Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


20. The Rev 2

~Flashback to 5th Grade Recess
"Okay who's Next"Val Asked As She Sat On The Swing.
"It's Gabbi's Turn"Mya Laughed
"Truth Or Dare"Val Asked.
"Dare,Since the rest Are To Chicken"I Said Looking At The Others.
"I Dare You To Go Ask Out James"Val Said Looking Over At the Guys.(Yea we Alreadyhad Couples)They Were Being Their Crazy Selves,But ecspecially James.That's One ThingI Liked About Him.
"Okay Fine"I Said Getting Up From My Swing.I Liked James,And Val Knew That For A Fact.I Smiled As i Walked Over To Them.James Was Wrestling Around with Zacky,But When His Blue Eyes Saw Me He Stopped.
"Hey Gabbi"Zacky Said Giving Me A Hug.
"Heyz"I Replied returning The Hug.
"So What Brings You Over Here"Brian Asked.
"UmI Actually Have To Talk To James"I Said Digging My Feet In The Gravel.
"Oooo Gabbi&James Sitting In A Tree"Matt Began To Sing.
"K-i -s-s-i-n-g"Zacky&Brian Sang After Him.
"Shut Up'I Said My Face Getting Red.
"Let's Walk Away"James Said Walking Of Course With His Drumsticks In Hand.I Followed As We Made Our Way Away From The Guys.
"So What's Up"James Asked Beating his Drumsticks On The Brick Wall.
"I Was wonderin If You Wanted To Uhh..."I Trailed As I Felt Butterflies In My Stomach.
"Uhh What"He Asked Stopping His Beat.
"Wonderin If U Wanted To Go Out"I Said Looking Back Down At My Black Converse.
"Sure"James Said Smiling His Blue Eyes Lighting Up.
"Okay"I Said My Voice Higher Then Usual."I'll Be Right Back"
I Walked Back over To the Swing Set,Where Val And The Rest Of The Girls Started To Awww.
"So What'd He Say"Michelle Asked
"He Said Yes"i Said Acting Unfazed but Truely I Was Excited.
"Okay Then Gabbi'Val Said.I Rolled My Eyes As I Sat Back on My Swing.Then I Looked Over To James And The Guys Were Pointing At Me With Smiles on Their Faces.
Present Time
"Gabriella Marie Smith" Jimmy Called From Downstairs"Come on Babe Time To Get Up"
"Nooo!! Me Tired"I Said Pulling The Covers over My Head.
"I'm Going To Throw You In The Pool"Jimmy Said Now In The Doorway.
"You wouldnt Dare"I Said Throwing The Cover Off.
"Get Up then"He Said Folding His Arms.
"Me tired"I whined.
"You Leave Me No Choice"He Said As He Threw Me Over His Shoulder.
"NO!!!!"I Screamed Kicking My Feet.He Opened The Door As He Walked To Our Underground Pool.
"If You Do I Will Never Kiss You Again"I Said Clenching Onto His Shirt.
"I'll Take My Chances"He Said As He Lifted Me.I Screamed As The Cold Water Hit My Skin.I Went Completely Under Water.I Smoothed My Hair Back As Jimmy Jumped Into The Pool.
"I Love You Gabbi" He Cooed As He Waded To Me.
"Nope Don't Talk To me"I Said Crossing My Arms.
"Oh Come on Baby"He Said As He walked Over To Me.I Backed Up Until I Felt The Wall Of The Pool On My Back.
"Nope You Threw Me in The Pool"I Said Crossing My Arms Looking Away from Him.
"Dear God,The Only Thing I Ask Of You Is To Hold Her When Im Not Around When Im Much To Far Away"
He Sang To Me In His Velvet Sweet Voice.
"But I Left Her Where i Found Her Now i Wished I Stayed,Cuz im lonely And im Tired,Im Missing You Again Oh no Once Again"I Sang Finishing My Favorite Lyric.He Knew I Loved That Song.
"No Fair Using My Song On Me"I Said Looking Down.He Pulled Mey Chin Up,Before I Could Protest His Soft lips Were On Mine.It Felt Just Like The First Time We Kissed When We Were 13 At the Park.His Tounge Touched My Lips,I Moaned As I Opened To Him.His Hands Went To My Waist,And Mine Went Around His Neck Pulling Him Closer To Me.
"I Love You Gabby"He Said Looking into My Green Eyes With His Blue Ones.I Smiled As He Swam Back Away from Me.I Waited Then Jumped On his Back He Took Me With Him Under Water.After Splashin Around For About An Hour Jimmy Finally Carried Me Out Into Our House.I Changed From My Wet Pajamas into Som Warm Ones Out of The Dryer.I Walked Back To the Living Room To See Jimmy Already On the Couch Watching Jacob's Ladder.I Curled Up Next To Him,As His Heat Warmed Me Up.His Arm Wrapped Around Me Including A Blanket.I Turned To Him And Pressed My Lips To His Gently.No Matter How Many TimesI Kissed Him My Heart Always Fluttered.I Curled Into His Chest,Breathing In His Scent As I Closed My Eyes Falling Back Asleep.

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