Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


243. Peter Quill 7

~One of the things you liked best about Peter, was he was spontaneous, both out of bed and in bed. So you got the best of both worlds; surprise, last minute dates. Gifts when you were least expecting them, and of course, a variety of thoroughly enjoyable sexual escapades in varying degrees of kinky.
You were used to Peter being in charge, comfortable with him taking the lead. As you were mulling all this over, he boarded the ship, still wearing his disguise from his latest heist. From the grin on his face, it had been very successful. But you weren’t so focused on that. You were very distracted by what he was wearing.
“W-what are you wearing?” you asked. Your mouth was surprisingly very dry, and it took a lot of self control to keep your mouth from dropping open. A smirk formed on his handsome face.
“What, this old thing?” he shrugged.
The outfit in question was a cop uniform. A very, very tight-fitting cop uniform, that only served to accentuate every single inch of his perfect body. God, you were practically drooling, and your panties were so damp there was practically no point in you wearing them.
“This is really doing it for you, huh?” he smirked, noticing how visibly turned on you were. You cross to him, loop your arms around his neck. He’s right, though. There’s something really hot about a man in uniform. Especially when that man happens to be Peter Quill.
“Uh-huh.” you answer him breathily.
His smirk becomes almost predatory.
“That any way to answer me, huh?” he asks, his hands resting on your ass.
“Ye- I mean... no, officer,” you play along immediately.
“I’m gonna need you to strip, baby,” Peter informs you, “who knows what sort of dangerous weapons you might be concealing.”
No problem, you think to yourself. You take your time stripping off, giving him plenty of time to enjoy the view. He’s sitting down when you’re done.
“Come over here.”
You do as he says. He gestures for you to sit on his lap. You straddle him instead and kiss his neck.
He swats at your ass.
“You’re manhandling your prisoner,” you say.
“Mm,” he says, “but you’re seducing an officer.”
He runs his hands over your body.
“Am I clean, officer?” you ask.
He smirks.
“After very close inspection, I deduce that you are, in fact, very, very dirty.” His hands massage your breasts as he speaks.
You peek at him through your lashes.
“Am I going to be punished, officer?” you ask innocently.
“Oh, yes,” he practically purrs at you. He puts your hands on his shirt, and obediently you begin to unbutton it. Once you have it undone, you run your hands up and down his chiseled abs.
“Mm, I think I know what I’m sentencing you to,” Peter says.
“W-what’s that?” you ask, distracted on account of him kissing down your neck.
“A good, hard loving,” he murmurs in your ear. Heat pools between your thighs.
“Oh, no! Not that!” you jokingly squeal.
You sigh against his mouth as he captures your lips in a deep kiss. Whilst he kisses you, he unbuckles his belt and unzips his pants. Without breaking the kiss, you guide him inside you, moaning when you felt him fill you.
“Oh, god, Peter! You’re so fucking big...” you whine.
His hands settle on your waist, gripping you as he thrust up into you. Even though you’d been sleeping with him for a while now, you still marveled at how he felt inside you. Jesus, he was good. You swore you could feel every vein on every inch of his thick length as he thrust in and out of you.
You rode him wildly, your hands fisted in his shirt. The ship was filled with the sound of your moans and Peter’s grunts of pleasure.
“So tight... so fucking sexy... god, you’re so wet for me,” he groaned in your ear as he thrust, hitting that sweet spot deep inside you.
You tightened around him; you bit down on his collarbone as you came hard. If anyone else had been around, all they would have heard was you moaning his name. Your eyes rolled back in your head, but finally you regained coherency.
His thrusts become rough and erratic; he was going to make you come again, no doubt. Your hands tangle in his hair and you pull him into a kiss as you feel him tense. He gripped you harder, hard enough to leave bruises in the morning. He breaks the kiss to groan and grunt in a manner that’s almost animalistic as he came, filling you with the warmth of his hot release.
You collapse against him, both of you breathing heavily. You could feel both your juices dripping out your tight entrance, but you were too exhausted to move. Besides, the moment was just too perfect.
Eventually, he laughed.
“What?” you asked.
“Remind me to come home in a uniform more often,” he smirked.
“Mm,” you sighed, “please do.”
“Such a kinky little girl,” Peter murmured.
“Only for you,” you replied, nipping at his collarbone.
“Damn it,” he groaned, “you’re going to be the death of me.”
You smirked, feeling him grow hard inside you again.
“You know, officer... I don’t think I’ve learnt my lesson yet...” you purred.
“Hmm... me either,” he replied, and with another searing kiss, he dragged you in for another round.

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