Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


29. The Rev 3

~*Jimmy's POV*
I Was Sitting At The Table On The Bus Staring At The Food Brian Had Got Me.I Had Lost My Appetite,I Had Broken Up With Leana After Finding Out She Had Been Cheating On Me For 2 Months.It Had Been The Same Story With My Last 2 Girlfriends,I loved Them,Bought Them Gifts,Then Turms Out They Were Fucking A Different Guy.I Had Just Given Up On Love,I Could'nt Find My Soulmate And I Was Giving up
"Come On Jimbo,You Have To Eat"Brian Says Pushing The Cheeseburger Closer To Me.
"I'm Not Hungry,Give It To Matt.I'm Going To Sleep"I Say Pushing The Burger Away And Walking To My Bunk.I Slide In And Stick In My Earbuds,Blasting Oingo Boingo.I Open A Envelope From My Mom,It Contained A Letter Saying How She Had Found Some Pictures And Thought I'd Like To See Them.I Set The Letter Asde And Pull Out A Few Pictures.One Was Of Me And My Dog Slayer,He Had Passed Away A Few Years Back.The Next One Was Of Me And Matt When We Were Like 10 On Our Bikes In Front Of My House.The Last One Was One Of Me And A Girl.Who Was This?
I Turn The Picture Over To See In My Chicken Scratch "Me And My Future Wife Estella",Now All My Memories Of Her Came Back.We Dated From Freshman Year To Junior Year,That Was The Year She Moved Out Of Town When Her Parents Decided To Get Space Between Them For Awhile.I Look At The Picture And Look At Her Captivating Turqoise Eyes,I Remember When i'd Look In Those Eyes Before Kissing Her.
It Was Estella's Last Day In Huntington.This Was So Hard,Just Thinking That The Love Of My Life Was Moving Away From Me.
"I'm Sorry Jimmy.I Tried Everything To Get Her To Let Me Stay With My Aunt Or My Grandma But She Wouldnt let Me"Estella Cries Into My Chest.
"I Know Babydoll,I Wish There Was Someway For You To Stay.But I Want You To Have Something"I Say Trying To Stay Strong For Estella.I Take Off My Dogtags And Put Them over Her Head.
"Jimmy I-"
"Nope I Want You To Have Them,When We Meet Again You Can Give Them Back But Until Then Keep Them To Remember Me By"
She Nods And Pulls Me Down Into A Heartfelt Kiss.I Close My eyes And Enjoy What Might bBe Our Last Kiss.Her Soft Lips Pressed Against MineAnd I Softly Kissed Her,Holding Back THe Tears That Threatened To Fall.Her Mom Beeps The Horn And I Pull Away.Her Mom Had Been Gracious Enough To Bring Her By My House Before They Left.
"You Better Go,I Love You Stell-Bear FoREVer"I Say Before Releasing Her To Go To The Car That Was Driving Her Thousands Of Miles Away From Me
*End Flashback*
She Was Probably In A Relationship Or Maybe Even Married With Kids.I Grab Some Tape And Put The Pictures On My Bunk Wall.I Smile At Them All Before Closing My Eyes And Dosing Off To My Music,Ignoring The Grumble Of My Stomach.
*Estella's POV*
I Was Still Single,Yeah There Was No One Out There For Me.Well Nothing Like Going To Scope Out Guys In Town Right?I Slide On My Converse And Walk Into Town.I Look Through Shops And Buy A Few Items When I Begin To Feel Hungry.I Go To Jack's Bar And Grill To Get Something To Eat.I Knew Jack As A Friend And He Always Gave My VIP Treatment Which I Didnt Mind.
"Hey Estella"Jack Calls From Behind The Counter.I Wave And He Walks From Behind The Counter And Escorts Me To A Table In The Smoking Area.I Liked To Have A Cigarette Here And There.He Hands Me A Menu And Goes To Get Me A Waiter.
I Hear Whispering Behind Me And I Get Curious And Tune In To What They Were Talking About.I Hear "That Can't Be Her" "It Is Her,And She Doesnt Have A Guy With Her Or A Wedding Ring On".I Turn Back And Look To See Two Guys Sitting Behind Me.One With Slicked Back Hair And One With Spikey Hair.
"Am I Of Intrest To You,And I Am Single"I Say Looking At Them Curiously.
"Depends Does The Name James Sullivan Ring Any Bells"
"James Owen Sullivan Was My High School Love,Until I Moved Away Junior Year"I Explain Looking Down Sadly.I Always Missed Jimmy,He Was The Only Guy That Could Make Me Laugh And The Only Guy I Ever Lover.
"Well Then You Should Come With Us,Because Jimmy Has Been All Mopey lately And Wont Eat Because He Thinks That His Soulmate Isnt Out There But You Two Were Like Inseperable In High School And He Still Loves You"The Spikey Haired One Says Closing His Menu.
"I-I Guess I Could Eat Later"I Say Closing My Menu And Following The Guys Out.They Knew Jimmy And Even If All I Did Was Get To See Him,It Was Good Enough For Me.
*Jimmy's POV*
I Was Watching A UFC Fight With Matt When The Door Opens.Zacky And Brian Walk In Smirking At Me.
"What Are You Two Dumbasses Smiling About"I Ask Running A Hand Through My Messy Bed Head.
"We Have A Surpirse For You,Jimmy Meet Estella Jaes,Or Better known As Your High School Sweetheart"Brian Says Opening The Bus Door And A Beautiful Woman Climbs Aboard And Shyly Looks At Me.
"S-Stell Bear"I Say Standing Up In Disbelief. I Didnt See A Ring And She Wouldnt Have Came If She Was In A Relationship.
"Jimmy"She Says As Tears Roll Down Her Cheeks.She Pulls Out Two Dogtags And I Walk Over And Pull Her Into A Big Hug.My Soulmate,My Love,The Keeper Of My Heart For All These Years Was Finally In My Arms Again.
"I Missed You So Much Estella.I Tried To Find Another Girl But It Was Hopeless,No One Was As Caring And Nice As You Were.Im Just So Happy You're Here"I Murmur Into Her Hair And She Just Hugs Me Tighter.
There Was One Thing That I Wanted To Do For So Long,Just To Have That Tingly Sensation Again.I Lift Her Head,Brush The Wayward Strands Out Of Her Face,Look Into The Heart Stopping Eyes For A Second Before Leaning Down And Pressing My Lips To Hers.The Guys Cheer And I Shoo Them To The Back As I Keep My Lips Locked With Estella's.It Had Been So Long Since I Had Kissed Her And God Damn It Felt Good To Do It Again.Even Though I Didnt Want To I Make Myself Pull Away
"So You're Not Seeing Anyone Right"I Ask Looking In Her Eyes.
"Actually I Am"
My Heart Sunk.
He's Tall,Skinny,Has Crazy Black Hair,Beautiful Blue Eyes.And Was My Teddy Bear All Throughout High School.His Name Is James Sullivan"She Looks Up At Me And Smirks,
"Well I'm Seeing Someone"
"Who Are You Seeing"
"A Loser From High School She's About 5 Foot,Turqoise Eyes,And Has Kept My Heart With Her For Too Many Years For Me To Count"I Say And Connect Our Lips Once Again Before She Could Say Something About Me Calling Her A Loser.She Punches Me In My Chest And I Just Pull Her Against Me And Wrap My Arms Around Her.Now She Was Where She Should Have Been For All There Years.In My Arms.

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