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Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


75. Richard Armitage 13 Part 1

~Summers in New York City are unexplainable. Why, you ask? Because. Well, because isn’t an answer, didn’t you know that? Because, the sun is hot, the parties never end, the beach is just a few subway stops away, and haven’t you heard…school is out for summer. Well, usually it is, but not for Lexy. Poor little Lexy, stuck in summer classes at Columbia., trying to get the last few credits for that horrid double English major she foolishly picked.
At least the professor is hot, she sighed, dangling a black sandal from her fire engine red toe nails. With her chin in her palm, she let her gaze wander out of the large lecture room window, the sun shinning and the birds chirping. What she’d do to be one of the students lounging on the quad in the cool grass with a book in her hand. Clicking her tongue absentmindedly, she rolled her shoulders, the always tanned skin contrasting with the turquoise tank she threw on this morning. The slightly coarse material grazed her bare chest, her nipples hardening against the touch. She rolled her eyes as she remembered her late wake up, throwing on anything she could find and forgetting a key piece.
“Miss Price,” his cool voice came across the room, drawing her out of last nights beach party, “Care to share what you’ve become so distracted by?” He asked, his thick British accent warming her down to the bone.
She shrugged, “Sorry professor,” she sighed, sitting back in the uncomfortable plastic chair. His gaze lingered on her, studying her face then slowly surveying the not so subtle peaks of her breast, the taught skin jutting out against the almost sheer material. She blushed suddenly, crossing her arms against her chest and catching his eye. His calm exterior didn’t crack under her flushed face, his being found out not alarming him in the least.
Leaning over her books, Lexy doodled around the margins of the empty loose leaf. The only note she’d taken down within the last hour was the date and the name of the study. Why was she even taking a medieval romance course? Because it’s mandatory, she rolled her eyes, skimming the cover of the packet the professor handed out in the beginning of the lecture. Certainly Marie de France could keep her mind busy for the next few minutes, couldn’t she? No, she sighed, watching him from the back of the class, dark jeans nearly painted on to his body, the muscles in his back flexing, pushing his button down to its limits as he erased the words he’d scribble on the board earlier.
She wondered what he looked like without his shirt on, bare backed in low slung jeans and nothing else. The heat could be getting to her head, but even Lexy knew that would be a lie. She found him undeniably sexy from the first day of her summer courses, the more days that passed the dirtier had her thoughts been. He, however, didn’t seem to pay her any mind, unhappy with her constant late habit and even more unimpressed by her day dreaming. But, her marks were good and they both knew it; perhaps a little rusty in the poetry department, yet still better than most of the group.
Shutting his lecture book, announcing dismissal, Lexy gathered her belongings, itching to get out of the stuffy building into the warm weather. She shook her head furiously, ridding her blonde head of the dirty thoughts she’d racked up of professor Armitage the last few days. Her black flip flops clacked beneath her as she began to trudge up the lecture room stairs, her short denim shorts clinging to her thighs. Taking the steps two at a time, she noticed the stillness of the room suddenly and knew she was the last one out.
“Miss Price,” his soft baritone voice came from behind her, “Can I have a word?”
"Yes, Professor?" She forced a smile, turning on her heel and trudging back down the steps.
"I’ve noticed you’ve been a bit…distracted, lately," he noted, leaning back on his desk, arms folded across his chest, "Is something troubling you?"
The heat and your hot body, “No, sir, just a bit off, I guess,” she shrugged.
"Your marks are fairing well, however you don’t seem too enthralled with medieval poetry," he continued, his blue eyes dark.
"I, um," Lexy stalled, "I’m not crazy about it, no," she admitted, shuffling from foot to foot.
He nodded, eyes unashamedly traveling her body, “You didn’t do too well on yesterday’s exam,” he sighed, handing her the poorly graded sheet, “If you don’t keep your marks you won’t graduate on time.”
Instinctively, she rolled her eyes, glancing through the quiz and noting how many she actually left blank. She knew these courses would either make or break her, either she could graduate on time or suffer another semester. Was it too late to drop out? Obviously, you big dumby, she groaned.
"At least it’s not an F?" She tried, laughing nervously.
"Your mind is elsewhere, Lexy," he frowned, addressing her by her first name for what seemed like the first time, "What can we do to get you on track?"
"I could think of a few things," she mumbled, unaware that it was just loud enough for him to hear.
"Oh? Such as?" He asked, watching her closely.
"Uhhh..hmm…" you’re dead, she thought quickly, "Extra help?"
"There are no tutors for summer courses," he explained, slinging his bag over his shoulder, his red cardigan slung through it, and heading towards the exit.
She stood in her spot momentarily, glued to his retreating frame. This isn’t how it happens in the movies, she frowned, mentally kicking herself for even assuming he would be into that. She knew she wouldn’t make the rest of the course if she didn’t get some for of help. But, was she really proposition her professor? Is that how she really wants to graduate?
"Maybe you can help me," she croaked, running up the steps behind him and shutting the door before he could get out.
"Miss Price," he started, shaking his head.
Gripping the door knob, she realized how tall he was, “Please Professor,” she almost begged, “My parents would disown me if I didn’t graduate properly, I’ll literally do anything.”
She thought that, maybe for a second, she saw a spark in his blue eyes. His expression softened yet still stoic all at once. Could he actually want her to proposition him? Or did he just feel bad for the 20something trying to get her life together? He thought for a moment, licking his lips before he spoke.
"Miss Price," he began.
"Lexy, please," she offered.
"Lexy, I don’t tutor," he murmured, her eyes glued to his lips, "I’d love to help you but unfortunately…"
"Please," she tried for captivating, "If you can help me, I’m sure I could help you," she whispered, pushing off the door and moving closer to him, her fingers grazing the tip of his loose tie.
"Lexy," he warned.
"I saw you today, you know," she casually mentioned, "I’m not wearing panties, either."
He cleared his throat, his arms at his sides as he watched the almost too pretty college girl try to seduce him. She’d never done it before, that much was obvious, but she played a good game and knew how to keep his attention. From the four inch gain he had on her, the lack of bra was even more evident. The low cut top hung away from her body, almost giving him a view he’d so desire. She shuffled, albeit a bit nervously, and tried to regain her stance.
"Miss Price," he smirked, "Are you propositioning me?"
She shrugged, shaking her blonde waves about her shoulders, “I’m just asking for a helping hand,” she smiled, the knob turning beneath her fingers, “I think we’d both benefit from it.”
She walked down the empty corridor, heading towards the exit with her head held high. She felt his presence behind her, close yet not alarming, as she turned a corner. Without a word, his fingers snaked her wrist, pulling her into a doorway and pressing her against the cool tiled wall. She felt her heart beating a mile a minute, his broad muscular frame pressing into her, the tiles alarming against her flushed skin. The grip on her wrist was strong, the fire in his eyes burning and rendering her speechless.
"I hope you know what you’re getting yourself in to," he whispered, his breath hot on her ear, "I will make you work.”
"I’ve always liked a challenge," she bit back, pressing her hips against his.
He grinned, his free hand circling her hip and skimming the waistband of her shorts. Raising a brow, his fingers deftly worked the button and fly down, his index and middle finger gliding over her skin and cupping her mound. His eyes never left hers, not even when he dipped his fingers into her heat and sighed.
"Such a dirty girl," he murmured, his fingers sliding through her arousal, "tomorrow, my office at 4."
She nodded, unable to catch her breath as he continued his torturous work, “yes, professor.”

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