Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


37. Robert Downey Jr 1

Roxy swatted her hand out and hit what she would later know was a face, “leave me alone, Rob.”
“Now that is no way to treat a friend, Rox, I thought we had something special? Do you remember that blood bond we made together atop of Mt Kilimanjaro? As the assembled tribes of Africa danced with glee around us? You told me we’d be together forever and that you would never make a fool out of me.” Robert paused to breathe, “Brandishing your wild arm at my head is no way to treat me.”
Roxy’s tired brows knitted together and she unwillingly opened an eye, “what are you doing here?” She asked groggily.
Robert smiled perkily at his friend, “I’m here to take you out.”
Robert rolled his lively eyes, “because you’re stuck in a cycle of eating your feelings and sleeping – we need to break that routine.” He surged forward and sent his hands at Roxy’s sensitive stomach and he mercilessly began to tickle her. “Find the strength Roxy!” He yelled above her shouts of discord, “YOU CAN DO THIS!” He shrieked before his head was hit again, he was knocked to the left and held down.
“You better stop this right now.” Roxy warned, “you do not wake a miserable woman from the sanctity of her dreams.”
Robert shook his head to rid himself of the stars he was seeing, “so you weren’t dreaming about him?”
Roxy’s expression took on a nuance of sorrow before she smiled, “I did not.” She said in truth, it was the change from the constant barrage her ex had given her that made her sad – it really was over now. She slid off Robert and stood wearily on her feet, “where are we going?”
Robert shrugged when Roxy looked back at him – she was stricken with annoyance, “oh come on I can’t plan that far ahead!”
“You woke me up for nothing?” Roxy warned, “I don’t have work, I don’t have anybody to see – therefore I have absolutely no reason to be out of my bed right now…” She paused dangerously and leapt at Robert, “YOU EVIL MAN!” She cawed.
Robert rolled to the left and avoided the attack, but in the split second it took for Roxy to realise he had formulated his counter – he lunged forward and sat on Roxy, she was pinned. “Now, I think we need to be adult about this, you need to get out of bed.”
Roxy thrashed and nearly toppled her friend but he upped his defences. “I just did!”
Robert frowned, “yeah, but now you’re back in it.” He nodded to the crumpled throes of duvet around him that he had her pressed in.
“And whose fault is that?” Roxy countered.
Robert pursed his lips, “well I do have a habit of getting women into bed but that is not the point!”
Roxy rolled her big brown eyes, “oh Robert.” She sighed, “You think too highly of yourself.”
Robert leant closer to Roxy and pulled a deranged face, “what’s not to like about me?”
Roxy’s eyes grew wide at the slather of saliva that was drooping from his lip, “stop it now.” She had to remain still; any movement would cause the bond to break and her face to be sullied with his bodily fluid.
Robert slurped up the tendril and smiled, “see? You’re so hopelessly attracted to me.”
Roxy snorted, “A woman like me would never go for a man like you.”
“I’m in movies!” Robert argued.
“But look at you! You’re a mess! I on the other hand am classy, sophisticated and smart and out of your league.”
Robert stifled his laughter, “might I add that you ambushed me?”
“You may not, because it’s a lie.” Roxy chided, “You provoked me.”
Robert’s coiled expression softened, “you know I had a dream similar to this – to how we are positioned.”
Roxy frowned, “meaning?”
Robert smirked, “it was a very good dream.” He gazed hard at her, “I held you down but before long you succumbed to what I wanted and we slowly began to undress – very slowly I might add – and not for one moment did we take our eyes off of one another. And when we were completely bare I touched your cheek with my hand, it was soft and warm, just as you always felt.” He leant closer to Roxy and continued in a gentler voice, “and we kissed one another so carefully because we did not know how we really felt but as soon as we parted from one another we understood that we had been friends for a long time and somewhere along the line that had turned into love…and with a remarkable frenzy we clashed together.”
Roxy chuckled and smiled at Robert, “that sounds so idyllic.”
Robert rolled off Roxy and lay beside her, “it has the potential to be true.”
Roxy stared sidelong at Robert, “You would go out with me?”
“Well yeah.” Robert said, “I just told you as much.”
Roxy’s confused brow only furrowed more, “I don’t follow.”
Robert shifted onto his side and looked upon Roxy for a long while, “You mean more to me than anything else in this world, you have a wicked sense of humour, you know not to take me seriously most of the time, you help me in any way you can…Roxy, I love you – I always have.”
Roxy’s jaw hung but as soon as her brain rebooted she could see in his dark eyes that there was only truth there…she smiled.
Robert reached his hand to muddy blonde hair, “I hope that’s a smile of positivity?” He asked but soon his lips were touched by hers and her body was pressed against his. Robert could feel every inhalation of air and every muscle contraction – he could feel her loving hands smoothing his body. And much to his enjoyment it wasn’t long before they found themselves much like how they had been in his dream.

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