Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


26. Spencer Reid 2 Part 1

~I Was On My Way To Visit My Friend Ashleigh In Washington.I Couldn't Wait To See Her,We Hadn't Seen Eachother In Years.I Boarded My Plane And Sighed As The Soft Chair Comforted My Stiff Body.I Snapped My Seatbelt And Took Out My Ipod I Carried Everywhere And Simply Turned It On And Closed Me Eyes.I Hadn't Been Getting Good Sleep And It Sucked Majorly,But Now My Eyes Got Their Much Needed Rest.
I Woke Up About 3 Hours Later When I Felt The Plane Land.I Looked Out The Window And Saw We Were In Washington.I Smiled,Turning Off My Music Then Stuffing It In My Pocket.When We Got The Clear To Stand,I Hurried Grabbing My Carry On Then Walking Off The Plane.I Walked In The Airport And Saw Ashleigh With The Biggest Smile Ever On Her Face,Then I Saw Someone Else.He Had Brown Curly Hair And Brown Eyes.He Had A Gun Strapped To His Waist,In Clear Sight.He Was Obviously A Cop.
"JENNA"Ashleigh Yelled As She Pulled Me Into A Hug.
"Hey Ash"I Smiled As I Locked Eyes With The Mystery Guy.
"Oh Jenna This Is My Friend Spencer"Ash Introduced Motioning To The Guy.
"Well Nice To Meet You Spencer"I Smiled As I Shook His Hand
"Nice To Meet You Also"He Responded Smiling At Me.
"Well We Have To Get You To My House,Get You Set Up"Ashleigh Said Clapping Her Hands.
Spencer And I Laugh As We Follow Ashleigh Out The Airport And To Her Car.She Throws My bag In Her Trunk And I Slid Into The Back As Spencer Took The Passanger Seat.
"So Spencer What Line Of Work Are You In"I Asked Looking At Him In The Rearview Mirror.
"Im In F.B.I"He Said Looking Out The Window Avoiding Eye Contact With Me.
"Oh Cool Thats Awesome"I Smiled.
"Yea We're Gonna Go Visit His Team After We Drop You Off"Ashleigh Blurted As We Pulled Into her Driveway.
"Cant Wait"I Smiled As I Got Out Ashleigh's Car,Grabbed My Bag From The Trunk,Then Walked Into Her House.
"First Room On The Right"Ashleigh Smiled Pointing Upstairs.
"Thanks Ash,Be Right Out"I Smiled As I Ran Upstairs And Set My Bag On The Bed Then Raced Back Downstairs.Ashleigh And I Walked Back To Her Car And Drove To Spencer's Office.I Was Actually Excited To Go See What Spencer's Team Was Like.When We Pulled Up I Saw Spencer Sorta Tense Up.
"Well Here We Are"Ashleigh Smiled As She Got Out And I Got Out After Her.We Hooked Arms And Walked In With Spencer Behind Us.
"Hey Kid,Who Are These Lovely Ladies?"A Tall Muscular Asked.
"Morgan,This Is My Friend Ashleigh And Her Friend Jenna"Spencer Introduced.
"Well Its Nice To Meet You Ladies,But I Have To Steal Reid Away"Morgan Said"We Gotta Metting".Spencer Simply Nodded And Followed Morgan To The Office.
"Well Ima Go Outside And Get Some Air,Its Stuffy In Here"I Said Unhooking My Arm With Her's Then Walking Outside.
I Took A Deep Breath And Decided To Walk Around.I Turned The Corner And Felt Something Jabbed In My Neck Then My Legs Went Watery.My Vision Blurred And All I Saw Was A Head Then I Fainted Into Someone's Arms.
Spencer's P.O.V
J.J And Prentiss Briefed Us About A Guy Who Was Sedating Women Then Having Hsi Way With Them For A Month Then Killing Them ANd Thriw ing Them Anywhere.
"Maybe He Likes The Feeling That The Victim Is Helpless,he Gets Bored So he Kills Them Then Finds Another Canidate"I Said Looking Through The File.
"Yes,That Could Be It.He Sedates Them.Has His Way For Awhile Then Kills Them And dumps Them Where He Pleases"Prentiss Said Pulling Up The Drop Off Sites Of The Victims.They Were All Different And Miles Apart.
"Well This Case Is Here In Washington So We're Alright"J.J Said Closing The File."Ok Metting Dis-Missed"
I Walked Out The Office To See A Paniced Ashleigh,She Catches Sight Of Me And Runs Over Talking 100 Words A Second.
"Slow Down Ash,What Happened"I Asked Calmly.
"Somebody Took Jenna,She's Gone"Ash Cried As Tears Rolled Down Her Cheeks.
"Are You Sure"I Asked More Panicked.
"Yea,She Doesnt Know Washington"Ash Said"Please Find Her"
"Ash,I Think I May Know Who Took Her"I Sighed Not Wanting To Believe I Was Right.
"Who,Who'd Take Her"Ash Asked Frantically.
"There's A Guy Who's Sedating Women And Having His Way The Killing Them And Dumoing Them"I Explained.I Saw Ash's Face Go Into Total Horror.
"Find Her,Spencer.You Have Too"Ash Begged Hugging Me Tightly.
"We Will"I Promised Her as She Cried On My Shoulder."Sit And Calm Down Okay"
"O-Ok"She Nodded As She Sat In One Of The Chairs.
I Walked To Hotchner's Office,Knocking On His Door Before I Entered.
"Come In"Hotch Said.
"Hotch I Have A New Person To Add To The Victim List"I Said Sitting In The Chair In Front Of His Desk.
"How"He Asked Putting Down The File He Was Reading And Looking At Me.
"Jenna McDaniel,She's Gone Missing From Here"I Said Folding My Hands In My lap.
"How Do You Know This Reid"Hotch Asked Suspiciously.
"She's My friend Ashleigh's Friend And She Fits The Profile"I Explained Pointing Out Hotch's Window To Ashleigh Who Was Talking To Morgan.
"Green Eyes,Brown Hair,Slim?"Hotch Questioned.
"Yes,We Have To Help Her Before We Find Her Dumped Somewhere"I Insisted Standing Up.
"Tell J.J And Prentiss We're Stopping This Guy And Saving The Girl"Hotch Proclaimed As He Stood Up Also.

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