Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


27. Spencer Reid 2 Part 2

~Jenna’s P.O.V
I Woke Up And I Tried To Pull MySelf Up With My Hands But I Was Handcuffed.I Felt A Bandana Tied On My Mouth,Digging In Horribly To My Skin.I Looked Around And I Was In Darkness Except For A Small NightLight That Casted Enough Light For Me To See The Tile Floor Beneath Me.I Squinted And Saw The Many Stains Of Blood Covring The Tiles.I Whimpered And Tried To Swing My Legs Out But Rope Burned My Ankeles Causing Me To Scream A Little.
"She’s Awake"I Heard A Manly Voice Say.
"Well Go Sedate Her Again"A Woman Said Sternly.
"I Think Ima Have Fun With Her First"The Man Said As He Chuckled Evily Then The Door Opened,Letting In Alot of Light Which Made Me Squint.I Heard Him Walk Over Then Whip Me Around So I Was Laying On My Back.
"You’re A Pretty One"He Said As He Tucked My Hair Behind My Ear.I Kept My Mouth Shut And Looked Away From Him. "Look At Me Damnit"
I Whimpered As He Grabbed A Fistful Of My Brown Hair Yanking My Head To Look At Him Face To Face.He Saw The Pain And Fear In My Eyes And Smirked At It,Like He Was Satisfied.
"So Are You Good In Bed"He Asked Trailing His Hand Down My Side To My Thigh.I Hurried And Tried To Pull Away Ignoring The Horrible Burning On My Ankles. "Ima Take That As A Yes"
He Smiles As Me As He Ciuts The Rope On My Ankles And Holds Down My Legs.He Gets Over Me And Starts To Unbutton My Shorts.I Try And Thrash Against Him But With Him Over Me I Could Barely Move.Tears Ran Down As He Stripped My Shorts Away.
"Now Lets See If You’re Good Or Not"He Growled As He Pushed Into Me Making Me Scream Out In Pain And The Bandana Dug Into My Skin.He Held Me Still As He Thrusted In And Out Of Me With A Violent And Hard Force.I Whimpered And Cried As His Sick Joy Seemed To Fill With Every Tear I Shed.His Hands Dug Into My Hips Holding Me Still As I tried To Wriggle Away.He Finally Finished And Pulled Out Of Me.I Turned Away From Him As My Body Shook.
"You’re A Keeper Jenna"He Whispered As He Pulled Up His Pants And Walked Out The Room.I Slowly Got Up As I Worked For About 15 Minutes To Pull My Shorts On With Handcuffs On.I Sat Back Down On The Couch And Pulled My Knees To My Chest.I Looked At My Ankles To See The Red Marks From The Rope.
"Find Me,Please Anyone"
Spencer’s P.O.V
We Had Went Into Overtime At The Office.We Had Garcia Searching In On Jenna And The Rest of Us Were Tryna Figure Out The Profile of The Unsub.
"He’s Most Likely In His Mid-40’s"J.J Said Writing It On The Whiteboard.
"Lonely,Maybe Widowed"Prentiss Interjected.
"We Have To Find Her"I Yelled As I Slammed The File Down.
"Kid,Do You Like Jenna?"Morgan Asked.
"We Just Need To Find Her"I Siad Dissmissing His Comment.
"Reid Gots A Crush"Morgan Laughed.
Then The Phone Went Off,Morgan Hit Speaker And Said"Whatcha Got BabyGirl"
"I Have A Signal from Jenna’s Phone,The Unsub Must’ve Not Taken It From Her"Garcia Said As I Heard Her Typing Away.
"Where’s She Located"I Asked Throwing My File To The Side.
"Uhmm.....3892 Greendale Drive"Garcia Recited"I’ll Send The Directions"
"Thanks Garcia"I Replied As I Hit End And Walked Out The Office.
"Hotch We Found Him,Jenna’s Phone’s On And Garcia Located Her"Morgan Said Behind Me,Most Likely On His Phone. "Alright Meet You There"
We Hopped In The Truck And Sped Off To The Onsub’s House.I Tapped My Hand On My Leg As We Sped Through Traffic.It Seemed Like We Weren’t Going Fast Enough But I Knew Morgan Had The Petal To The Floor.We Finally Reached The Unsub’s House And I Could Hear Muffled Screas Comming From The Basement.I Went To The Side Of The House And Looked In The Window To See Jenna Curled Up In A Ball,Then I Saw A Door Open And Jenna Jumped Up And Backed Away.
"She’s Downstairs"I Yelled To Morgan As He Kicked The Door In And I Ran Back To The Front And Walked In After Him.
"Reid,Follow Me Downstairs So You Can Get Jenna After i get The Sick Bastard"Morgan Ordered As We Found The Basement Door.I Followed Moragan Carefully Keeping My Eyes Out for The Man.We Found The Door And Morgan Kicked It In To See The Man With A Knife To Jeanna’s Neck.
"Put The Knife Down"I Demanded Pointing My Gun At The Guy But I Couldnt Get A Clear Shot.The Man Smirked And Put The Knife Closer To Jenna’s Neck Making Her Squeak.
"Put It Down Or I Will Shoot You"Morgan Yelled,But The Guys Smirked And Dragged The Knife Across Jenna’s Neck A Little Before I Shot Him To The Ground.I Immediately Ran Over To Jenna And Caught Her In My Arms.I Managed 2 Get Her Out The Handcuffs And Looked At Her Neck.It Wasnt Deep So It Didnt Hit Anything Vital.She Shook In My Arms And I Held Her Close To Me.
"Its Okay I Found You"I Whispered To Her Moving Her Hair From Her Face.
"I Knew Someone Would Find Me,Im Happy It Was You"She Said As A Small Smile Appeared On Her Face.I Dont Know What Happened In That Moment But I Covered Her Lips With Mine And She Was Shocked At First But Kissed Back In The First Second.She Held Me Close And I Had To Be The One To Pull Away.
"Well Reid You Got Your Girl"J.J Smiled As I Looked Up And Saw The Whole Team Standing With A Smirk On Their Faces.

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