Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


118. Tom Hiddleston 6

~Tom turned over in bed and looked at your sleeping form. He took in the beautiful sight of you sleeping. He loved it seeing you sleep. He placed a soft kiss on your bare shoulder and he untangled himself from the sheets. He got up out of bed and looked down at you before moving some hair from your face. He was happy to be with you before he would be going again to film.
Tom placed a soft kiss on your forehead before he left to go down to the kitchen to make some coffee. He smiled at the thought of you having coffee. He knew how you liked your coffee. You in fact hated warm coffee. You liked your coffee cold.
He put the coffee on like almost every morning when he was home and not away from you. He ran his hand through his black hair as he waited for it to brew. He knew that by the time that the coffee was finished and cooling in your mug that you would be up.
You moaned as you turned over. You slowly opened your eyes. You moved your arm to block the light from blinding you. You rubbed your face tiredly as you sat up in bed. You slowly got up out of bed and fixed your night gown that you had worn the night before to bed that was made of pure silk.
You ran your hand through your hair as you padded down the hall to the kitchen where most likely Tom was waiting for.
“Darling.” Tom said with a smile.
You yawned and stretched your arms above your head popping your shoulders and back. “Morning.”
You sat across from him.
You nodded your head.
He slid the coffee to you .
You smiled and brought it up to your lips. You took a sip. Ah cold coffee just how you liked it. You were so use to this it was routine for the two of you to drink coffee together. Even though Tom was more of a hot coffee drinker he would drink cold coffee with you. You leaned across the table and pecked his lips lightly with yours. “Thank you.”
“Anything for you darling.”

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