Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


80. Tom Hiddleston 1

~“Fuck you, Tom!” You yelled loudly. You had enough of fighting with him. You walked out the door and slammed it behind you. He had called you a harlot and that was enough for you. You had enough of fighting with him. You were tired of him fighting with you when you went with one of your high school friends.
You wiped your tears that had fallen from your eyes furiously. How could he think such a thing. That you would cheat on him with your best friend? It was not possible. You loved Tom a lot. You began to walk to your brother’s home.
A week had gone by of pure torcher.
Tom had tried to contact you, but you didn’t answer him. You were still hurt with what he had said.
You stayed in your brother’s home and didn’t bother leaving. You were too hurt to even go out and enjoy yourself with your niece who wanted you to take her to the park.
Your brother came into the room that you were in. “You need to stop lounging around here and talk to him.” He told you.
You groaned. “I can’t… He really hurt me.”
“He really didn’t mean it. He was confused. He did catch you and you really didn’t explain to him.”
You let out a soft sigh and hung your head. You knew that this was very true. You missed him a lot. You wanted to be with him and tell him how sorry you were. You both had jumped the gun on what was going on.
“You should go and talk to him.”
You bit your lip softly. You knew that you needed to go and see Tom. You picked up your phone and texted Tom telling him that you were coming home.
You slowly walked home nervously. You wanted to see Tom, but there was still that feeling that things were not going to be so easily repaired between the two of you. You walked up the stairs slowly and opened the door to the flat that the two of you shared. You walked inside and didn’t see Tom in the kitchen. You walked into the living room and saw Tom sitting there. “Tom…”
Tom looked up and smiled at you. He got up to his feet and walked over to you.
You rushed towards him and threw yourself into his arms. “I am so sorry.”
“Baby I am sorry.” He told you. “I didn’t know that he was your friend.”
You nuzzled your face into the side of his neck. You missed his smell. “I am sorry that I didn’t correct you.”
Tom looked down at you into your eyes. “I promise to listen to you.”
“I know baby. I know.”

Tom captured your lips in a sweet kiss.

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