Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


12. Raven

This One Shot and the next 3-4 One Shots are based off my Horror & Love Series which I will be posting after I'm done posting the One Shots.





~Hello, you don't know me but I don't know you either. My name is Xack (It sounds like Zack), I am 17 but act like a kid at heart. I have messy shoulder length black hair with bright orange streaks, my right eye is brown whle the left one is crystal blue, today I'm wearing a white shirt with black short-sleeves and black cargo pants, and wear blackish-blue tennis-shoes with white rubber on the toes (Good for running by the way). I may act like a child but I do have a good head on my shoulders, I love a good joke, and I have a caring for anything out of the ordinary. If you want proof, I keep a dead skunk around as my pet and my company when I'm alone. His name's Stripes. Well, I am made fun of (besides that) because my dad died when I was 6 and three years later, my mom died of a very mysterious car accident. You can pretty much say that I do live alone but I work at the diner to pay rent. So I may be made fun of and appear to be a scapegoat, but I don't let that keep me down. What's fun is to dance to these really old songs on my old CD player even if it annoys people. I also like to listen to the scary stories of the Creeper when the town loons come by. I've sort of thought that the Creeper was made up until they started backing up evidence of his existance. Today, as I over heard a conversation of him, my interest peaked when they went onto something I never heard before.
"The Creeper has a son now because of that witch. She and her family came upon our already corrupted town and within three days, I heard, she bore the child of the Creeper. And every 23 years, she came back here to be with that cursed pairing. And do you know what she named that wicked child?" There was a long pause as everyone, even I, strained to hear what the baby of the Creeper was called. I was even trying to figure out what the name was but I couldn't figure it out.
"She named him the Raven. Like that poem from Edgar Allan Poe she named him after a cursed bird. He even has the wings of a raven. Haven't you noticed a shortage in crows lately? He keeps them with him and stores them for when he needs them. Beware both the Creeper and the Raven."
"If that's true," I walk over to them,"Then have you been near them? Huh, little rat? Have you been going to their hideout to see what they do, raven chow?" He looks at me in almost fear and tries to get a hold of himself.
"I've been to their place once and never will I go again. If you go, you may never come back." Never? That almost sounds inviting. I was getting a little excited and decided to give him one last push.
"Why don't you take me so that I can see for myself?"
"Are you insane? If you go there, you'll sign your own death warrent."
"And what if you're just trying to keep me and everyone from knowing that it's just some lie?"
"If you want to get yourself killed then go to the old factory out of town. That's where I saw them. Be my guest, child." I felt a bit adventurous about this piece of news and started planning on my trip for tonight. Well, there was no school tomorrow so what harm was there?
"Xack! Get that filthy thing out of my kitchen!" I heard the cook yell from his little window. I ran into the kitchen and saw him holding Stripes by the tail.
"Hey, you know he doesn't like it when you hold him that way."
"Xack, how many times must we tell you that this thing is not allowed in the the diner?"
"Do you expect me to leave him in my house? What if a rat or bugs come to eat off his decaying flesh?"
"Xack, when will you see that this thing is dead? Just bury it or something. Dead animals are not pets."
"Oh, so dead animals aren't pets yet everyone keeps them around their houses as prizes." You have to admit that it's true. But the real reason I keep Stripes around is probably because he's all I have as a friend. I grab him, end my shift at the diner, and head home. I leave Stripes in my bed and grab my flashlight before heading out.
"I'll be right back, Stripes. This'll only take several hours. Keep those bad little decomposers away from you while I'm gone, Okay?" I go out the door and ride my bike all the way to that old factory out of town like the loon said. It took awhile but I finally found it and left my bike outside. With the flashlight as my eyes, I looked around the run down place. Juist when I thought there was nothing here, I heard some running coming my way. The next thing I saw were these strange creatures, one was taller than the other with white hair while the smaller one had really dark hair. They smelled me and I remembered what the town crazies had said once: They smell our fear and the fear tells them what they want. I was definately scared out of my mind and I didn't want to know what they wanted from me. Just when the white haired creature was about to bite me, the dark haired one stopped him. He started to smell me again but then licked my face slowly before stopping. He looked into my weird colored eyes and forced my head toward the wall. I didn't remember much but the impact of my head hitting the wall...
...I woke up to the sound of voices over me. I opened my eyes and saw them again.
"What do you want from me?" I whispered.
"Raven! You're back!" I looked around and there were other creatures but they seemed to be the dark haired creature's friends.
"Hey, is that your mate? I never thought you'd be tied down, Raven."
"What a human way to put it. Are you spending too much time possessing and less time here?"
"Oh, shut up!"
"Hey, boys! Calm down!" A female's voice came next to the white haired creature. She looked human and had the same dark hair as the smaller creature. Which only meant.
"You're the Creeper and you're the Raven!" I was excited more than scared now. It was actually weird really.
"Hey why am I here? This is Hell, right?"
"Well," said the woman,"I am the Raven's mother and I believe he has found himself a mate."
"No way. You're the Creepess?" That's what they called the girl who gave birth to the Raven. This was amazing to me. I looked at the Raven and he didn't look half bad when I saw him at a first glance. He looked like the Creeper but that wasn't too bad.
"So, you like me?" I asked the Raven.
"Yeah." He took my hand and we kissed. It was great. I heard giggling behind me and looked to see the Creeper and his wife laughing.
"Raven," she asked,"Weren't you the one who wondered if a demon could ever love?"
"Mom!" Everyone laughs including me. I lived happily with the Raven for eternity just like that girl and the Creeper had done.

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