Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


72. Richard Armitage 11 Part 1

~You heard someone cry, ‘watch out!’ but were too invested in your part of the script to ask who it was aimed at. A strong force tackled into the side of your body and pushed you from your path. You were lucky that you were walking down the middle of the Mirkwood Forest set as you landed on the bed of leaves with a small yelp and a small ache in your head. There was a loud crash from the direction you had been in previously followed by hurried footsteps. Blowing the hair from your face, you looked at who your saviour was and smiled,
“Hi.” You greeted.
“Hi.” The deep voice of Richard said. He too was sporting a gentle smile as he protected you. His hands were by your head and his legs on either side of your hips.
“Are we always going to keep meeting like this?” You asked with a small laugh, completely ignoring the odd position you were currently in. Coincidently, you and Richard had been forced into situations of close proximity with each other several times for the past few months. Richard chuckled and pierced your soft (e/c) eyes with his blue,
“It would seem so.” He replied and then sighed, “I called out for you. What were you doing?”
So, it was Richard who had shouted for you to move out of the way. You mentally slapped yourself for not paying attention and showed him the script that you were still holding.
“I was reading over my lines.” You told him. Richard looked at the paper and was suddenly captivated by your eyes, again. You were holding the script to cover your face but your eyes managed to peer over the top. They were beautiful and filled with so much heart that Richard was fighting the urge to not kiss you and make a scene where you both lay.
He was in love with you. There was no denying his feelings nor were there to be any confession. His friends knew but he didn’t know if you returned those feelings.
“Middle Earth to Richard,” You laughed, snapping him out of his daydream, “What are you thinking about?” you wondered curiously. Richard searched your eyes one last time and shook his head,
“Nothing, really.” He replied.
“Okay, well if really is nothing, how about we get up?” You suggested. Richard blinked once to register your words and then understood what you were getting at. Whispering a soft ‘oh’, he got to his feet and stretched out a hand to help you up. Taking his offer, you held his hand firmly and were pulled off the ground by his strength. Using more force than anticipated, Richard accidentally caused you to crash into his chest.
He felt your body shake with laughter and counted himself lucky that you couldn’t see the blush forming on his cheeks. Richard cursed his clumsiness for the hundredth time and you took a step back to properly look at what he had saved you from. A steel beam had come undone from the ceiling and found its way to the ground. Unfortunately, it had also destroyed a section of the Mirkwood set.
“Oh, my…” You gasped and left Richard’s side instantly. You sprinted to where the scene unfolded and looked around,
“Is everyone okay? Was anyone hurt?” you asked. It was built into your nature to be concerned for the wellbeing of others. Most of the crew nodded and insisted that they were fine, which lifted your spirits.
“We’re fine but I heard that you had a close-call.” Peter Jackson said as he walked over to you, “Are you alright?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. Just a little light headed, but…” You bit your tongue and wondered why you hadn’t stopped talking after ‘I’m fine’. Peter was suddenly alert and called for the medics who were standing by. The more you said that you were okay and stable, the more Peter insisted that you got checked up until he finally convinced you to leave. Convincing in the case of Peter Jackson involved your character and a rather ‘untimely death’. Of course, the man only wanted you to be okay and you could be stubborn at times.
Eventually, you went through the medical examination and everything turned out perfectly, apart from the mild concussion after hitting the ground. Peter was informed of this and moved your scene to be filmed the following day. You returned to your trailer and, within a few hours, a storm set in. Now, you were trapped in your trailer undoubtedly. You spent the remainder of the day reading, sleeping and eating – it wasn’t something you usually got to do, so you took heart in it.
As the sky darkened, in what was now presumed to be night, there was a knock on your trailer door and you frowned.
Who could possibly be at your doorstep in such torrential downpour? Stepping through your mini kitchen, you opened the trailer door were greeted by a gust of cold wind … and Richard. Richard was also there. The poor man was drenched from head to toe with the most patient expression. Your eyes widened at the sight and quickly moved aside,
“What are you doing outside? Come in!” You implored. Richard hurried inside and you shut the door behind him.
“You’ll catch your death out there.” You sighed as you turned to face him. Richard wrapped his arms around his body in an effort to warm up his woollen sweater but still shivered relentlessly.
“That was not my intention.” He said softly. You smiled sympathetically,
“No? Then you must elaborate on why you walked all the way to my trailer amidst a raging storm.” You replied. Richard looked like he remembered his purpose and pulled out some papers sealed tightly in plastic,
“You left your script back on set.” He told you. You gasped and hit your forehead in realisation,
“I can’t believe I forgot about that.” You scolded yourself and took the papers from Richard, “Peter would have had my character killed if I asked him for a fifth copy.”
“I think there’s enough death at the end of this film.” Richard chuckled and you nodded,
“Very true. Thank you, Richard.” Richard gave a curt nod and cleared his throat,
“I should leave. We have an early start tomorrow and you should get some rest.” He said. You smiled and held the script close to your chest. Richard Armitage had just endured a storm to deliver your script – his kindness would surely be the death of you. While you thought about what had happened Richard was frowning at the doorknob,
“It’s locked.” He whispered. You were brought back to reality when you heard him trying to open the door,
“What?” you asked. Richard turned to you,
“The doorknob, it won’t move.” He explained. You frowned at him and walked over to test his words. As sure as the storm outside, the trailer was locked from the outside. You sighed and kicked the door in frustration. Outside of the trailer, there was the sound of snickering and then footsteps splashing across puddles in the rain as the culprit ran away.
“I think we’ve become the centrepiece of a prank.” You said. Richard gave a heavy sigh as he ran his hand through his still wet hair. You couldn’t help but notice how his eyes shone in contrast to the colour of his hair. Clapping your hands together, you walked back into the trailer,
“I doubt we’ll be let out anytime soon, so we might as well make ourselves comfortable.” You said optimistically. Richard followed your steps and tilted his head gently,
“Comfortable?” he questioned as he watched you dash about the trailer, switching on heaters, moving away empty cereal bowls until finally disappearing into your room.
“Yes.” Richard heard you say and then reappear with a clean towel, “You are soaking in rainwater and I don’t think Peter can afford delaying our shoot tomorrow any more than he already has.” Tossing Richard the towel, you smiled and showed him to your room,
“Get yourself dry and wear the clothes I laid out.” you instructed.
“Where did you get those?” Richard asked as he looked at the clothes.
“Oh, I was keeping them safe for the costume department. Apparently, Aiden and Luke were stealing them and using them for archery practice.” You answered with a laugh, “Unfortunately, it’s all I have.” Richard gave an understanding nod and you backed away,
“I’ll be in the kitchen if you need my assistance. Not that you’ll need it, I’m sure you can handle yourself … and by ‘yourself’ I-I don’t mean … oh … I’m going to stop talking now.” You stuttered while turning a shade of red. You turned on your heels and disappeared into the kitchen, leaving Richard with a smile dancing on his lips. If only he could tell you how beautiful you were when you stammered.
Finally drying his hair and removing the wet clothes, Richard stood in front of the mirror wearing a tank top and dark shorts. He thought that was an odd thing to be wearing given the current weather but his options were limited and you were doing your best to help. He stepped out of the room and back into the living area where there was an open kitchen. You heard him approach and turned around with two mugs of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream.
“It feels better to be out of those clothes, right?” You assumed and Richard nodded,
“Much better. Need a hand?” he wondered. You shook your head,
“No, I’m good. Although, can you bring that table forward?”
Richard turned around and saw that living room was set like campout. There were fluffy blankets, pillows, a stack of movies and books, and snacks all prepared. He walked over and dragged a small table forward for you to set the mugs on. Once everything was in place, you both made yourselves comfortable and played a few movies into the night. The storm didn’t seem to calm but you and Richard were too invested in your conversation to notice.
Richard was watching the third movie (you had picked this one out) when he felt something gentle lean onto his shoulder. Looking down, he found that you had fallen asleep and were turning him into your human pillow. You were currently in two separate blankets but Richard saw the goose-bumps trail down your arm and a faintly shiver. Switching off the television, Richard carefully took off his blanket and put over you before sliding under the same cover. His stealth was perfect as you hadn’t woken up and you were now curled up at his side.
That night sleep was peaceful and Richard promised himself that he would summon enough courage to tell you the matters of his heart.

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