Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


24. Spencer Reid 1

~I Looked Around As I Crossed The Street To The Bar.My Long Black Hair Bounced In The Ponytail I Had Secured It In.I Walked In The Bar Seeing The Usuals There.I Made My Way To The Bar And Got Myself A Well-Needed Beer.
"What Brings You Here,Beautiful"A Guy Said As He Took The Stool Next To Me.
"Hard Day At Work"I Sighed Turning To See His Vibrant Green Eyes.
"David"He Smiled Holding His Hand Out To Me.
"Marci"I Said Shaking His Hand.I Had A Gut Feeling To Get Out Of There.I Quickly Downed My Beer And Walked Outside To Head Back Home.
"Hey Marci"I Heard The Guy Whisper.
"Leave Me Alone"I Said As I Went To Walk Away But He Grabbed My Arms Whipping Me Back Putting A Knife To My Neck.
"Dont Scream And Follow Me,Say Or Do Anything I Will Slit Your Throat"He Said Roughly As He Yanked My Hair.
"O-Ok"I Stammered As He Turned Me And Started Pushing Me Down The Street.
"Get In The Car"He Demanded As We Came Up To A Black Camaro.
"Please Let Me Go"I Pleaded As Tears Ran Down My Face.I Knew If I Got In The Car I Wouldnt Be Seen Alive Again.
"I Said Get In The Fucking Car"He Growled Pushing Me In Then Grabbing My Hands And Tieing Them Together.
"Please"I Begged As Tears Ran Down My Cheeks.
"I Said Shut Up I Will Kill You Without A Problem And Get Someone Else To Be My Wife"He Yelled As He Started The Car.
"Wife?"I Asked
"Yes My Wife,I Already Have The 2 Kids"He Said Looking InThe Rearview Mirror.
I Realized This Guy Was Pshyco And I Was Gonna Be Apart Of His Fantasy.Plus Two Innocent Little Kids.I Prayed I Could Be His 'Wife' And Not A Dead One.
Reid P.O.V
Hotch Called Us In The Meeting Room Which Was Never Good.I Saw JJ&Prentiss Standing Up With Pictures Of Victims On The Board.
"What's The Case Today"I Asked Sitting Next To Morgan And Rossi.
"7 Girls Dead In The Woods,All Wearing Wedding Rings But None Of Them Were Married Or Engaged"JJ Said As The Rest Of The Team Walked In.
"The Onsub's Living Out A Fantasy With A Wife"I Said Making An Observation.
"Yes That's What We Believe And We Think We Know Who His Current "Wife" Is"Prentiss Said Pointing To A Picture Of A Beautiful Girl With Black Hair,Icey Blue Eyes That Looked So Beautiful Against Her Carmel Skin.
"Her Name Is Marci Kindle.She Was Seen Leaving Lucky's Bar But Never Made It Home To her Friend"JJ Said Pointing To The Girl's Picture.
"How Old Is She"I Asked Before I Could Catch Myself.
"She's 23"Prentiss Said"He Has Also Kidnapped 2 Kids,Ryan Sarmiento Age 3 And Andrea Lesser 2 Months Old"
"He Stole A Baby"Morgan Said Not Believing It.
"The Mother Laid The Baby Down For A Nap Came To Check On Her 10 Minutes Later And She Was Gone"JJ Said Showing A Picture Of The 3 Year Old And The 2 Month Old.
Marci's P.O.V
David Dragged Me Into The House By My Hair.He Threw Me To The Ground As He Hurried And Locked The Doors.
"Please Let Me Go"I Begged Curling Into A Ball.
"No You're My Wife Now"He Yelled As He Grabbed Me By My Arms And Pulled Me Upstairs.He Unlocked The Door And I Saw A Little Boy And A Crib.
'"I'd Like You To Meet Our Children.Alex And Gabrielle"David Said As He Pushed Me Toward Them"Take Care Of Them".I Jumped As David Slammed The Door And I Heard The Many Locks Turn.
"I-I Want My Mommy"The Little Boy Cried.
"Awe Sweetie,Is Alex Your Real Name"I Asked Feeling Bad For The Innocent Boy.
"My Name's Ryan"He Cried As I Picked Him Up.He Wrapped His Arms Around My Neck And I Could Tell He Was Comfortable With Me.I Rubbed His Back Soothingly And Kissed His Head.
"It's Gonna Be Okay Ryan,I Promise To Get You Back To Your Mommy"I Said As More Tears Came To My Eyes.Then I Heard The Cry Of A Babygirl,I Gently Set Ryan Down And Walked Over To The Crib.
"Oh My God"I said Softly When I Saw The Baby In The Crib Totally Unaware Of What Was Going On.I Gently Picked Her Up And Rocked Her In My Arms.She Calmed Down And I Smiled Seeing Her Fall Asleep.
I Put The Baby Back In Her Crib And Saw Ryan Falling Asleep.I Gently Picked Him Up And Held Him Until He Fell Asleep.I Looked Around The Small Bedroom.It Had A Bed,Dresser,Closet And A Crib.It Was Hot As Hell Up Here Though.I Layed Down With Ryan By My Side Trying To Get Rest While I Could.About An Hour Later I Heard Heavy Footsteps Coming Upstairs.I Hurried And Sat Up In The Bed Careful Not To Wake Ryan Or The Baby.
"Get The Boy And Give Him To Me"David Ordered.
"No Take Me,He's Innocent"I Said Standing Up.
"Give Me The Damn Boy"He Demanded.I Looked Back To See Ryan Stir And Whimper.I Stepped Foward More Not Letting Him Get To Ryan.
"Fine Have It Your Way"David Smirked As He Grabbed My Hair And Pulled Me Out The Room Locking It Up Once Again.He Pulled Me Out Then Slammed My Head Into A Mirror Hanging On The Wall.
"When I Tell You To Bring The Boy You Do It Next Time"He Seethed As My Head Started Bleeding And Blood Ran Down My Cheek.He Smiled As He Threw Me Down The Stairs.I Rolled Down Half Of Them Before I Was Able To Stop Myself.My Torso Was On Fire And Blood Dripped From My Head.But It Was Far From Over,I Picked Myself Up Only To Be Thrown Down The Rest Of The Stairs.I Coughed And Spit Out Blood Onto The Tile Floor.
"Fucking Bitch,You're Gunna Clean That Until It Sparkles"David Yelled Kicking Me In The Stomach.
"You Can Clean It"I Heard In A Unfamiliar Voice.I Looked Up To See A Cute Police Officer Holding A Gun To David's Head.He Had Brown Eyes And Light Brown Hair."Step Away From The Girl And Put Your Hands On Your Head"
"Im Gonna Miss You Wife"David Said As He Put His Hands On His Head And The Officer Hurried And Cuffed Him.
"Morgan Grab This Guy"The Officer Said As A Muscular Guy Took David Out The House.
"JJ,She Looks Really Bad"The Officer Called As A Blonde Lady Ran In With A Bullet Proof Vest On.
"Marci,Im JJ With The F.B.I, I Need You To Stay With Me"The Blonde Lady Said Grabbing My Hand And Putting Her Fingers On My Wrist"Her Pulse Is Slowing Down"
"Reid,Talk To Her Until I Come Back"JJ Said As She Stood And Walked Out.'Reid Was His Name,Or Last I Liked It'
"You're Gonna Be Okay Marci,Stay With Me"Reid Said As He Sat Next To Me Holding My Hand Nicely.
"K-Kids"I Said Through My Clogged Throat.
"What"Reid Asked Leaning Closer To Me.
"Upstairs"I Said Before My Injuries Got To Me And I Blacked Out.
"Marci Stay With Me,Wake Up"Reid Said Shaking Me But I Had No Strength To.
Reid P.O.V
I Tried To Wake Her Up But She Was Out Cold.JJ Came Back And I Carried Her Out To The Ambulance.I Wasnt Usually This Way But I Wanted And Had To Know She'd Be Okay.After I Finished Everything On The Crime Scene I Headed To the Hospital.
"Uhm Marci Kindle Please"I Asked The Recptionist.
"She Just Got Out Of Surgery,Room 378"She Said With A Smile.I Thanked Her And Walked To The Room.I Opened The Door And Saw Her Just Waking Up.I Went To Walk Out But Then I Heard A Soft Voice Say "Reid".
"You Know My Name"I Asked As I Walked In.
"You're The Cop That Stayed With Me And Saved Me"She Said Weakly.I Could Tell Her Talking Was Hurting Her.
"Yea But It Was Nothing"I Said Sitting Next To Her.I Couldnt Explain It But I Fell In Love With Her.I Barely Knew Her But I Loved Her,Something About Her Made Me Love Her.
"It Was Something"She Said Grabbing My Hand In Hers.
"Well It's My Job"I Smiled Holding Her Hand.
"Thank You,Reid"She Smiled Looking Through Me With Her Blue Eyes.
"You're Welcome,My Name's Spencer Reid"I Smiled Letting Her Know My Name.She Giggled And Looked In My Eyes.
"Marci,After You're Healed And All Do You Maybe Wanna Go On A Date With Me"I Asked Feeling Stupid.
"I'd Love To Spencer"She Said Squeezing My Hand.
"Who Knew Some Guy's Twisted Fantasy Would Put us Together"I Said Kissing Her Hand.

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