Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


137. Sebastian Stan 6

~After parties were definitely not your thing, especially after an awards show. You tended to avoid them as much as possible. No way were you gonna be out in those ridiculous stiletto heels until four or five in the morning, only to stumble back to your hotel completely shit faced. Not. Gonna. Happen. Or so you told yourself.
Somehow or another, though, you ended up there.
There were so many flashing lights. Between the camera flashes outside and the strobe lights inside, you had little white spots in your vision. Your best friend, Scarlett, had almost a death grip on your hand, and you could only assume it was hard for her to see at the moment too.
“I promise I won’t make you stay all night,” she laughed, leaning away from your ear. “Just a few drinks, a little dancing, you know, fun, and then we’ll go. Deal?”
You nodded, holding out your pinky. She locked hers around it, and you both kissed your thumbs. It was something the two of you had started doing when you became friends in kindergarten, and it had persisted for more than two decades.
“You’ve got a deal, Johansson.”
“Perfect!” she replied, pulling you into a one-armed hug. “I’m gonna go talk to Chris really quick, but I’ll be right back, okay?”
Again, you nodded, and watched her saunter off through the crowd. You settled on a stool by the bar, eyeing the collection of bottles lined up against the wall.
“What can I getcha, beautiful?” The bartender approached you, drumming his fingertips against the glass. You shot him a kind smile, asking for round of Lemon Drop shots. He turned around, gathering up the bottles of Vodka, Triple Sec, and lemon juice, and lined out six shot glasses. All liquids were throwing into a mixer, and he shook it fiercely in one hand while using the other to drop a sugar cube in the bottom of each glass.
It only took him a few more seconds to finish, and he moved them towards you in pairs. Scarlett rested her hand on your shoulder, to your surprise, saying she wanted you to meet some friends of hers. You spun around on the stool, coming face to face with a sea of blue eyes.
“This is Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy, and Sebastian,” she chirped, pointing each of them out to you. You took the liberty of introducing yourself, shaking the hand of each man in succession.
“Wonderful to finally meet you guys,” you insisted. “Really. I’ve heard nothing but great things about you!” A chorus of thanks echoed through the pack, and Sebastian threaded a hand through his shaggy hair.
“Hopefully nothing embarrassing,” Jeremy added, thumbing his chin. You shook your head gently, giving him a reassuring grin.
The former song faded out, and with the intro of the new one, Scarlett’s eyes went wide.
“Our song!” she yelled, grabbing your hand. The pair of you shared a pause to down a shot each, and you told the guys to help themselves as Scarlett pulled you off to dance with her.
As promised, you had a few drinks, did some dancing, and were having way too much fun.
You’d taken a shine to Sebastian, and he to you. While everyone else was doing their own thing, he was practically glued to your hip. Or rather, his hand was. He’d taken every possible opportunity to dance with you, buy you drinks, and just chat in general.
As the song was winding down, your backside was pressed up against Sebastian’s front. Your shoulders were firm against his chest, with your ass pressed to his pelvis. His hands were planted on the front of your hips, and your arms were draped backwards around his neck. The beat dictated your movements, but Sebastian refused to let you do anything but grind on him at this point.
The rapid pace of the music diminished into a slow tune, and you pulled Sebastian back towards the bar. You were both pretty tipsy at this point, and Scarlett was already well aware that your deal had been mutually extended.
Sebastian’s hands didn’t leave your hips. He followed closely behind you, not ready or willing to let go.
You ordered two more shots, and as soon as they were delivered, they were tossed back. Sebastian peppered hot kisses up the side of your neck, only pausing to flick the shell of your ear with his tongue.
“Let’s get out of here.” His voice was husky, dripping with lust. You cocked an eyebrow, gesturing the bartender for another shot. He took the opportunity to grind into you a little, giving you a preview of just how badly he did want to take you home. A smile appeared on your face, and you gave him a sideways glance. There was no way you were about to tell him no.
Sebastian leaned in further, giving your earlobe a quick nip. His heated, labored breath collided with your skin, shooting a shiver up your spine.
“I’m willing to bet that I’m the best you’ve never had. Care to find out?” You downed the shot and nodded.

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