Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


168. Zachary Levi

~“Babe… Babe, wake up. Come on, let’s go.” Zachary nudged you, placing delicate kisses right under your ear. You groaned meekly, rubbing your eyes. The clock on the nightstand read just after two in the morning, and you rolled over, pressing into Zac’s chest. He chuckled heartily, running his fingers through your hair.
“Come on, sugar, up and at ‘em,” he whispered, kissing your forehead. “We’ve gotta get going.”
You looked up at him, searching in the dark to meet his eyes. There was a haughty smirk on his face, you could just tell. He was up to something… You just weren’t quite sure what yet.
“Zac, I’m sleeping. Can’t this wait?” He raised an eyebrow, but kissed your forehead again.
“Nope. Sorry, sunshine, but we gotta go! Get up, get up! Just grab a change of clothes and get in the car. I gotta go grab some things, so I’ll meet you out there,” he muttered, peppering more kisses on your face. “And don’t make me come back in here, either. If I have to wake you up again, I’m just throwing your ass in the trunk!”
Before he left the room, he flicked the light switch, temporarily disorienting you. You slapped your hands over your eyes. Zac snickered from the doorway, reminding you yet again to get up.
After a few minutes of stalling and rolling around, trying to go back to sleep, you finally gave up. You hauled yourself out of bed, slipping into a pair of sweatpants and one of Zac’s t-shirts. A pair of jeans and a hoodie were stuffed into a small bag, and you threw it over your shoulder. He must’ve gotten a pretty interesting idea, because this was far from normal.
You slipped on a pair of socks, followed by your shoes, and heading outside. The car was already unlocked and running, so you tossed your bag in the back seat and settled in, preparing to just go back to sleep on the drive to, well, wherever he was taking you. But there was no time for that, because as soon as you secured your seatbelt, Zac came bounding out of the house, shutting the front door behind him. He jogged to the driver’s side door while you curled yourself up in the set.
“Thanks for cooperating, babe,” he chuckled, leaning over to kiss your cheek. You grunted, letting your head rest on his shoulder. Zac laid his head on top of yours. “I know you’re mad that I woke you up, but I promise you this will be worth it.”
“Where are we even going?” you mumbled, closing your eyes.
“Who knows? We’re just gonna take a drive and see where we end up. But it’ll be worth it.” He shrugged his shoulder, shooting you a playful grin. The gear shift slipped back into reverse with ease, and Zac lifted his foot off the break, setting the whole spur-of-the-moment trip into motion.
He drove for what seemed like hours. Considering the sun was just beginning to peak over the horizon, it had been hours. The entire time was spent in the fast lane, though Zac never once overshot the speed limit by any more than five miles per hour. He was always a cautious driver. City lights passed by the windows, creating vibrant blurs through the glass. The sun may have been rising, but it was still just dark enough for you to have time to admire the city itself. Zac had one hand wrapped around yours and the other with a loose grip on the steering wheel. He zipped over to the far right lane, looking to take exit 141B. All the winding back roads led to a lake. It was a route you were beyond familiar with, since it was a drive you’d taken every summer since high school with Zac’s family.
“You up for some skinny dipping?” Zac asked, wiggling your hand back and forth. You looked at him with a playful smirk and tugged the t-shirt off, tossing it in the back seat. “I’ll take that as a yes!”
The vehicle came to a halt mere feet from the sandy shore of the lake. Wind stirred cresting waves, crashing down on each other like dominos. Sunlight had just barely broken, causing the sky to look like a painting of sorts. Reds and oranges faded into pinks and purples. A vibrant yellow teetered just over the hills lining the background of this masterpiece, a stark contrast to the edge of the water. It wasn’t nearly as murky as most large bodies of water, but rather quite clear and absolutely beautiful. The tide lapped at the sand, carrying pieces away.
Zac had a big grin on his face as he shut off the car and slipped the key from the ignition. His shirt joined yours in the back, leaving his taut, tan skin on display. The look in his eye was like a dare for you to remove the next article. You met that challenge head-on, kicking off your shoes. Neatly, you stuffed your socks inside, and then set the pair behind the driver’s seat. He mimicked you as quickly as he could, putting his shoes behind the passenger’s seat.
“Your turn again,” he taunted. With a cocked eyebrow and a sly smirk, you reached back to unhook your bra. One, two, three, the hooks fell from the eyelets. The straps slid down your arms, and, with complete certainty, tossed it over your shoulder. Zac’s eyes widened a little.
“I wasn’t exactly expecting that,” he admitted with a low chuckle.
“I think it’s your turn now.” With a smug wink, you nudged his hand with yours. “Get to it, sunshine.” He reached cautiously for the button of his jeans before hesitating. Raising a finger, he opened his mouth to speak, but no sound came out. Instead, he just went back to the task at hand. Those lengthy, narrow fingers worked deftly to pop the copper button from the hole it was slotted in. He gave you a lewd eyebrow waggle and pulled the zipper down torturously slow.
“You’re a fucking tease,” you murmured, leaning over to kiss his cheek. Zac snorted and raised his hips, shoving his jeans down to his knees. Another shift and they dropped to his ankles. He kicked them off, and they joined the rest of the pile beginning to form.
In a matter of minutes, your sweatpants and a pair of undergarments topped off the stack. Zac was the first out of the car, and he booked it into the lake. His long legs allowed him to take much longer strides than you were capable of, but you weren’t far behind him. Once the water reached his waist, he dove head-first into it. You waded in a little deeper, seeing his head pop up several feet in front of you.
He whirled around, freezing as soon as he spotted you. A particularly naughty smirk caught his lips, and he disappeared beneath the surface again. You knew exactly what he was up to, and you weren’t going to make it easy. The pattern of movements you followed was intended as a deterrent, but knowing Zac, he would not be easily swayed from his target. His hands gripped your hips. When he resurfaced, the cool water splattered across your shoulder blades, and his arms came full-circle around you.
“Glad you decided to listen to me?” he sighed into the side of your neck. You nodded, turning your head to press your lips firmly to his.

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