Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


249. Steve Rogers 2

~Squinting out the window was not the best look for you. The annoyed look on your face was making Tony nervous. He kept glancing your way to make sure you weren’t going to kill something. When your eyes narrowed into slits and an aggravated sigh escaped your lips, Tony decided it was time to say something.
“Kid, you alright?” He put down the new flight stabilizer he was working on and turned your way.
Another sigh came from you as you turned to face him. “Yeah, just some thoughts that I want to maim.” Tony’s brows rose as he looked you up and down.
“Such as?” Tony patted the spot on his work table. You came over and hopped on. Grateful for him clearing away his plans before your ass ruined them.
“I’m just wondering why on Earth Steve would pick and want me over other people. I mean I am not the most in shape person I know…” You tapped your chin in thought. “Quite far from it actually. The only guys who dated me who had similar builds like Steve, they were just fetishizing me… Tony. What the fuck am I supposed to do?” A small smile adorned his lips.
You were too damn cute for your own good. Sure you may have been a bit on the chubbier side… or perhaps even a lot, but all be damned if you were anything but beautiful. The lovely shape of your eyes and alluring curve of your lips, you could lure in any man.
“Kid, Steve is attracted to you because you’re hot.” You scoffed and leaned back on your hands.
“Shut up.”
“Well, maybe not conventionally, but trust me, if Steve hadn’t gotten to you first, I would have loved to give you a run for your money.” You quirked a brow at Tony in disbelief.
“I don’t discriminate. A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman regardless of size.” You let out a throaty chuckle.
“You’re stupid, Tony.” He flashed you a grin.
“No, I’m a genius.”
Steve had been wandering around the tower looking for you. He was sure you would be in Tony’s workshop, you normally spent your time with the inventor. You enjoyed testing his limits just as much as he did.
He sighed, without an idea as to where you really were he resorted to asking.
“JARVIS, where’s Y/n?”
“She’s on your floor, Captain Rogers, resting on your sofa.”
“Thank you.”
“Always a pleasure, sir.”
Steve made his way to the elevator, wondering what you were up to. When the doors opened to his floor a smile stretched across his lips. You were sprawled out on the sofa, clutching a body pillow. Your leg was wrapped around it, emphasizing the breadth of your hips and the curve of your waist. Half of your face was squished into the arm rest while your hands were resting delicately by your face.
He grabbed his sketchbook off of the table in front of you and sat down. Lead was scratching against paper in a mad dash to capture just how adorable and beautiful you looked at that moment. He would hide this away from you so you wouldn’t steal it like the others. You always said that you looked horrible. He thought dead wrong, as did Tony and Clint. Hell, even Natasha thought you were precious.
She took special care to make sure you were comfortable more than she did the rest of the team. Natasha had grown very fond of you. He had walked in on many a cuddle session between you and the Russian spy.
He was positive that if he had not expressed his feelings for you first, one of the others would have. He was happy about the night he blurted them out to you. He had done it out of sheer frustration. He was tired of seeing Tony flirt with you. Everything after that was history.
Steve looked up from his sketch to see you blinking with amusement.
“You’re doing it again aren’t you?” He was quiet before he finally nodded. “Do you want me to close my eyes again so you can finish?” The smile on his face made your heart swell, and you closed your eyes, but not before you felt a soft press of lips to yours.
Yeah, you were a bigger lady, but you were damn sexy. And Steve Rogers loved you. That was one hell of a bonus.

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