Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


42. Sirus Black 2

~"Harry, may I borrow that pillow for a bit?"
The stunned Boy Who Lived dumbly threw it to you. Midair you'd transfigured it into the spitting image of your old, thick Charms textbook and caught it deftly, rounding on Sirius. You raised it above your head and began to yell at him, and with every word you brought it down to meet his skull. Remus looked on in shocked amusement.
"You! Damn! Idiot! How! Dare! You! Make! Me! Worry! About! You! Every! Damn! Day!"
In between the thwacks that he was now blocking with his arms, Sirius got out a fierce yell, though his scruched-up eyes and cowering demeanor rather lessened the fearsome effect.
"Stoppit, stoppit! Dammit woman, I'm fragile!"
You stopped hitting him and placed the hand holding the book on your hip, cocking your head. "Yeah," you said, smirking, "about as fragile as my sexy ass."
He attempted to peer behind you, looking genuinely curious. "Is it still sexy?"
"My ass is eternally voluptuous."
Behind you, Hermione had finally managed to work up the courage to speak. "P-professor Lupin? A-are they always like this?"
She flinched as he turned towards her, but relaxed when he only sighed. "I'm afraid so, Miss Granger," he said heavily. "I hoped they would improve with age, but I suppose that was impossible."

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