Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


9. Thorin Oakenshield 1

~Thorin Oakenshield inhaled deeply, the chilling air tighten his lungs, as his blue onyx eyes were fixed on fragile young dwarf girl. She was sitting aside from all the other companions, yet still not too far away from the fire, and the sound she made by sharpening her sword was not audible in dwarf's hard laughing. She was always too quiet and shy for a dwarf and with her fragile body, she used to be barely noticed by most of the people. But Thorin was not one of them.

Swryan was beautiful girl, her brown wavy hair fell perfectly without her trying, her dark brown, almost black eyes hold a determination and sadness. Her small nose and full lips only added beauty to her face, soft skin of her was tan from the sun and flushed from the wind. Even though nobody seemed to notice her beauty. Except one person, who was admiring her silently for too many years.

Thorin tried not to fall in love with this girl, his effort much useless everytime she spent time with him. She was a sister of his close friend, and slowly she became part of his life. Even she barely talked to him, they grew close to each other, their bond enhanced by the death of her brother and his friend. She never left his side, not when the Erebor fell, not when he was nothing, but a dwarf working in human's villages, not when he left for this journey. She always followed him, because that was what her heart called for.
"Swryan, it is your turn to watch," Thorin yelled at small girl, her dark eyes met his and she nodded before jumping from her seat, making her way to their leader.

"You should get some rest," Swryan said to Thorin as she sat next to him, a little away from the others.
"There are more important things than my rest," leader shook his head, the sadness embracing his heart as he remembered his home.

The silence fell between two friends, though not unpleasent one. They listened as slowly all the other dwarves fell aslep and their laughing was replaced with snoring. The night was cold and clear, the stars glimmered on the sky like diamonds, the loud snoring was mixed with wolf's howling and owl's hooting. The night was too quiet, signalizing the upcoming battle.

"Why did you come?" Thorin asked suddenly, the question he was longing to ask from the day in Bilbo Baggins's home, and turned to his companion.

"The same reason you are here," Swryan whispered after a moment of silence, the white smoke coming out of her mouth as she spoke.

"I don't understand, Swryan you shouldn't risk your life," Thorin frowned a little and rubbed his arms to keep himself a bit warmer.

"Well I'm scared of what's behind and what's before. And I fear I will die alone and be left there. Because death is just so full and man so small," young dwarf admitted, the fear and relief mixing in her heart as she said her deepest emotions.

"There will come a time, you'll see, with no more tears, where love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears," the prince from under the fallen mountain whispered, finally making her look at him. Her dark eyes met with his blue ones, even the darkness of the night couldn't hide the passion in them, the love hidden in every word he spoke.

"Thorin, I lo..." Swryan breathed out, but the pair of rough lips landed on hers, interrupting her in the middle of her declaration of love.

"When the battle will be over, I'll take you by the hand and we'll stand tall. And when we will grow old, we'll remember our own land, something what we lived for," Thorin whispered before Swryan kissed him once more, showing him she held the same feelings for him, as he did for her.

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