Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


88. Tom Hiddleston 3

~You were upset. Always people made fun of you. You were missing your leg due to an accident that you were in when you were sixteen. You figured that you would get use to it, but the insults and being made fun of became worse and worse. You shied away from people because you weren’t sure of how things were going to work when they found out that you had a fake leg from mid thigh down. You hated the fact that people always stared at you when you wore shorts.
You went to the cafe. You needed to just unwind from your day at the local college. You ordered your favorite drink and were sitting down. You hated the idea that someone had decided to trip you up and the entire class laughed at you. You were so embarrassed that it wasn’t even funny. How were you supposed to continue going to classes when people did things like that. You secluded yourself in the corner of the cafe with your drink and ignored those around you just in case someone would make fun of you again.
You heard someone clear their throat and you looked up. Your gaze came up to the blue eyes of none other than Tom Hiddleston. Your eyes widened with surprise. What could he want with someone as damaged as you are?
“Would you like some company Miss?” He asked with a smile showing his pearly white teeth.
He wanted to sit with you? Well you couldn’t deny a handsome man like him. You nodded your head shyly.
Tom smiled and sat down across from you. He accidently kicked your fake leg. “Sorry.”
You had felt it, but not like you would have if it was your real one. “It’s fine. I didn’t feel it.”
Tom gave you a look of confusion. You didn’t feel that? He had kicked you hard enough that you would have felt that. “You didn’t?”
You shook your head. “No, the leg you kicked isn’t real.” You told him softly.
He was surprised to hear that. He had never expected to meet up with someone in the local coffee shop that had a prosthetic limb.
“You can laugh…” You said softly. “Everyone else seems to do so.”
Tom shook his head. “I wouldn’t laugh at you darling.” He told you with a small smile. “No one should laugh at you for having a prosthetic limb.”
Your eyes widened in surprise. He was going to not judge you? Well that was new.
“I am not like other people.”
“I can tell that.” You said softly. You smiled a small smile. “I guess not all people won’t laugh at me. That tells me that there is some good in the world.”
Tom smiled.

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