Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


73. Richard Armitage 11 Part 2

~The smell of pancakes filled the air along with the sound of the frying pan rubbing against the stove. Richard took in a deep breath and relished the scent early in the morning. He opened his eyes and saw a figure standing in the kitchen. Her (h/c) hair was scrunched up in a messy bun atop her head and she wore a thin robe over her pyjamas as she created breakfast. Turning around, she noticed a pair of blue eyes looking up at her from the warm blankets.
“Good morning.” She smiled. Her (e/c) eyes glistening in the sunlight.
“Morning.” Richard replied and sat up. He ruffled his dark hair and rubbed his eyes before looking at (Y/n) properly.
“What are you doing?” he wondered. (Y/n) picked up two plates from the counter top and walked over to him,
“I made pancakes. I thought you might like them.” she told him and handed Richard his share as she sat in front of him. Richard smiled at the sweet cakes resting on his plate,
“I love pancakes.” He chuckled and looked up at (Y/n)’s eager face, “But I love you more.”
“What?!” You half-screamed, startling Richard from his dream. He rubbed his eyes and sat up only to find you throwing your toothbrush in a suitcase with a phone to your ear.
“I know it wasn’t planned but…” you sighed and bit your lip while you listened to the voice on the other end of the phone, “Yes – okay – thank you, Peter.” You said and disconnected the call. Running a hand through your unkempt hair, you noticed that Richard was awake and standing.
“Is everything alright?” Richard asked gently. You shook head and put the phone aside,
“Peter just called. He said that because the Mirkwood set hadn’t been fully repaired yet, they moved our location shoots forward.” You informed.
Location shoots were supposed to be early next week! You screamed mentally.
Richard wasn’t too worried since he had already had most of his suitcases packed. You, on the other hand, were a bit of a mess. Richard looked around at the trailer and picked up a pillow,
“When are we flying out?” He asked.
“In three hours.” You answered after glancing at the clock by the window that read 3:45am, and then glared angrily at the suitcase. Richard followed your gaze and picked up another pillow,
“Well, I’ll clean up here while you start packing.” He suggested, taking you by surprise.
“You don’t have to -”
“It’s alright; it’ll only take a while.” Richard insisted and began his task.
You smiled at his kindness and used the time he gave to prepare for the next few months of shooting. Your mysterious cupids had unlocked the door during the night and so Richard left within the hour to fix up his own suitcases. In his absences, you managed quite well for someone who was given three hours to pack for 3 months.
It wasn’t long until you were boarding the plane bound for a beautiful location in New Zealand. You took a seat by the window, so you’d be able to calmly look over your lines without interruption. You rested your back along the window and lifted the armrest so you could stretch out your legs. Usually, this kind of behaviour would be prohibited on a plane but nobody was fussed over a short trip. You had just settled into the best position to start reading but, of course, your fate was so twisted that a moment alone was impossible.
“Is this seat taken?” Richard asked as he stood in the plane corridor pointing to the seat occupied by your feet. You drew your feet back and pulled them closer to your chest with a smile,
“No, go right ahead.” You said. Richard placed his bags in the cabin above and took a seat beside you.
“So what brings you to my corner of this plane ride?” you wondered, earning a kind smile from the dark-haired man.
“Peter noticed that my seat was the most ideal for him to observe the landscape from above, so he asked to take my seat.” Richard explained. you gave a simple nod and frowned,
“That would mean you switched seats with him…”
“Yes, but Phillipa and Fran were deep in conversation, I didn’t want to ruin it.” he replied.
Why didn’t that surprise you?
“Reading?” Richard asked, bringing you back from your thought clouds. You hummed quizzically, momentarily confused at the question, until you realised that he was looking at the paper pressed to your chest.
“Oh, yes. I just thought I’d be better prepared than this morning.” You chuckled as you released the paper from your death-like grip.
“Do we have any scenes together?” Richard wondered. You fussed through the stapled pages and scanned over the highlights lines to find an answer to the question.
As it turned out, you and Richard did share a scene. It was an intimate moment between Thorin and your character after the dwarves reached the shore. The next day, you, along with the cast and crew, reached the rocky platform by the Pelorus River where the scene would be shot.
It was a long and tiring day where you spent most of it either in a barrel or climbing the rocks. By the end of it all, you were drained mentally and physically and thanked Mother Nature for bringing in grey clouds. As it started to rain, Peter paused all of the cameras and everyone clambered up the rocky hill to the tents at the top. You and Adam Brown were sitting on the banks when Peter called for everyone to come up. Getting to your feet, you and Adam stretched and slowly headed up together.
“Oh, I forgot your script.” Adam said to himself out loud, a few steps in. You shook your head and chuckled,
“It’s okay, there’s really no point in getting it. I’m pretty sure the rain has turned it to papier-mâché anyway.” You told your friend. The rain began hammering more fiercely from the clouds above, making the trek back to the cars more dangerous. You noticed the police at the top of the hill and only caught the words, ‘severe storm’.
You were about to follow the rest of the crew up the wet slopes until you heard a surprised gasp behind you. Turning around in a flash, you saw Adam lose his footing on the rocks and tumble backwards. He had gone back for your script and was now in danger. His eyes were the size of tennis balls, filled with fear, and he flailed his arms desperately out in font. If he fell backwards, there were a number of negative outcomes; he could hit his head or fall into the rapids and injure himself.
Barely taking a second to decide an action, you grabbed his arms and pulled as hard as you could to avoid any of the scenarios that played in your head. Unfortunately, your selfless act took its toll on your exhaustion. You took a step forward to hold Adam’s weight but felt your foot slip on the wet rock surface. Tugging hard on his arms, you managed to pull Adam to safety but accidentally propelled yourself into the icy waters of the Pelorus River.
There was a sharp pain in your head as you were blanketed by the water and you saw small bursts of blood swirl like ink around you. You didn’t know what was happening; only that you were tired and your head was throbbing.
You tried to paddle up to the surface but the current of the river stubbornly refused. Your eyelids grew heavy and, no matter how hard you fought to keep them open, they kept closing. You saw nothing but darkness and felt the strength in your body disperse into the river.
Richard was the first to reach the edge of the rock face and stripped himself of his jacket before diving in after you. Obviously, you didn’t see how ridiculously amazing he looked because you were too busy drowning, but if you had, that man would surely have been the cause your blackout.
Paramedics arrived at the scene and waited with everyone for Richard to resurface. Four nail-biting minutes later, Richard re-emerged with your unconscious form. The stunt team pulled the two of you out and the paramedics rushed in.
You remember hazily expelling water from your lungs and hearing voices. The distant ones repeated your name while the one above was deep and demanded you stay awake. You wanted to listen to the instruction but were engulfed in a second wave of darkness.
The next time you woke up, it was to the steady beat of a heart monitor. You inhaled your surroundings before opening your eyes. Yep, it all smelt like sterile which only meant that you were in a hospital.
Opening your eyes only confirmed your senses.
You were sleeping in a white bed and were attached to many different wires and tubes.
“Hello there.” a kind man greeted as he walked in to the room. He wore a white overcoat and a stethoscope slung around his neck.
“I’m the doctor looking after you.” He said while picking up the medical itinerary from the base of your bed, “You took quite a tumble yesterday and, with the bump to your head, I’m pleased that you escaped any serious damage.” He muttered while skimming over the notes.
You thought back to the events of the previous day and remembered the sudden change in weather, falling into the river after helping Adam, and the voices.
“What do you say?” the doctor wondered. You looked at him with a frown and the man chuckled, “There’s a man outside who wants to see you. Are you alright with it?” he asked again. You glanced at the empty door and then smiled at the doctor (since nodding made you nauseous).
In walked Richard and you felt like the world made sense again.
You thought he was going to bombard you with questions on how you were – in fact, you expected him to – but he said nothing as he reached your side.
You opened your mouth to speak but were silenced by Richard’s lips crashing over your own. The kiss was gentle and passionate, feeling as though it were overdue 100 years.
That one kiss answered so many of your questions and left you with twice as much. You both pulled away for a much needed gasp of air and Richard rested his forehead on yours. You closed your eyes and listened to him breathe, your chest rising and falling in sync with his.
“I’m glad you’re safe.” He whispered.

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