Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


165. Seb Moran

~You come home from what seems like the longest day you've ever had. You slump down on the sofa and pour yourself a shot of vodka, it's only 3:45 but you tell yourself: it's always five o'clock somewhere.
"God, you're pretty much borderline alcoholic." A rough voice chuckles from behind you.
You lean your head back to see your boyfriend of 8 months standing behind you, he places his hands on your shoulders and slowly massages them before leaning in and brutally stealing your breath. Your head is practically upside down which causes you to giggle consistently throughout the short kiss, Sebastian pulls away and starts laughing at how obviously tipsy you are.
"Lightweight." He smirks, sinking into the seat beside you and resting his arm across your shoulders.
"It was only one shot!" You argue, trying to be serious but failing completely and bursting into a fit of laughter.
Seb had that dark look in his eyes. The one he always has when he comes home gone midnight, smelling of cordite with blood in his fingernails and splatters on the back of his shoulders. It's the look he has when he's been gone for weeks or months and throws himself at you as soon as he walks through the door, not exchanging a word, just engulfing each other in lust and passion.
"Seems like whenever I come home you're on the sauce getting langered." Seb says, with the look still lingering in his pupils. He moves the glass and bottle to his side of the table and you snort sarcastically at his actions.
"Fuck off." You mumble, not in the mood for a lecture.
"No. I'm sick of it, you've been getting pissed almost every night. I don't care if it's stress, you need to stop." His voice was getting angry and his fists were balled, Seb had a tendency to overreact about your 'drinking habits' and you usually just let it slide, but he knew how stressed you were at the minute and it pissed you off how he didn't even seem to acknowledge it.
"It's not my fault you're off shooting desperate men who can't pay their taxes, or just simply people your new fucking boyfriend just doesn't like all the bloody time. Everything's stressing me out and you're not even supporting me and it drives me fucking crazy." You shout at him, you never shout but in all honesty it felt good to get that off your chest. You get up and walk towards the bedroom, but Seb didn't know how to talk things through, his resolution to everything was to just fuck.
You feel his presence behind you and he grips your arm, pushing you up against the door and fiercely gains dominance over your mouth. His kiss is rough but extremely passionate, his tongue enters your mouth and the door supporting you flies open, sending you stumbling backwards.
Seb breaks the kiss and pushes you onto the bed, spreading your legs and pulling your trousers down to your knees. The cold air hits your sex, but Seb's mouth replenishes the warmth. His tongue laps up and down, darts forwards and backwards and lightly traces your clit before tasting you fully, starting at the bottom and working his way torturously slowly to your clit. You moan and grip his blonde curls, he returns an almost sub vocal groan, sending all the right vibrations running through you.
His eyes meet yours as he creeps up your body like a tiger approaching his prey, you unzips his jeans and he pulls them down only slightly. Still fully clothed, he pins your hands above your head and strokes your folds with his throbbing erection. You will never get over how huge Seb is, and in that moment all your senses leave you and you are only capable of feeling how he is filling you entirely. He starts to thrust slowly, pulling out slowly each time. The thrusts increase speed until he is fucking you into the bed, the headboard is thumping against the wall and you can feel a fire of pleasure starting to erupt in your stomach.
Seb starts to roll his hips and starts to suck and nibble the side of your neck, sending you over the edge with a scream.
"Oh fuck, I'm gonna... Shit." You ride out your orgasm and he joins you in ecstasy a few moments later, roaring your name, leaving nail marks down your arched back.
You both lay back, panting and feeling considerably better than earlier. Seb turns on his side and faces you, cupping your cheek to meet his gaze.
"You know, I think we really should speak about our problems more." He flashes you a toothy smile and the look of lust in his eyes is replaced with a shine of almost sincerity.
"Yeah, me too."

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