Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


183. Owen Grady 8

~“You never have any fun.” Owen stated as you leaned against the side of his couch. He’d put on music, but you were too busy going over a report due the next day to pay attention. This wasn’t the first time, either. Every time you went out, whether with Owen alone, or in a group with co-workers, you were always busy thinking about work that needed to be done.
Simply put, Owen just didn’t believe you were capable of living in the moment.
“Come on, that report can wait.”
“Owen, I really need to go over this, especially if we want continued funding for the raptor project.”
“So it’s finished?”
“Yes,” you sighed, “I’m just going over it one last time.”
“Why? You expecting the words to change overnight?”
“No, but I want us to have the best chance of getting more funds.” You said.
Owen sighed.
“Honestly, you work too hard. I mean, I really appreciate it, but seriously. You need to have some fun.” He slouched against the back of the couch, running a hand through his hair.
You scowled.
So he thought you were incapable of doing anything fun?
Several scenarios played through your mind, but it was the song that played next through the sound system that decided it for you.
You closed your paperwork folder and got up, slipping your sweater off as you stood.
You were grateful for your choice of clothing – shorts and a button-up blouse – as you sauntered over to him, slowly sliding your shorts down your legs.
“W-what are you-?” he seemed more surprised than offended as you straddled him, neatly kicking your shorts behind you.
“Having some fun,” you replied, placing your hands on his broad shoulders and beginning to grind against him.
God, he really was gorgeous, you thought almost absent-mindedly as his hands traveled to your hips, settling there with a grip that wasn’t too hard, or too soft either.
He was taller than you, practically made out of solid muscle, his light brown hair slightly wavy, green eyes always sparkling, and his lips practically begged to be kissed.
Without pausing the slow circling of your hips, you leaned up and kissed him, trying not to giggle when his stubble tickled your face.
Thankfully, he kissed you back, his tongue sweeping your mouth.
When you broke apart, you slowly began to unbutton your shirt.
You tossed it behind you, not particularly caring where it landed. When Owen made a movement like he was going to move his hands up your body, you smacked his hands lightly.
“Nah-uh. You gotta say please,” you told him, thoroughly enjoying the frustrated look on his face.
You removed your bra, leaving you only in a pair of (admittedly very damp) panties. You could feel his arousal rubbing against you with every slow, deliberate circle of your hips.
“Honey, c’mon.” Owen’s hands gripped your ass and you laughed.
“You gotta say please, baby,” you teased, toying with the buttons of his shirt.
You managed to get three undone before he caved and you allowed his hands to roam your body, palming your breasts. He ran his thumbs over your nipples and you shivered, reaching down between the two of you to unzip his pants.
Neatly, (or rather, more neatly than you’d hoped), you slid from his lap onto your knees. When you took his impressive length into your mouth, a little noise of satisfaction fell from his lips.
“Jesus,” he murmured as you licked up his length and gently sucked the tip.
He let you pleasure him for a few moments, then he pulls you to your feet; briefly he stands too to remove his clothes. You remove your panties. You find yourself being pulled down onto the couch. He lies down, pulling you on top of him
He makes a little gesture and you hesitate.
“Honey, c’mon. I don’t have a lot of patience,” he growls.
You wiggle up his body, planting your thighs on either side of his head.
When his tongue takes that first, tantalizingly slow lick up your slit, you cry out. You can feel the rumbling laughter in his chest as he continues his ministrations. You squirm, marginally concerned with not wanting to squish him (as if you could).
His tongue circles your clit, bringing you dangerously close to climax.
“Owen…” you breathe.
He moves his face away from you for a moment – his stubble tickles your thighs.
“I need-”
“I know.”
Without much further communication, you wiggle backwards and he slides into you slowly. You gasp a little as you stretch to accommodate his size.
“How’s that feel?” he asks, eyes roaming your body.
“Much better,” you purr, slowly beginning to move your hips.
You build up a rhythm, riding him slowly at first then harder as his hands grip your waist so hard you’re certain he’ll leave bruises.
“Oh, fuck, Owen, yes… oh god, harder, Owen! Harder!”
In the midst of your climax, as you’re crying out his name and moaning incoherently, he manages to move you so he’s on top of you.
His thrusts are deep, rough, and relentless, just like the bruising kisses and lovebites that he peppers your skin with. He’s animalistic, just the sort of lover you’d expect the Alpha to be.
He brings you to the edge of climax again just as he reaches his own – you tip over into the oblivion of pure pleasure together, a mess of moans, curses, and sweat-coated limbs.
“Oh… Owen… yes… like that…”
After, when you’re once again on top of him, this time encircled in his arms, you feel and then hear him start to laugh again.
“What’s so funny?” you ask.
“You,” he says, “guess I underestimated you.”
You smile.
“Damn right you did.” you say, then you pause, “now what?”
“Now,” he says, “We’re gonna go get some food, because I’m starving, then we’re gonna come back here, watch a movie that neither of us care about, then I’m going to fuck you senseless again until we’re exhausted.”
“Mm,” you say, nuzzling into his chest, “that sounds pretty good to me.”

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