Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


116. Richard Armitage 20

~You sat in your flat tiredly. You were bored out of your mind, and could not find a single thing for yourself to do. Richard was out for a jog and well it would take him a bit to come back from it. That was if he hadn’t ran into any of his fans on his jog. You rubbed your face tiredly. You got up from your couch and decided to do something. Your clothes hung nicely on your form. You were noted to wear loud clothes and Richard loved everything about that.
You padded over to the radio and turned it on. You had to do something. Anything. Your favorite song came on and you turned it up. You swayed your hips to the music. You were doing the exact thing that Richard like seeing you do, but he would be disappointed when he walked through that door and saw that you were dancing without him again.
You rolled your hips to the music. You had it loud enough that people could probably hear it from outside. You really didn’t care though. You were someone who wanted to live louder than what you should have. Your clothes proved to that case a long time ago. That was one of the things that Richard had fallen in love with you about.
You hadn’t even heard the door open to the flat and Richard calling your name letting you know that he had come home.
Richard’s blue eyes darkened when he saw you swaying your hips in a rhythm that he loved. His eyes watching your hips and how you moved to the loud beat music. He loved watching you move that was for sure. He moved slowly towards you. He couldn’t take it too much more. Not with how you were moving in rhythm to the beat of the music. He came up behind you and his hands were on your hips.
You gasped and turned looking into his eyes. “Richard…”
Richard smiled. “Hello love.” He said brushing a strand of your hair from your face.
You blushed. “How long have you been there?” You asked him softly hoping that he hadn’t been there too long. It would have bothered you if he was there most of the time that you were dancing. That would have been very embarrassing.
Richard leaned down and kissed you softly on the lips. “I was here long enough to see you dance like that.” He said gripping your hips tightly in his hands.
You groaned out knowing that this was not a good thing. You felt him pull you closer to him and you knew that he had a problem. You leaned up and kissed his lips. “Bedroom.” You told him pulling away from him. You padded to the bedroom.
Richard quickly followed you. He was going to have his problem handled that you had caused him.

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