Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


18. The Rev 1

~I Woke Up Startled From The Sound Of Stuff Falling In The Hallway.I Grumbled As I Stood Up Opening the Door To See Zacky Run By With Syn Not To Far Behind.
"Yo Dumb& Dumber Can You Stop"I Yelled As They Both Stopped.
"Sorry Sis"Syn Said Walking Over Giving Me A Hug.
Yes,i Was the Beloved Sister Of Synyster Gates.The One Thing That Was Bad is i Never Knew If I Had Friends Because of Me Or Who Im Related to.So I pretty Much Stayed With My Brother And His band ates Who Were Awesome.But There's One That Always Stuck Out For Me.It Was Jimmy or "Rev" As They Called Him.He Was Always So Sweet,Caring,And Crazy.Like Me! He Always had Just A Little Bigger Place In My Heart.
I Smiled As I walked Downstairs top hear them Start Running Again.i just Shook My head As i Turned the Corner to the kitchen I Ran Into Someone.i looked Up Into The Beautiful eyes Of Jimmy.i Felt My face Get Hot As i Just looked Back Down.
"Sorry Sophia"He Chuckled Rustling my hair As he Walked Away.
I walked Into The Kitchen to See The Big Mess From The Guys Trying To Make Their Own Breakfast.i opened the Fridge Grabbing Out A Mtn.Dew."my Waker upper'.
I Turned to See Jimmy Standing in The Doorway.I jumped back hitting My Back Against the fridge.
"You can't Be Doing That Fiction'i Said As My heart returned to its Usual pace.
"Sorry Again.my fault'He said Looking Down A Smile Forming on his ace.
"It's not funny"i Said hitting His Arm taking The Seat Next to him.i Looked Over his shoulder To See him Reading An Article.i Scanned through Seeing His Name Mentioned.Most Likely it was About Drummers.I finished the first paragraph before i decided to get up and go into the livingroom.I Walked in to see Zacky&Syn Playing the Xbox now instead of chasing eachother around.I Plopped down on the couch grabbing my phone from the sidetable opening it up.I scanned throught to see if i had any new messages.i had one from this one girl i met at the mall,of course she was texting me just to get to my brother but oh well.i threw my phone to the side scrubbing my hands over my face.
"what's wrong"Syn asked concerned pausing the game.that's one thing i loved About Syn he Always Was there for me But Sometimes A little too much.i had My heart Broken by this guy Named Daren,He Ended up Not being the man of My Dreams But the One of My Nightmares.I Still Have Occasional Nightmares.
"Nuthing Just thinking"I Sighed
"You Sure"He Asked
"Positive"I Smiled Taking A Drink Of My Mtn.Dew.
After A Few Hours Of Hearing Syn Beat Zacky On Xbox I Decided To Take A Nap.
I Was Sitting In A Flower Field,It Was Really Peaceful&Nice.I Looked Up To See My Nightmare Daren.He Had His Evil Smirk As He Raised His Hand Again.Before He Could Swing Another Arm Stopped Him.I Looked Up To See Jimmy As He Threw Him Back.He Looked Back To Me Pulling Me Up In His Arms.
"I Love You Sophia" Jimmy Said Lovingly.
"I Love You Too Jimmy"I Said Cuddling Into His Chest.
I Woke Up Sorta Startled In Warm,Consoling Arms.I Looked Over To See Jimmy With A Worried Looked.
"Jimmy?"I Said As My Eyes Adjusted.
"Yea,You Scared The Hell Out Of Me,You Just Started Screaming"He Said Moving Some Hair Out My Face.
"I'm Sorry,I Had A Bad Dream"I Said Putting My Head Down.
"No It's Fine"He Said Giving Me A Little Hug.
"Where's Everyone"I Asked Since No One Else Was Downstairs.
"They Went Out I Stayed Back"Rev Smiled Down At Me.
"You Got To Deal with me.You got A Grand Prize"I Said Sarcastically.
"Deal? I'm Happy I Was Here To Hold You"He Said"Sophia I Love You,I Care For You So Much"
"Really"I Asked
"Yea I've Been Going Out Of My Mind,I Love You So Much But I Didn't Know If You Felt The Same"
"I Didn't Think You Liked Me Like That Way"I Said Blushing.His Lips Met Mine.His Lips Were Soft Against Mine.
"I Love You"Rev Said Looking Into My Eyes.
"I Love You"I Said Pressing My Lips To His Once Again.

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