Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


135. Sebastian Stan 4

“So, I like this girl, and I think she likes me, but her brother always threatens to kick my ass if I talk to her… What do I do?” Sebastian asked you, jumping up to sit on the counter.
“Seb…” you started.
“No, seriously. Come on. I can’t ask any other girls for advice on girls. You’re my best friend! Help me out here!”He pleaded, swinging his legs into the cabinets.
“Sebastian! You’re 14 years old. I’m not always gonna be next door to give you advice,” you chastised, looking at him over your glass of water. He chuckled and jumped down, wrapping you in a tight hug.
“’Course not! But you’ll always be my best friend.”
“I swear to God, if you don’t ask her out, I’m going to!” Alex muttered to Sebastian. You were sitting a table away in the cafeteria, and they’d both assumed you couldn’t hear their conversation. But to Alex, a yell was practically a whisper. You didn’t lift your eyes from your lunch, and neither of them seemed to know.
“You know I don’t feel that way about her, man. She’s my best friend,” Sebastian replied, pushing his vegetables around with his fork. This seemed to be a weekly thing with Sebastian’s other friends. They’d tell him how hot they thought you were, he’d deny it; he’d tell them he didn’t see you like that.
“Baz, you’re 17! We’re graduating soon, and smokin’ hot girls like that aren’t friends with guys like us for no reason.” Sebastian lifted his fork again, jabbing Alex with it. He let out a little yelp, making you look up. Seb just shot you a mischievous grin and a wink.
You stood poolside, watching all the obnoxious guys from the neighborhood try to impress the girls with stupid stunts, like cannonballs and really bad tricks. You were too busy focusing on the conversation with your neighbor, Melissa, to care.
“So, what’s the deal with you two? Like, is he gay? Or are you two secretly fucking?” She was so nosy when it came to Sebastian.
“Mel, come on. He’s my best friend. That’s it. Not gay, not fucking, just best friends.”
She shook her head, peering over your shoulder.
“Well, your ‘just best friend’ is kinda checking you out right now,” she giggled, looking back to you. You were suddenly incredibly self-conscious about the fact that you were in a bikini.
“No, he’s not. Come on, Melissa. We’re 26. If he had those kind of feelings towards me, he would’ve told me by now.” Melissa just rolled her eyes and pushed your shoulder, making you laugh a bit.
“I guess you’re right.”
“Can you hand me the hammer, Seb?” You called down the hall. Hurriedly, he stepped out of the bedroom, hammer in hand. The handle slid into your hand and you centered the nail right where you wanted it. Three taps was enough to get it situated, and you realized Sebastian’s hands were gripping your hips, helping to keep you steady on the step ladder.
“I can’t believe that this place is all yours. I can’t believe we’ll be living this far apart for the first time in 20 years…” He shook his head, almost sounding disappointed.
“C-Can you hand me that big frame down there?” The sudden acknowledgement of his grip caught you by surprise, to say the least.
He handed you the frame. Behind the glass was a collage of pictures of the two of you, something Sebastian’s mother made for you when you graduated from college. Seb chuckled as you hung it on the nail and stepped off the little ladder, making sure it was straight.
“Can’t believe you kept this thing for so long,” he crowed, shaking his head. You smacked his arm.
“First of all, I’m 32. Not 75. I’ve only had this for a few years. Second, why wouldn’t I keep it? It’s full of fantastic memories and it’s from your mom. You know I absolutely adore her… and her cooking,” you replied with a bigger grin. He rolled his eyes, sliding in behind you.
“I think it needs to go just a little bit more to the left,” he muttered, wrapping his arms around your hips. You nodded a bit, trying to step forward. Sebastian tightened his grip, pulling you back fast to his chest.
“Look at me,” he whispered into your neck. A foreign look appeared in his blue eyes. His blown out pupils left just a thin rim of that beautiful blue around the edges. The stare he was giving you darted from your eyes to your lips, and he closed the small gap.
The feeling of his lips on yours was almost a bolt from the blue in itself. He kept the kiss intense and passionate, but there was a sense of desperation behind it too. His fingers tugged at the hem of your shirt, and you knew what he wanted.
It was around 3 am when you woke up. Dried sweat matted your hair to your forehead, and there was another body in your bed. It took a moment, but the briefly lost memory resurfaced. Sebastian was lying beside you, both of you stripped completely naked. Clothes were strewn about the room.
The moonlight peeked through the window, illuminating a small strip of the room. You reminded yourself to pick up curtains for the bedroom the next time you went out. Sliding out of bed, your bare feet hit the cold hardwood. You padded to the kitchen, getting a glass of water.
Once finished, you headed back to the bedroom to find Sebastian wide awake. He was reclined on the pillows with his palms tucked behind his head. He gave you that perfect smile of his, causing multiple creases in the outer corners of his eyes.
“You know, you’re even more beautiful in the dark,” he offered. You snorted, crossing your arms over your bare chest.
“Gee, Seb. Thanks.” He chortled, rolling his eyes.
“I just meant that there’s something different about seeing you in nothing but the light of the moon. Something I think I’d like to see more often, by the way.” You cocked an eyebrow, taking a few more steps towards your side of the bed. “Nope. Stop.”
“Right there. Not one more step. Don’t come back to bed yet, baby.” He slid the sheet back and stood up, approaching you slowly. He placed a soft, quick kiss on your shoulder, tracing your hip with one hand. You pulled him in a little closer and he whispered against your lips.
“Nothing but the moonlight. I like that best on you.”

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