Good Girls Don't Get Caught

Good girls are just bad girls that don't get caught.
Lucas Delaney is that kid in school that you know exist but you'd never talk to. He's the kid that sits in the back of the classroom. He's the kid you didn't know was a street fighter.
Anastasia Emmerine is the girl you knew exist and you'd want to talk to. She's the girl you'd see raising her hand at every question. She's the kid you didn't know would go bad.

Jarred Ravens is the kid who made her go bad in the first place.


4. 4 | Milly


"BLAIR!" I groaned and rolled over, "Sleeping." I mumbled. My sister Ashley slammed my door open and the loud thud made me cover my ears. "GET UP!"




I rolled over, the cover sheets getting tangled with my body. Ignore, ignore, ignore, Ignore the world and they'll leave you and your hot Channing Tatum dreams alone. I flipped my pillow to cold side and snuggled into it.

"Mmmm, Channing," I mumbled under my breath. 
The covers were pulled from my grasp. "Put it back or ill rip your skin like a pig." I grumbled, shooting open my eyes and looking her in the eye. For a split second there was fear in her eyes, she dropped the blanket and ran out the door. "MOM!"

I groaned in response and sat up. I'm already awake, I can't go back now. I slowly retrieved my robe from the door and folded it harshly over my shoulders.  I slowly made my way downstairs and opened the cabinet, glaring at my two brothers, Brody and Kellin, while they smiled at me. Something is up.

I slowly retrieved my cinnamon toast crunch from the cabinet and poured it into my cereal. I poured the milk into my cereal. Why'd they have to ruin my dream? I was so close to kissing him- I turned to grab my cereal that WAS sitting on the counter. When I couldn't find it, I turned to look at the possible murder victims.

"Where's my cereal?" I asked between gritted teeth. Kellin raised his hands in surrender while Brody placed his plate slowly on the counter top. I knew it. "Retreat. Slowly." Kellin muttered, not even looking as he began to do so. I made my way to the table, and Brody paused. And suddenly he Yelled, "Abort mission!" He shotted in the opposite direction, and the door slammed behind him. I glared at Kellin and he looked down at his phone, I smiled at that and sat down where my cereal sat and flipped open my phone and squinted as I waited for facebook to come up. 
I inwardly groaned as I scrolled seeing the same thing as yesterday, Confederate flag posts and people getting angry and everyone changing there pictures to colorful as the law of gay rights passed.

"My news feed is starting to look like a battle broke out between the confederates and a skittle factory." Kellin laughed, "I support it." I mean, don't get me wrong, sure the flag thing was wrong and  they need to keep it, and I support gay rights but this has been going on for a week. Gets annoying after awhile. I took a bite of cereal and jumped as my phone beeped.

Meet me at 388 Kroos trail avenue.

I texted him back a 'K'. This was probably a drug deal, he always needed me during this, I always got him a discount.

I threw my cereal into the garbage, I wasn't hungry anymore.  I took two steps at a time upstairs and changed into Blue jeans and a red shirt, I brushed my hair out and made my way over to Brody's room and knocked twice, "Yeah dude she totally- Hold on," There was shuffling from the other side of the door and the door open and his eyes got wide and he went to shut the door but my foot caught it,

"I won't murder you, I'm going out, so I'm taking the car ." I said indicating I wanted to take Milly, the F250 for a ride. "Woah, wait. You're going out? As into the real world? Like where there is air and people?" My brother asked, astonished. I chuckled, "Just because I don't leave the house a lot doesn't mean I don't know real people exist," I held out my hand, "Milly." He chucked the keys at me and slammed the door quickly. I chuckled, my parents arnt home on the weekends so I have to tell him whenever I leave.

I heaved myself into the truck and started her up. I turned on the radio and smiled as the music was already loud. I put the the address into the GPS and started making my way there. 35 minutes later, I pulled in front of a small house with some Flamingos in the lawn. Cause nothing says drug deal like pink flamingos. I climbed out and looked at Darryl and the guy he stood next to and raised my eyebrow.

"Blair." I stuck out my hand and the guy just stared at it. I slowly swung it back to my side, guess not. I looked nervously at Darryl and he smirked. "Hand it over for 5 bucks lower and she'll give you a kiss." The guy raised his eyebrow and thought about it for a second. "Deal." Darryl put out his hand and the guy slipped it into his grasp and nodded. The guy strutted over to me. I mean he wasn't a bad looking guy but he wasn't a good one either. I gringed and his mouth connected with mine and he stuck his tongue into my mouth. Oh god, think about the money, money, money.. He let go to breath and I took that chance to run and slip into the truck. 
I nodded at Darryl and took off. I got home and took off my pants and sat next to kellin on the couch, he slowly turned to me.

"May I ask why you always take off your pants when you get home.?" I sighed, "You know how I wakys complain about how I eat way to much?" He nodded slowly, "Diet tip: Your pants won't get to tight if you don't wear any." I put my feet up on the coffee table as he scoffed, "I need to get out of the house." He said getting up.

"And I need one of those Kim Kardashian jobs where they pay me for just living." I yelled after him.

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