Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


167. Sherlock

~You dump your folders and bag on your bed before throwing yourself on it in exhaustion, letting out a huge sigh. Today was awful. You had 3 exams which you're convinced you failed; spilled pot noodle all down yourself in your free; and worst of all, ended the best relationship you've ever had.
"Oh god, I heard about your day." Sarah, your roommate, laughs as she walks in the dorm.
"Literally. don't even go there." You groan.
"Come on it's not that bad. Michael was a shit boyfriend anyway."
"No he wasn't!" You shout, still defending him after he fucked you over completely.
"He cheated on you with three different girls!" You sit up and stare at the wall, holding back all the tears that had been threatening to break through all day.
"I'm sorry. Come on, there's a party tonight in Tom's dorm that'll cheer you up. You have to come, you're basically the life of the party." Laughing at your roommate's optimism, you agree to the party and she pulls you off the bed, helping you choose what to wear.

"You know I'm starting to think this is a bad idea." You tell Sarah (who turns out to not even be besides you anymore), whilst standing self consciously in the middle of the room, unsure on who to speak to or where to go.
You could feel everyone's eyes on you, speculating about the situation between yourself and Michael. He catches your eye in the corner of the room and you instantly feel sick. Your stomach turns as you see Sarah and Michael thoroughly enjoying themselves against the back wall. You walk out of the room to get some air and start walking down the hall. You can feel student's eyes boring into the back of your head but you carry on walking down the hall as fast as you can.
The music part of the university is always unlocked - and quiet - and the practice rooms are always empty. You walk into one of the small rooms and you're greeted by a slender boy with black curly hair playing the violin. He's facing the window and you don't think he realises you're there. The tune he's playing is magnificent, you're mesmerised.
The music comes to an abrupt finish and you snap out of the trance.
"Most people knock." The boy murmurs.
"Sorry. I - uh, didn't realise this room was taken." You stutter.
"Well it is, so -" The boy turns around and cuts himself off as soon as your eyes meet, "uh, are you okay?"
You forgot how red and puffy your eyes were until you look in the reflection of the window behind the boy and see the concern on his face.
"Ah. Your boyfriend cheated on you... 4 times?"
"3." You interrupt. Wow, seems like really everyone heard.
"You're taking English literature and language, human biology, government and politics and TV production. Divorced parents. Lying best friend. Currently failing on a no carb diet." You're taken aback by his comments but soon put the name to the face.
"So you're Sherlock Holmes. The bloody sociopathic know it all." You spit out slightly.
"Yes. Hello." You introduce yourself and stand in silence awkwardly for a while.
"You're boyfriend could never please you, neither asexually or sexually." You scoff at this remark. As if 'The Virgin' knew anything about sex.
"Oh please, don't pretend you've done it before when you haven't. It's incredibly obvious, look at your trouser hems." Your eyes widen and you don't know what to respond. This man had no boundaries.
"Hah, as if you know anything about that sort of thing." You laugh in his face.
Sherlock's face scrunches up and he stares and you intensely. His eyes search yours for any information he can retrieve and you have to admit, it's kind of sexy. He walks towards you like an animal stalking his prey
"Well then, allow me to prove you differently..." He leans in and places a hand on your waist.
Your mind tells you to hit him square in the face, and you don't know if it's the alcohol but you're actually quite enjoying this. His lips meet yours and odd sparks are going off in your head. His tongue parts your lips and traces up your tongue, you moan slightly and tangle your fingers in his hair. His hand moves to the side of your face and slowly works its way through your hair. His other hand lightly caresses your cheekbone as he intensifies the kiss.
Everything gets so much more passionate and rough. He tugs at your hair, causing your head to tilt back and kisses down your throat and across your collarbone. Your breath hitches and his hand trace down your front. He grabs under your bralet and lifts it over your head, breaking the kiss. He stares intensely in your eyes whilst taking off his hoodie and you can't help but to place your hands on his bare chest. He unzips his jeans and steps out of them, leaving him only in his boxers. You unbutton your high waisted jeans and he helps you work them off, giggling slightly as they stick to your skin and Sherlock has to put in a bit more effort to slip them off.
When you're both standing in only your underwear, Sherlock walks over to the door and locks it. He then runs over to the window and closes the blinds, before sitting down in a plastic chair with his legs spread, staring at you and gesturing for you to join him.
You walk over, feeling slightly light headed, and gently sit on his lap. He places both hands on your waist and kisses every inch of your upper body, leaving you breathless and desperate for more of his touch.
"Sherlock," you whimper. He replies by lifting you up slightly and working off your panties. You breathe in sharply as the cold air hits you. His eyes grow dark and he slips one hand down your front.
"Oh my god." You moan as two fingers circle your clit with speed and pressure. He looks you in the eye whilst you melt to his touch, he looks like a completely different person in this light. His hair is a mess and his pupils are consuming the majority of his eyes.
You gasp for breath and feel yourself start to pulse rapidly where his fingers are. You feel a tingling sensation in the pit of your stomach and groan into his shoulder, limp and pleasured already.
You tug at his boxers and push them down to his ankles, before seeing how large he is. You gulp and wonder how the hell that's going to fit in you.
"Wait," you gasp, before he starts to stand up.
"I know. It's okay, it won't hurt I promise." His eyes look as they did the first time you saw him tonight and you gulp, nodding your head.
He backs you up towards the wall and takes your mouth in his once more, dominating his tongue over yours and running his hands all over your body.
Without warning, he pushes himself into you and you cry out in the kiss.
He pulls away and looks at you as if to ask for permission to carry on, you nod and he smiles gently.
He pulls out slowly and shortly, then back in with force, causing you to moan his name with each push. He brings his hand down to your clit again and repeats his movements from earlier whilst carrying on with his short thrusts getting quicker.
He picks you up so your legs are round his waist and leans you against the wall and his short thrusts get longer and even quicker. You're hitting the wall and will probably have an array of bruises in the morning but you don't care. You dig your nails into his back and drag them down, causing him to push harder into you, leading you to your climax.
"Oh, Sherlock, fuck." You scream, resting your head on his.
He comes a few thrusts later with a loud moan of your name and a tug of your hair.
You both end up a heap on the floor and he rests his hand on the inside of your thigh.
"So much for knowing nothing about sex, right?" He breathes, leaving you in fits of laughter.

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