Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


28. Spencer Reid 3

~-Taylor Lynch
-long wavy brown hair, hazel eyes with glasses, pale, hourglass fig w/ flat stomach, 5'7
-sarcastic, quiet, smart, fighter, calm, thinker, funny, protective, loyal, brave
-works at a book store and becomes a victim

I Walked Into The Bookstore I Owned Throwing My Purse On The Counter.I Flicked The Lights On Squinting At The Brightness Of Them.I Yawned As I Picked Up A Few Stray Books Left On The Tables From People Yesterday.I Put Them Back In Their Place When I Saw Something Out of The Corner Of My Eye Move.I Quickly Spun Around To See Nothing.I Shook The Thought Of Anything In Here And Finished Cleaning.Then I Saw A Figure Out of The Corner Of My Eye And I Snapped My Head Towards It And Saw A Man In All Black Standing There.He Had Short-Longish Brown Hair,Hazel Eyes And He Was Starting To Grow A Beard.I Back Away Instinctively And Gulp As He Starts Walking Toward Me.
"Dont Scream,I'll Kill You Before They Come"The Man Said Showing Me His Gun In Hand,Ready To Shoot Any Second.
"W-What Do You Want"I Stammered As I Felt My Way Around The Store As I Kept My Eyes On The Guy.
"You"He Said Roughly As He Pinned Me Against One Of The Book Shelves.
"Why I Dont Know You"I Said Slipping Away And Backing Up Toward The Back Of The Store.
"You Dont Remember Me Lovebug?"He Asked A Smile Curving His Lips.The Only One That Called Me That Was My Psycho Ex-Boyfriend Kyle.
"Kyle Why Are You Here,You're Suppose To Be In Jail"I Said As I Made My Way To The Entrance Of The Backroom.I Figured I Could Hurry Back There Then Through The Backdoor.
"I Spent My 3 Years Already Love Bug.Now Im Back To Take Whats Mine Which Is You"He Growled As He Lunged At Me But I Took Off Through The Backroom Door.I Ran To The Backdoor And Looked Back As I Opened It And Went To Run Out But I Ran Into A Hard Surface.I Looked Up To See Kyle's Friend Jacob Standing There.Jacob Grabbed My Shoulder And Turned Me To Come Face To Face With Kyle.
"You Never Run Away From Me"Kyle Yelled As He Sliced My Thigh Making Me Scream."Jacob Take Her To The Car"
"Hell No"I Yelled As I Kicked And Fought Against Jacob To Get Away.I Got A Good Kick In Jacob's Knee And He Dropped Me.I Tried To Crawl Away But Kyle Slices My Leg Again And Pulls Me To Stand.
"Try To Run Again And I'll Kill You Slowly In This Bookstore"Kyle Said In My Ear As He Dragged Me By My Hair Out The Back Door.I Kicked But Kyle Managed To Throw Me Into The Black SUV And Drive Off.
Spencer's P.O.V
I Felt Garcia Tap My Shoulder And Motion Toward The Conference Room.I Scrubbed My Hand Over My Face As I Got Up And Walked Into The Conference Room.I Saw Prentiss And J.J Already Have The Presentation Started So I Took My Seat By Morgan And Watched As They Gave The Details Of The Case.
"The 7th Person To Go Missing This Month Is Taylor Lynch.She Was Last Seen IN Her Bookstore,Other Employees Came Saw Her Purse But No Sign Of Lynch"Prentiss Said Pointing To A Picture Of A Beautiful Girl With Wavy Brown Hair,Hazel Eyes And Glasses Over Them.
"Does She Fit The Other Victims"I Asked Looking AT J.J.
"No Actually She Doesnt,We Think She May Have Been In A Relationship With The Unsub"Prentiss Said"Garcia Can You Look In On Ms.Lynch's Life A Little And See If You Can Find Anything"
"So Taylor Might Have Some Past Relationship With The Unsub"Morgan Asked As He Took Notes.
"Yes We Say Past Because Ms.Lynch Has Been Single For A Year Now According To Her Family Anf Friends.We Head Out To Califronia In 10 Minutes"J.J Said As She Closed Her Presentation.I Got Up From My Seat And Began Contemplating The Past Victims And Taylor.The First 6 Victims Were Raped And Strangled,All Blonde And Green Eyes.But Taylor Has Hazel Eyes And Brown Hair.This Was Going To Be An Interesting Case.
Taylor's P.O.V
Jacob Gagged Me With A Bandana And Tied My Hands Behind My Back With Rope That Was Burning My Wrists Horribly.jacob Kept His Grip On My Hair As Kyle Drove The Car.
"You're Gonna Be Fun To Mess With"Jacob Whispered In My Ear,A Smirk Curving His Lips.
"Fuck You"I Said Through The Gag.He Yanked My Head Back With Enough Force To Pull Hair From My Skull.
"Leave Her Alone Jacob,I Want Her In Perfect Condition"Kyle Snapped looking In The Rearview Mirror At Him.
"Fine I'll Leave Her Alone"Jacob Growled As He Let Go Of Me And I Smiled.
We Pulled Up To This Warehouse And I Gulped.Kyle Stopped The Car And Jacob Pulled Me Out The Car And Into The Warehouse.It Reeked Of Blood,Could Easily Make Someone Puke.Jacob Dragged Me To A Chair Where He Pushed Me To Sit And Strapped My Legs To The Chair.
"Now Love Bug,You Left Me"Kyle Siad Turning The Knife Over In His Hand.
"You Were Psycho"I Said Through The Gag.
"But You Said You Loved Me"
"Before You Went Psycho"
"Well If You Dont Love Me,Why Live"He Said As He Placed The Knife To My Neck And Whispered"Why Should You Live Taylor?"
"I Have Something To Live For"I Spat.
"I Dont Think So"Kyle Said As He Stabbed My Side Making Me Let Out A Blood Curdling Scream."I Remember When I Made You Scream Like That"
"I Was In Pain"I Said Through Tears That Came To My Eyes.
"You'll Be In Much More"He Smiled Moving The Knife To The Side Before Taking It Out Of My Side.I Squeaked And Put My Head Down As A Tear Fell.
"Aww Love Bug Dont Cry There's More Pain To Come"Kyle Laughed As He Wiped My Blood Off His Knife With A Towel.
"I Hate You Kyle"I Growled Looking Up At Him Through My Hair.
"Love You To,Love Bug"He Smiled As He Walked Away.
Spencer's P.O.V
We Were In California At The Police Station An dGarcia Had Came And Was Already Hooked Up Hacking Her Way Through Stuff As She Usually Did.I Was Going Through The Files Pinpointing The Abduction Sites.
"I Got Something,She Was In A Relationship With Kyle Mathera For Awhile.They Had An Apartment Until She Moved Out Took It Out of Her Name"Garcia Siad As He Fingers Were All Over The Keyboard.
"Where Does Kyle Live Now"Hotch Asked Looking Over Her Shoulder.
"Uhm Nothing In His Name But He Has A Warehouse In His Name At 3738 Hather Street"garcia Said As She Looked At Hotch.
"Everyone We're Heading To The Warehouse,Garcia Send The Directions To Our GPS"Hotch Instructed As I Grabbed My Jacket And Headed To The Trucks.Morgan Got In The Truck With Me And Sped Of To The Warehouse.I Just Prayed We Were In Time To Save Taylor.We Finally Got To The Warehouse And The Was A Black SUV In Front And A Blood Trail Leading In.Before I Could Stop My Actions I Got Out And Ran To The Entrance Of The Warehouse.I Glanced Through The Window To See Taylor With Her Head Down And Blood Soaked Her Shirt And Jeans.
"Oh My god Taylor"I Whispered As I Opened The Door And Looked Around Pointing My Gun As I Walked To Her.She Picked Up Her Head Slightly Then Just Let It Drop Back Down.
"Help"She Whispered As I Put My Gun To My Side And Picked Her Head Up To Look At Me.I Could Tell She Was Fading Fast.
"Its Alrite Im Here"I Said As I Began Untieing Her Hands And Feet.
"Get Away From Her"I Heard A Man Yell.I Quickly Took Out My Gun And Aimed It At Him.
"Morgan"I Yelled As He Came Running In And Grabbed The Guy From Behind And Handcuffed Him.
"T-There's Another One"I Heard Taylor Whisper, I Turned To Her When A Fist Met My Jaw.
"Fuck"I Said As I Saw A Big Guy Standing By Taylor.Suddenly He Went Still And I Looked Over To See Morgan With A Gun To His Back.
"I Want You To Put Your Hands Behind Your Back Now"Morgan Demanded.The Guys Did So And Morgan Cuffed Him And Lead Him Out The Building.
"Ow,Taylor You Ok,Stay With Me"I Said As I Finished Untieing Her,I Picked Her Up And She Fell In My Arms."Its Okay I Got you,You're Safe".I Carried Her Wedding Style Out The Building And To The Ambulance.I Set Her Down And Before I Could Walk Away She Pulled Me Back And Pressed Her Lips To Mine And Whispered"Thank You".

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