Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


31. The Rev 4

~I Was In The Corner Of The Living Room Covering My Face From Troy.He Was On Another Drunken Rampage And I Apparently Didnt Bring Him His Beer Fast Enough.He Grabs A Hold Of My Hair And Yanks Me Up Roughly.I Whimper And Try To Ease The Pain By Standing On My TipToes.Troy Twist His Hand And I Scream Out In Pain.Music To His Ears
I Told You To Hurry,Not Deal With That Fucking Baby Then Get My Beer"Troy Yells At Me Yanking My Head Back So I Was Looking Up At Him.I Was 5'0 While Troy Was 6'0,He Towered Over Me.
"I'm Sorry But She Was Crying And I Just Wanted To Calm Her Down Before You Got Mad Because You Couldnt Hear The TV"I Say Looking At Him With Terrified Eyes.
"Well You Did Wrong"Troy Says Kicking Me In The Stomach Making Me Fall To My Kness.He Realeases My Hair And Walks Over To The Couch,Cracking Open His Beer Like Nothing Happened.
You're Probably Wonder Why The Hell Am I Dealing With Him? Because He Is The Person Supporting Me And My Daughter That He Thinks Is His.The Reason I Say Thinks Is Because She Isnt I Know For A Fact.I Was Pregnant By The Time That Me And Troy Got Together.Who Was My Daughter's Dad? James "The Rev" Sullivan.We Had A Special Night But He Left To Do The Rest Of The Tour.Only A Few Weeks Later I Found Out I Was Pregnant With His Child.I Didnt Have His Number And I Could Never Afford Backstage Passes.He Had No Idea He Had A Daughter Named Estella Marie Weathers.I Had To Give Her Troy's Last Name Because If I Had Named Her Anything Else,Troy Probably Would Have Forced Me To Put Her In An Orphanage.
I Whimper As I Stand And Make My Way Into Estella's Room.She Was Still Asleep Cuddled With Her Stuffed Bunny And Blanket.Troy Wasnt Rich Or Nice But He Provided For His "Daughter".I Wasnt Able To Provide Much Because I Had Dropped Out Like A Dumbass.I Walk Over And Smooth My 1 Year Old Daughters Hair.
"Mommy"Estella Says Opening Her Eyes A Little Bit,Holding Her Arms Up To Me.I Pick Her Up And Put Her On My Shoulder.She Curls Up To Me,I Put Her Blanket Around Her And Whisper "We're Getting Out Of Here Babygirl,Tonight".
I Lay Her Back Down,She Looks At Me With Those Beautiful Blue Eyes And I Smile.Those Eyes Belonged To The Man I Loved And He Passed Them Down To Our Beautiful Daughter.I Walk Out Of Her Room Only To Be Grabbed By Jason.He Grabs Me By My Neck And Slams Me Against The Wall.
"Hey Baby,Lets Go To The Bedroom"Troy Says,Grabbing My Arm,Dragging Me To Our Room.I Had Learned To Just Let Him Have His Way Instead Of Trying To Fight.I Have To Fake It Or Else He'll Beat Me So Bad.
After Troy Had His Fun With Me He Fell Asleep With His Back To Me.I Slowly Get Up,Walking To My Dresser,Slipping On Some Gray Jogging Pants,A Red T-shirt,And A Black Hoodie.I Grab My Reebok As I Tiptoe Out Of The Room.I Needed To Pack Up Fast And Get Out Of Here Before Troy Noticied That I Was Gone.I Quietly Close The Door And Walk Downstairs To Estella's Room.
I Had Packed What I Could Without Troy Thinking I Was Gone For To Long.I Grab My Keys From The Key Hook And Walk In My Daughter's Room To See Her Sitting Up With Her Bunny.I Pick Up The Few Duffel Bags I Packed Of Mine And Estella's Stuff.I Place One On Each Shoulder Before Picking Her Up With Her Blanket Wrapped Around Her.
I Walk Outside And Put Estella In Her Carseat And Buckle Her In.I Cover Her Up And Kiss Her Head.I Didnt Know How Long I Was Going To Be Driving So I Prepared Estella To Go To Sleep.I Stuff The Duffel Bags Under Her Feet When I See A Figure In The Frame Of The Front Door.I Quickly Shut The Door And The Figure Starts Running Toward Me.I Hurry To Climb In The Driver Seat And Close The Door Just As Troy Get To Me.
"Where Are You Taking My Daughter"Troy Yells Banging On My Window.I Start Up My Car And He Pounds Harder On The Window.
"You Beat Me And I Dont Want You To Beat Her"I Say As I Put The Car In Reverse,Back Up,And Drive Off Without Saying Another Word To Troy.I Look At Estella In The Rearview Mirror And Say"No More Troy Babygirl".
I Had Been Driving for About 3 Hours,It Was 5 In The Morning When I Finally Stop At A Gas Station In Nevada Because I Was Close To Stalling Out.I Pay With Troy's Money That I Had Taken From His Wallet.I Was Pumping The Gas When I Hear The Voice Of The Man I Loved Talking And Laughing.I Finish Pumping The Gas And Peek In At Estella Who Was Fast Asleep.I Sneakily Walk Over To Where I Heard Jimmy's Voice.
"Yeah And Then The Duck Started Running Away So I Kept Chasing It"Jimmy Says To A Group Of Guys Making Them Bust Out Laughing.I Was Peeking From Behind Jimmy,One Of The Guys Points Behind Jimmy And He Looks Back.I Freeze As Jimmy Stares At Me For Awhile.
"No Way,Thats The Girl I Was Telling You About.How She Made Me Feel All Special"Jimmy Blurts Out Then Covers His Mouth.I Giggle And Jimmy Waves For Me To Walk Over.I Slowly Comply And He Hugs Me Tightly.
"Aww Jimmy Found His Girl"One Of His Friends Says Folding His Arms And Chuckling.I Look Down,Blushing And Jimmy Flicks Him Off.
"I-I Uhm Have To Show You Something"I Say Taking Jimmy's Hand And Leading Him Around The Bus To My Car.I Bit My Lip As We Got Closer To My Car.Would He Remember Our Night?Would He Even Claim Estella As His Daughter?
We Get To My Car And I Release His Hand To Open The Door And Take Estella Out Of Her Carseat.She Curls Into Me And Jimmy Looks At Me Confused.I Swallow And Say "Me And You Had A Sort Of One Night Stand.When We Did You Didnt Wear A Condom And I Got Pregnant Then 9 Months Later Estella Came"
"S-So She's My Daughter"Jimmy Stammers Pointing At Our Sleeping Daughter.
"Yeah She Even Has Your Eyes"
I Gently Shake Estella And She Opens Her Eyes And Looks At Jimmy With Clones Of His Eyes.She Reaches For Him And Whimpers.Jimmy Slowly Walks Closer And Takes Her From Me.Estella Curls Into Him And Sucks On Her Thumb.I Smile At How Connected They Were.She Usually Never Went With Anyone She Didnt Know But She Was Loving The Fact Of Being In Jimmy's Arms.
"If You Dont Wanna Help Raise Her That's Okay I Just Thought You Should At Least Know About Her"I Say Holding My Arms Out To Take Her Off His Hands.I Figured Since He Had The Band That Her Wouldnt Want To Have A Kid WeighingHim Down.
"No,I Wanna Help Raise Her,She's My Daughter And Is Beautiful"Jimmy Says Holding Estella Closer To Him And Rubbing Her Back.Estella Cooes And Closes Her Eyes
"Well Uhm,Me And Her Are Kind Of Out Of A House.My Boyfriend Was Abusive And I Finally Got Her Out Of There"
"You Two Are Gonna Come On Tour With Me Then.We Have An Extra Bunk For You Two.I Want To Raise My Daughter With You.I Want To See Her First Word,First Steps,And First Instrument She Plays"
I Just Hug Jimmy.He Truely Was Amazing,Any Other Guy Would've Gave Estella Back And Walked Away.Not Jimmy Though,He Wouldnt Even Let Me Take Her From Him Let Alone Drive Away With Her.
"This Is A Good Surprise,It's My Birthday Today"
"Happy Birthday Jimmy"

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