Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


239. Peter Quill 3

~Your back hits the wall of Peter’s room, but you’re too busy and distracted to care.
His lips ravage your neck, his hands roaming your body.
He bites you a little too hard and you gasp, smacking his face.
“Sorry,” you say, feeling horrible.
You’re kind of amazed to see a new fire in his eyes.
“Do that again,” he murmurs in your ear.
You hesitate then lightly slap his face again, and he moans. You can feel his arousal against your thigh.
“God, Peter, I had no idea you were into this,” you mumble as he returns his lips to your neck, his hands removing your clothing.
You wrap your arms around his neck and tug on his hair until he leans up and kisses your lips.
Somehow he manages to strip off his shirt and pants, still pinning you to the wall.
His hands wander, slipping inside your panties and gently rubbing your clit.
“Peter…” you whine as he slides two thick fingers inside you. He strokes you slowly, fingers hitting the right spot inside you every time.
But just when you get close to climax, he withdraws his fingers.
“Get on the bed.” His voice is low, dominating. You can’t resist him.
He moves on top of you, grabs your wrists.
You gasp against his lips as he pins your hands above your head.
He kisses you deeply as he slides into you, stifling your gasps and moans.
He keeps his lips on yours as he thrusts into you roughly, one hand on your throat.
It’s rough, animalistic, and you love it.
“Turn over.” He mutters, pulling out of you.
You do as he says, rolling onto all fours.
His hand grips your hair as he enters you again. You let out a loud, drawn out moan as he thrusts into you deep and rough, sending you over the edge. He slows down a little as you ride out your climax.
When you can breathe again, he returns to his rough pace.
“Oh my God, Peter!” you whine as he thrusts harder, tugging on your hair.
“Shh,” he growls in your ear, and you bite down on the pillow to stifle your whimpers and moans.
He pulls out of you and turns you over onto your back, slipping back inside you with a groan.
He bites your neck again, leaving little marks on your skin. He kisses each one as he goes, seemingly determined to make it a mixture of pleasure and pain.
You’re going to cum again, you’re certain of it.
His thrusts become erratic, rougher, and you can tell he’s close.
“That’s it, Peter… yes… please… right there! Harder! Oh, harder!” you scream as he pounds into you.
That seems to send him over the edge, because you feel him tense inside you, then a rush of warmth as he cums with a deep groan and a growled curse.
“Fuck,” he murmurs, rolling off of you, running a hand through his sweat-drenched hair.
“Feel free to do that to me whenever you feel like it.” You say, still breathing heavily from your second orgasm.
He grins.
“Remind me to take you up on that offer.”

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