawned on me, "Mom? Why are you here?" She looked confused for a second and then she halted, "I took off work today, I felt a flue coming on." With that, she walked out.

I bit my lip as I stared out the window, again, looking for any sign of a fire. I was now in second period, which I got in about 10 minutes ago and was already trying to decide a way to light this school on fire.

Jarred, the schools player -- Who in fact has dated every girl in this entire school, but me because I wasn't that easy-- wouldn't stop kicking the back of my desk. I was ready to tear his balls in half and-

A cough interrupted my thoughts and I looked up to see everyone starring at me, "What?"

"Mrs. Mitchell, you just said you, uh, wanted to, uh, tear Mr. Ravens.. southern parts in half." He cringed when he was about to say "Balls" and decided against it. I looked at everyone staring at me. Why do I have to be so stupid? 
Stupid, stupid, stupid.

"I'm not going to apologize because its true but I'm sorry for saying it out loud." I turned to Jarred and smiled, "And if you don't stop kicking my desk, you wont have a foot. "I hissed and his foot stopped and it dropped back to the floor. I turned around and started doodling in my book and everyone went back to staring at the teacher.

Soon lunch came around and I sat next to my best friend, Blake. He picked up the pizza and inspected it, "That looks like satan."I said and gagged as he put it onto his mouth and took a bite, with every piece of pizza he had in his mouth, he managed, 
"Which is why I will devour it."

I groaned and got up to throw my pizza away, someone bumped into me. "Watch it!" I stabled the pizza back on the plate as it almost fell over. "Why am I protecting this stupid pizza?" I muttered. I threw it into the trash and turned around, ramming straight into a wall. Ouchie, I don't remember a wall being there.

"I'm not a wall." The wall chuckled and I blushed, not realizing I said that out loud. I looked up at the one and only, Jarred. I shoved passed him, I did not want to talk to him. "Hey! I deserve an apology!" His hand caught my arm, and I looked down at it. "For what? You were standing behind me." I sneered, turning toward him. "I'm not going to apologize to someone who doesn't deserve one. Please, get out of my way, for your sake not mine." I said the last part through gritted teeth. "And if I don't?" He smirked. "I wont hesitate to put a hammer through your windshield." He rolled his eyes, "Whatever you say, Princess. Sorry that You bumped into me." He ruffled my hair and walked away.

He didn't think I could do it, he thought I was a wimp. This boy has bullied me throughout all my schools, from 4th grade and up, he would make fun of me because I was always reading or studying, being the good girl. Now was my time to prove him I wasn't that good girl anymore.

I walked back to the table and sat down, I glared at Jarred from across the cafeteria. He was sucking face with beyonica. She's literally the definition of disgusting, but that story was for another time, not now. I stood up and grabbed my phone. "B? Where are you going?" I looked at Blake, "Code red." A piece of corn fell out of his mouth.

"What are you going to do? B, you have that evil glint in your eyes, you know the kind that Sam gets when he's killing demons-," He paused as he saw me walking away, "Where are you going? Shet.." He said some curse words and I ran out of the lunch room before he could stop me.

I'm not that good girl anymore.

Boy, was he wrong.

(A/N: short but it's almost 2 am and I'm about to fall out of my chair from lack of sleep, I will update more tomorrow! Please comment and give me feed back?

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