Abandoned // cth

Safyre Woods is an anti-social girl. Nobody knows why she doesn't talk or why she won't let anyone get close to her. Nobody knows she's depressed. With her past haunting her every time she closes her eyes, she sees nothing but him coming at her. Hitting her, shoving her, beating her. When she finally begins to let someone in and know her past, things begin to change. The question is though, is the change better or for worse?


1. Prologue

* Warning Abuse*


            This is it, this is how it’s all going to end, she thinks to herself as he comes towards her, fist raised and ready to swing at any moment. With one swing, she was knocked on to the ground, crying, pleading for him to stop the attack. “Please stop! I’m sorry!” she tries to scream but it comes out more as a whisper, as more and more smacks, punches and kicks came her way.

          - Why should I? You’re a worthless piece of shit that doesn’t know how to do anything right anyways! No one would care if you even died! He yelled over her screams

With one final kick to the stomach, she began tasting blood, and everything went blurry. This is the end, she thought before everything went black.


Safyre’s POV

Where am I? Am I dead? I open my eyes and I’m met with an unfamiliar surroundings, the roof is white and so are the walls, I’m hooked up to god knows how many tubes and wires. I try to sit up to get a better look at my surroundings but the pain I felt in my stomach as I tired was unbearable. As I tried to sit up one more time the door swung open. I froze, panicking, think that it was him coming back to hurt me again. A wave of relief washed through me when a middle aged women walked through the door dress in a uniform. I must be in the hospital, but how did I get here?

          - Ah, you’ve woken up. How are you feeling sweetie? You were beat pretty bad.

          - I feel fine other than the unbearable pain I feel through my whole body.

It was silent for a minute afterwards until the nurse spoke up

          - You’re pretty badly bruised up and you have a couple of broken bones, your arm has been broken, your rib cage and you have a mild concussion, which I’ll be honest with you is surprising considering how badly you looked when they first brought you in.

How could one person do one damage to another person?

          - How did I get here, like how did you guys find me?

          - We got a call from you neighbors, I think that’s who called. They told us they heard screaming from your house and then everything went silent, so they went over, saw they guy leaving and you unconscious on the ground in the living room. You’re a lucky girl Safyre, god knows what could’ve happened if they didn’t go and check on you.

My eyes started to tear up, with the mention of him and the thought of that I could’ve died if they didn’t come and check on me.

          - Was he caught? Did he get arrested? I choked out

          - Yes, he was. You don’t have to worry about him coming back, okay sweetie? You’re safe now. Why don’t you get some rest and I’ll be back in an hour to check on you. She says softly beside me and with that she left and I was all alone.

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