Good Girls Don't Get Caught

Good girls are just bad girls that don't get caught.
Lucas Delaney is that kid in school that you know exist but you'd never talk to. He's the kid that sits in the back of the classroom. He's the kid you didn't know was a street fighter.
Anastasia Emmerine is the girl you knew exist and you'd want to talk to. She's the girl you'd see raising her hand at every question. She's the kid you didn't know would go bad.

Jarred Ravens is the kid who made her go bad in the first place.


3. 3 | Authors Note!

I've kinda made up this thing where I'm going to put quotes from movies into the story, and if you can guess what quote the movie is from, ill dedicate the next chapter I make to you, whoever gets it first! Example: "She Touched the butt!! OMG!" **Wink Wink** Okay that was obvious, but you get the idea! Carry on reading, Loves.


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