Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


138. Sebastian Stan 7

~Bodies were packed front to back, all grinding and swaying. Limbs flew and colors all faded together. The scent of sweat clung to the air like a wet napkin to a countertop. The bounce of the bass reverberated off the walls, casting it directly back at the speakers pumping it out. Light flashed at a blinding pace, almost as if their sole purpose was to disorient and confuse. Mix that all with alcohol, and the crowd was a blurry mess. At the edge of the masses stood a man with one hand stuffed in the front pocket of his jeans.
There was a slight sway to his hips, though not enough to be considered dancing by any means. You could swear that this man was half legs. They seemed to go on for miles, clad in a pair of skin-tight jeans. Denim clung to his shapely legs like a second skin. The worn leather boots on his feet were laced up tight, but any sound they could’ve possibly made was drowned out by the music. Over his grey v-neck, he wore a black leather jacket, and Jesus fucking Christ, was it painted on?
Coupling with his striking physique was an enticing smirk, reaching his wandering eyes. The creases in the outer corners of his eyes deepened whenever he let that grin grow or laughed. Every movement showed off his cheekbones, structured better than even the greatest of the world’s architecture, only potentially rivaled by the cut of his jaw.
When he made eye contact with you, he sized you up, letting his gaze run over every inch of your body. His stare returned to yours. The tip of his tongue flickered over his upper lip, but was quickly retracted in favor of biting down on his lower lip instead. A coy wink was aimed at you, and you returned the sentiment with a flirtatious smile and one eyebrow arched.
Despite the distraction, you continued to move. The rhythm dictated the pace of your sway, as well as the hands resting on your waist. Your hips were pulled flush with those of the woman dancing behind you. Lacy was her name, your roommate.
When you were absolutely sure you had his undivided attention, you tilted your head back, letting it rest on her shoulder. Her hands slid up to rest on your rib cage, and you tangled yours in her hair. Using only your eyes, you directed her to the object of your sudden enthusiasm. She grinned and leaned forward. She nipped at your lower lip, but you maintained eye contact with him. The way his lips parted, the look of anticipation on his face, that was all you needed to see, and you knew you had him right where you wanted him.
As the song began to fade, he grabbed a glass from one of the men flanking him, took a swig, and shoved it back to the guy on his left. They grinned at each other, and he began to make his way over to you. You, however, grabbed Lacy’s hand, starting to pull her out of the crowd.
“Let’s go get a drink!” you called over the noise. She looked up to where he once stood and, seeing he was no longer there, she quickly nodded. The people blocking the aisles parted easily enough, allowing the pair of you to push through. Two seats at the far edge of the counter opened up, and you took them graciously. The bartender took your drink orders and delivered them quickly. They went down smoothly amidst your conversation with Lacy. Before too long, the bartender brought you two fresh glasses.
“I’m sorry, sir, but we didn’t order these,” you insisted, exchanging glanced with Lacy. The bartender gestured to the other end of the counter.
“Courtesy of the gentlemen over there, ladies,” he replied. At the other side sat two of the three men you’d spotted earlier. The one you’d had your eye on was wearing a seductive smirk, with the center of his lip pulled between his teeth. He raised his eyebrows suggestively. You brought the glass up in a salute and shot him a wink before taking a sip. Lacy nudged your knee with her knuckles below the counter.
“Go talk to him,” she whispered in your ear. From the corner of your eye, you looked at her, then back at him. His eyes were zeroed in on you, like a hawk. The man on his right was yapping a million miles per hour, but he wasn’t paying attention to him. Clearly, he was preoccupied.
You stood up, leaving your drink on the counter. His face dropped a little bit, but his eyes were filled with curiosity. The crowd separating you from him had thinned a bit, but not enough for him to see you navigating towards him. In fact, when you managed to reach him, he was still zoned out on the empty seat beside Lacy. You put a hand on his shoulder and leaned forward, placing your lips right beside his ear.
“Thanks for the drink.” He seemed to jump a bit at your presence, but eased up when he realized it had to be you.
“I don’t think the most stunning woman in the room should be buying her own drinks,” he quipped, turning around on the stool. “But I don’t think the most stunning woman in the room should be sitting by anyone but me, either. Name’s Sebastian.”
He held his hand out to you, allowing his eyes to sweep your entire form once again. There was an animalistic hunger in his expression. You replied in kind with your name, placing your fingers in his. Ever the suave gesture, he brought you hand to his lips, kissing each knuckle teasingly.
“Beautiful name, beautiful girl, not that I expected anything less.” Oh man… This guy sure was a sweet-talker. He continued to hold onto your hand, stroking his thumb over the back. You wedged your hips between his knees, and, feeling rather bold, leaned in again. Pausing just centimeters from his lips, the warmth of his shallow breaths washed over your own lips. You bit the inside of your lip, watching his eyes slide down to your mouth.
“Look, you’ve been eye-fucking me all night. And as much as I enjoy that, I’d rather we get out of here. Sound good?” He turned to look at his friends, who both gave him reassuring emphatic nods. Sebastian slapped a twenty on the counter and stood, adjusting the collar of his jacket.
“Lead the way, then.”

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