Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


241. Peter Quill 5

~It was times like this when you were glad that most of your companions liked spending time away from the ship.
Aside from Peter, who was busy tinkering away with yet another broken part of the ship, you were certain that the vessel was deserted.
Which was perfect, considering your current activities.
You were lying on your bunk in your small room, wearing only a t-shirt and your panties. You weren’t entirely sure what had provoked it. One minute you had been lying there thinking about Peter, the next minute you’d been touching yourself.
You were kind of ignoring your surroundings, too caught up in what you were doing, rubbing slow circles on your clit and sliding two fingers in and out of yourself.
You weren’t sure when you started moaning Peter’s name; you couldn’t stop thinking about him – the way his clothes clung to his ridiculously muscled body, his gorgeous eyes, cheeky smirk, and above all, how damn good it would feel if it was his fingers, not yours, doing this to you.
“Mmm…Peter… oh, daddy, yes!” you moaned as you touched yourself.
You were jolted out of your fantasy by someone clearing their throat. Hastily, you removed your hand from your panties, blushing bright crimson when you realised that standing in the doorway to your room was Peter Quill himself.
He was wearing only his tight-fitting pants, having obviously taken off his shirt to fix the ship.
He entered your room, closing the door behind him.
“Daddy, huh?” he was walking towards you with the air of a predator about to leap on its prey.
“I-I… umm…” you stammered, fumbling for an explanation.
“I would say don’t stop on my account, but honestly I’d much rather do it myself,” he smirked at you.
“Peter, I-” you were cut off by his lips descending on yours in a deep, hungry kiss.
When he tore his mouth away from yours, he helped you remove your shirt before he started planting wet, open-mouthed kisses down your neck.
“Such a kinky little girl,” he murmured as he kissed lower, lips brushing both your nipples before he kissed down to your thighs.
His stubble tickled as he kissed your inner thigh, but any giggle on your lips turned to a moan as his lips brushed your core.
“God, Peter!” you whined, and then gasped as his hand landed on your ass. Somehow, without him even speaking, you understood what he wanted.
His tongue lapped at you, making slow circles on your clit then licking up and down your slit, his hands gripping your hips to keep you in place.
You squirmed beneath him, whimpering and moaning.
“Oh, Pe- daddy!” you corrected yourself at the last moment, but he still caught you out, and you were punished with another light slap to your ass.
You were close, so tantalizingly close, to your climax, but he denied you, pulling his mouth away from you.
You whined pathetically at the loss of contact.
He smirked, leaving your bed for a moment to remove the last of his clothing.
When he lay down beside you, you knew precisely what he wanted.
You sat up and moved to straddle his legs, bending your head to take him into your mouth.
He groaned in satisfaction as you moved your head, licking and sucking at his length.
“Fuck,” he groaned, “such a good girl for daddy.”
You moaned internally, loving the way he talked dirty.
“Get up here.” He ordered after a little while, and you complied, moving a little way up his body, and then sinking down onto him.
You moved slowly at first, your body adjusting to his size. Once the slight pain had faded, you built up a rhythm, rolling your hips as he thrust up into you. Just as you felt your pleasure building, he rolled you over so he was on top of you.
You wrapped your legs around his waist, pulling him in deeper as he thrust into you. Somehow, despite the roughness of his pace, it still managed to be sensual.
“Oh, Peter, yes!” you gasped, then flinched as he once again slapped your ass and thrust harder and deeper, rendering you breathless.
All you could do was moan incoherently.
“Oh my god… ohh… yes… daddy, yes!” you moaned as he left kisses and lovebites on your neck and breasts.
“Fuck,” he growled, “I love when you call me that.”
You were so close, desperate to reach your climax after he’d been denying you for so long.
“Oh…Peter… daddy, yes… right there!” you cried as you finally came, raking your nails up his back.
“Fuck, baby,” he groaned, “just like that.”
You felt the warmth of his own climax fill you.
You were going to be bruised tomorrow, you mused as he pulled out of you and rolled off you, pulling you into his arms.
“I had no idea you were so kinky,” he smirked down at you.
“Only for you,” you replied.
“Why do I sense us making a habit of this?” Peter mused.
“Because you like fucking me?” you smiled at him.
“Mm. That’s gotta be it.” He nuzzled your messy hair.
You pulled your blankets over the two of you, and settled back into his arms, thoroughly exhausted.

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