Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


247. Tony Stark

~There were many ways he could have gone about it. Each way would work probably as well as the last. As usual, it all came down to you. How was he going to tell you he had to cancel another dinner? Last time he had you had been an okay sport about it. Well, you hadn’t threatened him to withhold sex from him for a week like you had the time before. And you didn’t short circuit three of his suits like you had the time before that. You had simply sighed in disappointment before hiding from him for three days.
You were actually sewing a surprise, but he didn’t know that yet. You were a fan of sewing your own clothes, lingerie, and the like. It made it all the more devastating when Tony ripped your panties off of you.
Anyway, back to the problem at hand. How was Tony going to break the news to you that he had to break off your birthday dinner?
“Hey! Tony? We can’t go out on Friday. Natasha and Clint are planning something. Besides, I know you have to go out to California to meet with Pepper anyway.” You called out from the hall. Tony sighed inwardly. Thank God. That saved him some difficulty.
“What? Oh no. It’s such a tragedy! I was so looking forward to-”
“Shut it, Tony. I know you were going to cancel.” You walked into his lab and pulled out his chair, sitting yourself on his lap.
“… Doesn’t mean I wasn’t looking forward to taking you out for a night on the town.” he pouted.
“I know. That doesn’t mean you need to lie to me. I think I’m getting used to dating someone like you.” You threaded a hand through his hair, carefully rubbing his scalp with your finger tips and you traced his features with your eyes.
“Someone like me?”
“Someone with big plans and ideas to change the world. You know, a hero or something akin to that.”
“Ah yes. Me, the hero. Go on, I like where this is going.”
You snorted into the back of your hand, stopping your attention on him.
“Tony, the only thing bigger than your ego is your expo.”
“That’s funny. Nothing is bigger than my ego.”
You shook your head, amused smile on your face. “What am I going to do with you?”
“Love me unconditionally. Accidently ruin more of my suits. Make love to me under the moonlight, you know, the usual.” You were having a difficult time holding back your laughter.
“Make love to you under the moonlight?”
“Or in front of a window, same principle.”
“Tony, no.” you laughed, arms wrapping around his shoulders.
“Tony, yes.” Your smile was wide as you pressed your forehead to his.
“You’re distracting me with your charm. I have plans tonight.”
“Mmm, do they involve me?”
“No. I don’t have you scheduled for tonight. And I need to go, so I’m not late.” Before he could protest, you pecked him on the cheek and hurried from the lab, laughing all the while.
“Bruce?” You peeked your head around the corner. There were three labs in the tower. One was specifically for Tony for his personal creations, like his suits or his mechanic experiments. One was for Bruce. You weren’t exactly sure what he did in there, but you were positive it must have been awesome. The last one was the one Tony and Bruce worked together in. This one was the lab you were looking for Bruce in.
“Y/n, is it seven already?” Bruce looked up from one of the metal tables. You nodded and came fully around the corner.
“Okay, just give me a few minutes to finish up here.”
“Alrighty then.” You sat down next to him, content to watch. He was examining some sort of mitochondria under the microscope. The pad of paper next to him was filled with messily scrawled notes.
“Okay, let’s go.”
“Yay! Let’s go!” You looped your arm through his and tugged him away to Natasha’s room, where your project was currently being hid.
She greeted you both at the door and locked it behind you both.
“So, do you guys need any help?” She crossed her arms over her midsection.
“Yes, actually. We are almost done working on it and I need a woman’s opinion as well as a man’s.”
“Well, I’d be happy to.”
Bruce and you continued on what you had been doing. You were both working on making yourself a suit. Natasha had her cat suit, Tony had his Iron Man, Steve had his uniform, and you had your tee shirt and jeans. After the last time you got your thigh cut open you decided it was time for a change.
Bruce had helped you enormously developing the fabric during those three days. Tony cancelling another dinner had been the perfect cover up for disappearing. Ever since then you had been working with Bruce on designs that were practical for your powers and skill set.
The fabric was fire-proof and could withstand an energy blast from Tony’s Iron Man suit. It was knife resistant, which you were floored about because for some reason it was always you that got the knife pulled out on, and you were so happy that you weren’t going to have to get as beat up as you normally did. No amount of training with Steve could make gashes heal faster. Tony was never excited about seeing new scars on you.
Bruce was currently working on attaching the midsection of armor to your suit. It was in four main pieces that locked in at your sides, front and back. Bruce had actually gone as far as to work on that with Thor. The metal was bright silvery in color and was almost as strong as vibranium. A lot of work had gone into the suit and now it was almost time for you to try on.
“Alright Y/n, I think you can try it on now.” You were practically bouncing as you took the suit from his hands.
“Thank you so much for helping me, Bruce, and Natasha, thank you for letting me and Bruce hide in your room.”
“No problem, now go, let’s see this master piece.” Natasha shoved you into her bathroom and you slipped into the suit with minimal difficulties. When you opened the door you saw Bruce smile with pride and Natasha positively beam at you.
“I like it! Bruce, we did good. I feel like I could be a science bro now!”
“I can’t wait until Tony sees you.” Natasha smirked. You glanced down. Everything looked good. The suit covered you from your collar bone down. The armor kind of doubled as an under bust corset, but it did look rather phenomenal against the deep violet material.
“I agree, Tony’s reaction is going to be very promising.”
“Aww, you guys!” You slung an arm around both of their shoulders, pulling them down for half hugs. “I agree, this is going to be a blast.”
Your birthday had passed without incidents to make it a rather smooth evening. Tony had even been able to make it, albeit late, but you knew he had made a great effort and for that you had rewarded him with your glorious body and he had given you the gift of three earthshattering orgasms. It had been a wonderful birthday.
The only thing that could have made it better was you finally showing off your new suit to Tony, proving to him that you were science bro material!
Alas, that had to wait until now, nearly a month later. The red alert had gone off in the tower, alerting all of you to danger in downtown Brooklyn. Your excitement may have been a little inappropriate, but hey, it wasn’t every day you got to wear your new battle suit!
As you jumped from the tower balcony, spiraling towards the ground, you saw a flash of gold and red blur past you. You heard him over your earpiece.
“Hey guys, we got a girl in purple armor over here.” You sighed. He didn’t even recognize you.
“It’s me Tony, Bruce and I made myself a suit.” Silence reigned for a glorious moment.
“Babe, you look great, why don’t you wear that stuff more often?”
“Tony! Now is not the time!” Steve shouted. You chuckled into the earpiece, leaping onto one of the hover scooters behind Natasha.
After the battle was over and you were all up in a helicarrier for debriefing, you were having trouble getting Tony to keep his hands to himself. You felt a hand on your ass once again and slapped it off.
“Tony, you need to control yourself.”
“You need to lighten up and let me feel that glorious ass of yours.”
“Tony, calm down.” you laughed.
“No, you get on my level. Damn, you look great.” His hands attached themselves to your sides. Pulling your hips to his metal clad ones. “I can’t wait to take your clothes off of you.” You rolled
your eyes.
“You can’t even feel me through the suit.” The deadpan of your tone made several members of the team snicker.
“Tony, you’re an idiot.” Your voice rang out through the lab as you watched him from the doorway. He was folded over one of the lab tables half asleep with a burner on.
“Am not.” he muttered childishly.
“The burner is on and you are about to fall asleep.” You walked over and clicked it off. With a heave you through his arm over your shoulder and helped him stumble into bed.
“Not an idiot.” he yawned.
“Of course not, love.”
“Y/n, love me.” He held his arms out for you to fill. The smile that spread over your mouth was involuntary. You curled into his side and fell asleep. Sure, he was a genius and a philanthropist and a number of impressive things. But the things that you most cared about were the things he rarely showed to anyone.
He was your genius idiot, and you loved him to bits.

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