Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


96. Robert Downey Jr 2

~You had made it perfectly clear to Rob when you had last seen him. You would not allow yourself to go back to him. Not while he was on the drugs. Something that would cause problems. Problems that you didn’t want to deal with. You wanted a clean and sober man. You couldn’t handle him taking drugs.
You were upset for the fact that you couldn’t even stop him from taking such drugs. You only hoped that this was going to give him the wake up call that he needed.
You looked out the window. It had been a month since you had told him that he needed to quit the drugs. You weren’t sure if he was going to do it, but deep down you could only hope that he would listen to you. You let out a soft sigh. You hadn’t heard a single word from him since that day. You were afraid that he had done something stupid, but perhaps just maybe he was getting himself clean so he could be back with you. That was your dream to be back with him.
You heard your phone ringing. Your eyes widened. You knew that ringtone. It was Rob’s. You got up to your feet and grabbed your phone. “Hello?” You said softly.
“Rob what can I do for you?” You questioned him. You were hoping that he was sober.
“I wanted to tell you that I am coming clean.” He said softly.
“You are?”
“Yes…. you leaving has made everything come to light. I want to be with you.”
You smiled. You were happy to hear that. “Rob… I want to be with you too.”
“Can we meet up.”
“I am going to stop by.”
“I will see you.”
“Bye….” You hung up your phone. You were happy that your words had gotten through to him.

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