Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


245. Steve Rogers 1

~Steve wasn’t sure what made him do it. It seemed everyday he woke up in his apartment in Brooklyn, he would get up and get ready. He would get on his bike and ride straight over to your house. You had shown him where the spare key was considering he was always welcome inside your home.
The first morning he had come over, you hadn’t been awake yet and he had almost left but as you padded into your kitchen barefoot with sleepy eyes, smiling at him and greeting him with a warm sleepy hug, he had decided not to go. It was habit now, that if he was home, he would spend his day and night with you before going home to catch a solid four hours of sleep and starting the process all over again.
He would make himself coffee and read your paper, that he was pretty sure was only there for him, and make a pot of tea for you. Some mornings he would make you breakfast, but most of the time, you cooked for him.
This was not one of those mornings. You awoke to the smell of bacon and the sound of soft footsteps. You carefully rolled out of bed onto the floor as per usual, you claimed it helped wake you up faster even though he had come in several times to just find you tangled in your sheets with one leg on your bed, with you fast asleep on the floor. You sat up and pulled on some discarded pajama pants before sleepily bumping your way into the kitchen.
Steve was at your stove flipping pancakes and keeping a watchful eye over the sizzling bacon. You wrapped your arms around his middle and nuzzled his back.
“Good morning, Steven.” you murmured, squeezing him gently in your arms.
“Good morning, Y/n.” He placed one of his arms over both of yours, smoothing his thumb over your arm. “Tea is on the table.”
“Mmm, thank you.” You slipped away from him and took a seat, sipping hot tea and watching him move around your kitchen, placing breakfast items on the table little by little. Finally he sat across from you, flour smeared over his cheek and shy smile on his face.
“How have you been?”
“Good. Got a few chapters written while you were away… You alright, everything go well?” You eyed him carefully over your tea, worried over his unusual silence.
“Yes. I just… thought about you a lot while I was gone.” he muttered, pink tinting his cheeks. You stood and walked over to his side of the table, pushing out his chair and settling yourself down on his lap. He was blushing madly, but did not protest.
“I thought about you too. I miss you when you’re gone.” He slowly raised his arm to hold you by your waist, making sure you didn’t fall or slip from him. The fingers that twined themselves in his hair were unexpected, but completely welcome.
“I think about you all the time actually. Can’t get you out my head. Seems like you’ve gotten under my skin.” You pressed your nose to his cheek, nudging him.
“I understand that feeling.” He figured it would be alright to turn his head to face you. The sleepy look you normally had at this hour wasn’t there. You were completely focused on him as he was on you. Your bright c/l eyes calm and soft.
“I thought you would…” Your breath was mingling with his and he could feel an unbearable heat flood all of his senses. He took a deep shuddering breath as his eyes slipped closed. He could feel the slight touch of your lips to his, and that seemingly unbearable heat had become ten times hotter. He pushed his mouth fully onto yours, not being able to control his body.
A slight moan left your mouth and he swallowed it in his, his tongue sweeping over yours. His hands were gripping your sides firmly, but not in a painful way, or so he hoped. Breathing had become difficult, so when you pulled away panting with red cheeks, all Steve could do was smile as you caught your breath.
It would seem by the time you both were ready to eat breakfast, it would be ice cold. Nothing the microwave couldn’t fix though.
Extended Ending
“Y/n, what do I do again.”
“Steve, you push a few buttons, then press start.”
“Which buttons?”
“… *sigh*. Steve. Get over here.”
“So I can kiss you again.”
With arguments like that, he would never mind losing. Now if only he could get the microwave to work.

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