Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


94. Sebastian Stan 2

~Sebastian came home and saw that you were in the kitchen. You were singing along to your favorite song, hips swaying. He crossed his arms as he watched you. He didn’t understand how you could do this and not do it professionally. He thought that you would be able to sing and sing to your hearts content. He just didn’t understand why you didn't want to sing on stage.
You turned and saw your boyfriend there. “Seb what are doing looking at me like that for?” You questioned him. You couldn’t help it.
Sebastian smiled at you. “I am watching my beautiful girlfriend sing.” He said with a wink.
Your cheeks flushed.
“You should try to do it professionally.”
You shook your head. “We have gone through this Seb. I am not going to be on stage. I am perfectly happy the way I am. I am happy with you. I don’t want to be touring the world and not being able to see you baby.”
Sebastian came up to you and pulled you into his arms. “I can still hope. But I know you want to be around me as much as possible.”
You leaned up and captured his lips with yours. You were happy with your life at that moment.

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