Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


139. Tom Hiddleston 7

~Chaos. That was the only word to describe it, really. Insanity or pandemonium didn’t quite seem to fit it right.
There were people everywhere, all rushing around, trying to get chairs set out and streamers hung. People were running into each other, offering a small stream of apologies before being whisked away by the thought of completing their task. A small group of children, undoubtedly belonging to the small typhoon of people, were chasing each other around the tables, squealing and squawking, in what you could only assume was a game of tag.
A familiar pair of slender, strong arms found your hips, encircling them tenderly. Immediately, a mile-wide smile found your lips, and your hands make their way to rest on top of the other pair. Neither of you dared to speak a word, so you just swayed back and forth for what seemed like an eternity. His chin found the crook of your neck, and his lips pressed a chaste kiss to your cheek, leaving behind a welcomed tingle. Even after all these years, he still set loose the feeling of rampant butterflies weaving their way through your abdomen.
You reached up over your shoulder, threading your fingers through his soft, loose curls.
“I love you,” Tom whispered in your ear. You turned your eyes to his, daring yourself to smile wider. “Just think,” he continued. “In less than twenty-four hours, you’ll be officially and legally my wife. In less than twenty-four hours, we’ll be on a plane out of here for seven days of incessant shenanigans.” His ensuing chuckle reverberated deep in your chest. For a simple enough reason, you couldn’t wipe the Cheshire cat beam off your face. "And then, we begin the process of me loving and cherishing you every day for the rest of our lives."
"And you haven't for the last four years?" you jested, challenging him.
His orbs of soft azure bore into your own eyes. A deep breath filled your lungs, as Tom kissed your temple. You exhaled slowly, resting your head on his shoulder.
"Oh, darling, you know I have," he muttered, leaving small nips and kisses behind your ear. "Now I just get a contract of permanence."
Another comforting silence filled the air before Diana, Tom’s mother, plaited her way through the children playing and the small zoo of others helping prepare the site for the wedding. She called your name, waving her hand towards you.
“Dear, Emma and I are off to get a few things. Do you need anything?” she inquired, as her son disentangled himself from you. A softer, kind smile graced your lips.
“I think the only thing left on my list is picking up my dress from the tailor,” you replied simply. Diana thrust her hand out.
“Just give me the ticket, and I’ll take care of it.” Her voice was as insistent as the smile on her face.
“Are… Are you sure? It’s on the way home. Tom and I can-“
“Nonsense. Thomas is not allowed to even so much as be in the same building as that dress until tomorrow,” she cut you off, shooting Tom a playful glare. You both knew she wasn’t going to relent, so you fished the tag out of your purse, placing it in her hand. Hastily, she gave you both a quick kiss on the cheek and hurried off, Emma, Tom’s younger sister, in tow.
“This is pure madness,” Tom muttered, his fingertips brushing yours gently. You gave him a gentle hum of agreement, and laced your fingers between his.
“But it’s worth it, all of it.”
Diana and Emma stood in front of you, utterly speechless. Sarah, Tom’s older sister, stood behind you, tying off the laces on the back of your dress. Matching smiles decorated the three women, all bearing a striking resemblance to Tom.
Your palms spread nervously across the fabric at your stomach, and you inhaled sharply. Sarah took a step back, admiring her handiwork. She then crossed in front of you, pushing a straying strand of hair behind your ear.
“Mum, he’s gonna cry. I just know it,” she chided, looking you in the eye. For the first time since the preparation process began, you cracked a smile. The ruby red hue of your lips curled into a look of exhilaration, leaving a sliver of white showing between your lips.
“There's just one thing missing,” Emma reminded. She produced a small, velvet box with a blue tint. Cracking the box open, you heard a small gasp as you eyed the trio. It took a moment, but you realized the gasp had come from you. Inside the box was a necklace. A sapphire rested in the middle of the silver frame, with small diamonds around the outside. Your hands flew to your mouth and your eyes filled with tears.
“It… It’s beautiful,” was all you could manage. Emma took it from the box, making quick work of fastening it around your neck.
“You had all but something blue, dear,” Diana said softly, wiping a stray tear from your cheek. “Come now, don’t mess up your make up.” You wrapped your arms around her, and she reciprocated.
“Couldn’t have asked for a better woman for my son,” she cooed, releasing you. One last sincere smile crossed her lip as she slipped out the door to take her seat. Emma and Sarah both took a lengthy hug from you before mimicking their mother’s departure. You turned to the mirror, smoothing out the waistline of your dress. A sharp knock pulled you from your thoughts as you muttered a quick affirmative.
“Ready, sweetie?” your father called through the door. You gave him a short ‘yes’ and slipped into your heels. The door swung open and he entered, already in tears. He gave a short speech to you about how beautiful you looked, how proud he was, and how he was honored to have Tom join the family. It took a lot of fight to hold back tears, but you managed, now finding your hand looped over his elbow, standing at the back of the aisle.
The bridal march began, and that visibly caught Tom’s attention, diverting him from the pastor at his side. His eyes drifted to the center row, then locked on you. A rosy blush crept across your cheeks and you looked down for a second.
When your gaze returned to him, he was still staring, with his fingers laced together and both fists covering most of his mouth. His smirk was too big to be covered merely by his hands. The sound of Sarah’s sharp snicker, followed by “told you so!” drew your eyes to his. Tears peppered his cheeks as he laughed heartily. Pure ecstasy radiated from him as you and your father reached him. He held out both of his hands, waiting patiently for your father to pass you off. Your palms settled into his like a pair of puzzle pieces. Your father kissed your head, giving Tom a quick grin.
“Oh God,” Tom’s voice hitched slightly. “You look so… I can’t even describe it. More than radiance, more than beauty, more than extravagant or exquisite could even begin to cover.”
You gave him a good sizing up.
“I could say quite the same for you, Mr. Hiddleston,” you quipped. He sniggered briefly, pulling you to stand in front of him. You squeezed his hands as the pastor began to speak.
“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…”

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