Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


252. Thor

~Days on the helicarrier had the very high potential to bore you to death. Sure, you could go to the shooting range and waste impossible amounts of bullets to keep that ‘near satanical grin’, as Tony had so eloquently put it, on your face or you could sit in your room and watch anime. Neither of which made Director Fury happy by any means, but hey, he was never happy anyway, so why bother trying to please him.
Either way, you were still bored. No amount of Blue Seed or Inuyasha could hold your attention for very long, no matter how good it was. You were far too used to battle now and found that was when you were happiest. That and whenever Point Break was on board.
Thor had a very funny way about him. Funny in the, “Wow, you don’t think before you speak,” and “You have no idea how any of this works do you?” kind of way. It was for those reasons that you were bounding through the halls now. Thor was on the helicarrier for a visit.
When you burst through the door and saw Thor, you both shared wide grins. You jumped into his arms and hugged him as tightly as you could and you felt the breath squeezed from your lungs. Tony sighed while the rest of the Avengers merely smiled.
“Dearest Y/n? How has the time since we have been parted been?”
“Boring as fuck. Entertain me!” Steve paled at your crude language while Clint and Tony let out short laughs.
“What shall I do to make the lady happy?”
“Wanna set stuff on fire…. I mean on accident of course.”
“I do not understand, we will be accidental arsonists?”
“That doesn’t sound very safe…” Steve commented, looking at you both with worry written on his features.
“Don’t worry, Cap! I’ll have Thor to protect me!”
“To be honest, I’m more worried for him.”
“Oh… Wait a minute. What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Thor held you back from throttling the good Captain, but that didn’t mean you weren’t pissed as hell.
“Come, my lady, let us go set a flame to things so I may entertain as you requested.”
Fury always somewhat regretted making you an Avenger. You were immature and a danger to all those around you. For some reason though, watching you set fire to the silk plants with a God, brought a smirk to his face.
“Wow! How did you turn it purple?” You looked up at the God of thunder with an awestruck expression.
“Fire is a form of lightning. I suppose I can control more elemental energy.”
“Oh, Thor. You make an arsonist very happy.”
“I thought you said this would be accidental.”
“I regret nothing.”
His visits would always end up with him chasing you through the halls of the helicarrier much to everyone’s chagrin. However, you weren’t going to change and Thor loved you for it.

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