Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


43. Sirius Black 3

She was gorgeous. Positively gorgeous. From her black and red mixed hair that was so unusual yet so her. To her brown eyes that held so much: curiosity, mischief, love, pain, sorrow, happiness, laughter and something I couldn’t place. You could look into her eyes and see for miles and miles. They were never ending. Her voice, my god, her voice was so smooth and changed in pitch:
Tired- lower and a bit slow
Happy- high and fast
Mad- strained and low
Annoyed- winyish and high but changes to low drastically
Confused- highish and a bit valley girlish
Regular- sweet harmonic level toned like a million angels singing at once.
Now this is weird for me to say considering I’m 36 and she is 16. 20 years between us. Also she is my godson’s twin. My dead best friend’s daughter. My alive best friend’s goddaughter. I mean that’s pretty bad. I kept looking at her. Shes so perfect. I thought to myself. She looked over at me and smiled. Then turned back to Hermione who was trying to explain why Crookshanks (her cat) was an intelligent animal. She asked “Well if you don’t like cats what’s your favorite animal?” I was interested. The other conversations had died down. Everyone seemed interested in the conversation. We all watched.
“Deer” said harry. Surprise, surprise. Almost every one smiled. In came Lexi’s black, shaggy puppy. It sort of looked like a mini me in animagis form. She picked him up. He is named Orion. I thought this was funny considering that’s my middle name and she had the dog before she met me. He was sitting in her lap and she buried her head in his neck, then kissed the top of his head and said something no one could hear.
“Jack Russell” said Ron.
“Dragon” said Percy.
“Owl” said Fred.
“Sparrow” said George.
“Horse” Said Ginny.
“Penguin” said Molly.
“Weasel” said Author.
“Dog” I said simply.
“Wolf” said Remus.
“Me too” said Tonks, his fiancé. Adorable=sickening. Lex pretended to throw up. Tonks just raised her eyebrows while everyone tried not to laugh. Lexi put on an innocent face and batted her eyelashes. When Tonks looked away she smirked. “Okay Lexi, what’s your favorite animal?” said Tonks chalengeley.
“Easy. An Orion.” She said. Everyone was confused.
“Lex” I started. I was the only one who was allowed to call her that. “Orion is a…dog of sorts.” She shook her head then nodded.
“Exactly. He is a dog but he is different than a dog. He is…an Orion.” She said and smiled at the dog who looked up at her. The dog looked at us and barked as if to say hell yeah. We laughed.
Soon Lexi and Ginny went to bed. 20 minutes later I went upstairs. Lexi was the only one who had a room to herself. It was Regulus’ old room. She said it was interesting. When I went up there her door was open. I found her in a pair of Reggies old boxers and one of his old shirts. She had come with no clothes so she was wearing his clothes. They fit her a bit loosely but she didn’t mind. I leaned against the door frame. She was sitting on the window seat looking at the half moon. “Hello Sirius.” She said. That made me jump; I didn’t know she knew I was there.
“hey.” I said. I walked in.
“You can close the door.” She said. And looked at me. She smiled a small smile. I got a little excited. But thank god not too excited. I closed the door and sat on her bed. She came over and sat on the side of the bed Indian style. “You intrigue me Sirius.” She said.
“r-really?” fuck. Why did I stutter? She nodded. Then bit her lip.
“May I try something?” She asked. I nodded not trusting my voice. “Close your eyes.” She said. I felt the bed shift. Then a pair of warm, soft, sweet lips pressed onto mine. I kissed her back slowly. Her hands went to my hair and mine to her waist. I pulled her close. She was between my legs. I slid my tongue along her bottom lip begging, begging for entrance. I got it. I immediately started to explore. She fought for dominance. We were in probably the most heated make out session of our lives. I moved my hand up and down her back. She took my arm behind her back. I thought she was going to stop me. She just moved it lower to her ass. I was REALLY excited now. I knew she could tell because she smirked. I grabbed her ass with both my hands she all of a sudden stopped grabbed her wand put a silencing charm and locked the door. She then came back and started to make out with me again. She then pushed me back. She was straddling me now. She tugged my shirt and ran her hands over my chest. Her hands then went down to the button on my pants. She unbuttoned my pants and they came off. I then took her shirt off. Then came her pants. She was in a lacy black bra and panties. She moved her hand from my hair to my boxers. I groaned. She took them off. Then came her bra and panties. I rolled us over so I was on top. Then positioned myself between her legs. “You sure?” I asked.
“Always.” She said. For the next hour we had a very passionate time. At the end she cuddled into my side and said “I must confess I’m in love with you.”
“So must I” I said. Tomorrow should be fun.
We came downstairs in different clothes. We sat next to each other. I took her hand under the table. I whispered into her ear sweet things. It was a quiet 10 minutes.
“Uh…Sirius what the hell are you doing?” asked Remus.
“Whispering into my girlfriends ear what do you think I’m doing?” I asked. Everyone’s forks dropped.
“She’s 16!” exploded Harry.
“Harry calm the hell down.” Said Lex.
“Sirius you’re my godfather! How could you do this?” Said Harry.
‘Well actually I sort of made this happen. Sirius was to shy.” She said.
“Sirius you didn’t-“started Remus with his eyes closed.
“No HE didn’t. WE did.” Fuck. Why did she say that?
“SIRIUS BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!” Screamed Harry. Fuck my life.

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