Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


103. Richard Armitage 16

~“You have been working late again.” Richard said his anger getting the best of him.
You groaned. “I work in a law firm. What do you expect, Rich. I have to work. I can’t just have you working and supporting the four of us.” You threw the towel down onto the counter.
“You don’t have to work late hours. You smell like another guy when you come home. What in bloody hell am I supposed to think.”
Your eyes widened. “Oh no you think that I am cheating on you?” You demanded turning sharply towards your husband of who you had been married to for seven years. The two of you had young children. You couldn’t believe that he was saying that you were cheating on him.
“What the hell am I supposed to think, ________.”
You ran your hands through your hair. “I am not cheating on your Richard.”
“Then explain why you smell like another man.”
You let out a frustrated groaned. “You know that my boss has no sense of personal space. He has been overworking me and you know it. You think that he is going to just listen to me. I am just a woman that work at the law firm.”
“You are cheating on me. I know your boss wouldn’t do that!”
“And you think you know him so well. You don’t.”
Richard glard at you. “You are a whore.”
You snapped. You slapped him. “Leave me alone. I will quit my job if that will make you happy.” You stormed out of the house. You would forgive him, but right now you needed time to yourself.
Richard knew that he had made a mistake. He knew that your boss had hit on you before. But he didn’t think that your boss would invade your personal space. He was going to have to make this up to you.

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