Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


112. Richard Armitage 19

~You laid curled up on your bed. You were still sick and you just thought that it was just a simple stomach bug that just didn’t want to leave you alone. You closed your eyes as another wave of sickness rolled over you. Your best friend had gone out to get you something to make sure that you weren’t pregnant.
You let out a soft sigh. You were hoping that was the case. That you were pregnant because you and Richard had been trying for a while now and the two of you weren’t married yet. You messed with the ring that was on your left hand. The ring that Richard had proposed to you with.
You heard the door open.
“_____. I got what you needed.” Your best friend’s voice rang out.
You got up and went into the living area. You saw her holding the bag out to you.
“What are you going to tell Rich?” She asked, as you took the bag from her.
You let out a soft sigh. “If I am pregnant. I will tell him.” You told her. “I have nothing to hide from him.”
Your best friend smiled. “Good. I got this.” She said handing you another bag.
You took it from her and opened the bag and saw a few pacifiers. “What’s this?”
She smiled. “You can tell him that way.”
You smiled and went into the bathroom. You took the test and waited the painstaking minutes to figure out if you were indeed pregnant. You picked the test up and you felt tears come to your eyes. You were indeed pregnant. You grabbed the bag that had the pacifiers in it and a small box that was in it. You came out and saw your friend waiting.
“Well are you?” She questioned.
You nodded your head.
She squealed with joy. “This is awesome.”
Your best friend had left and you had wrapped the pacifiers up into the box that your friend had gotten. Now you were just waiting for your fiance Richard to come home. You knew that he would be home at any moment to cuddle up with you on the couch.
You heard the door open.
“In here Richard.” You said calling to him from the living room.
Richard came into the living room and saw you sitting there on the couch and you had a small box sitting on the table. “How are you feeling, love?”
You smiled. “Better.”
Richard smiled and came towards you. “What’s that?” He questioned jestering towards the box that was on the table.
“That is for you Richard.” You said your lips quirking into a little smile.
Richard sat down on the couch next to you. He picked up the box and opened it slowly. His eyebrow quirked not sure of why there were pacifiers in this box. “Darling… what….”
You looked at him.
His eyes widened. “Are you…”
You nodded your head.
Richard pulled you in for a kiss. His lips met yours softly. Finally after all of this time he was going to get to be a father. This was the best gift that he could ever get besides marrying you.

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