Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


106. Richard Armitage 17

~You groaned as you put your arm over your face. You hated today. Today was one of the worst days that you could ever handle. You were in New York, but had left and moved to England. But it still hurt since you were still an American.
“Darling you need to get up.” A deep voice that sent shivers down your spine.
You turned over and looked at your boyfriend of two years. You looked at him sadly. “I don’t want to.”
Richard sat down next to you. “Darling.”
“It is the 11th.” You grumble.
He let out a soft sigh. He laid down next to you and made you curl up to him. “I know darling, but you should try to get up.”
You let out a soft sigh. “I will later.”
Richard kissed you on your forehead.

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