Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


283. Owen Grady 62

~You roll over and reach for Owen but your hands find empty sheets. Groaning, you pull the covers over your head to block the intruding sunlight. You told him all you wanted for your birthday was to sleep in and lay around the house. However, the smell of bacon wafting through the house drags you to your feet and has you shuffling through the bedroom door.
With quiet footsteps, you walk towards the kitchen and see Owen standing over messy stove cooking bacon and eggs and spot the waffle maker off to the side, obviously used. There’s a single rose on the island in the kitchen with a cup of coffee beside it, still steaming, so you grab it and take a sip. He still hasn’t noticed your presence so you lean against the wall behind you; hands wrapped around your coffee cup, and quietly clear your throat.
You can’t help the small grin on your face when he turns around in surprise to see you standing there. His face breaks into a smile and he gives you a wink.
“Morning Birthday Girl.” He says, before turning back to the sizzling bacon.
“Man, I’m really getting the royal treatment today, huh?” You say teasingly, secretly surprised. You never treated your birthday with any fanfare and are used to just being alone aside from seeing coworkers at work, but today is going to be different. You already feel like a princess waking up to breakfast from this handsome man. And you have a feeling this isn’t going to be the last of the days’ events.
“So have you got any plans for today?” You ask and he chuckles.
“Well, daring that’s for me to know and you to find out.” He moves the bacon to a plate and turns off the stove. “Besides, I thought that you wanted to just stay home today?”
“I mean, I just want to be with you really.” You say, setting down the coffee mug and moving towards him. “I could care less what we do.” You wrap your arms around him from behind as he continues to work on the eggs and you sigh against him. “Thanks.”
You feel rather than hear him laugh and he turns around in your arms to face you and place a kiss on the top of your head.
“Happy Birthday Babe.” He says gently, arm going to your waist and you feel so at home with him that your heart feels like bursting. This is definitely going to be a birthday to remember.
“Oh my god, Owen, it’s gorgeous.” You lift the red dress out of the garment box and hold it up, turning it around to see the keyhole back. “How in the world…” You ask, looking at him in awe and he gets your train of thought.
“The, uhm, sales lady helped out a little.” His hand goes to the back of his neck and he looks almost nervous. “She showed me some things she said you might like and I thought this one would look beautiful on you.”
You try to hold back the tears from welling up in your eyes at the fact that he really put some thought into it. “It’s perfect, Owen.” You lean forward to give him a tight hug and he pulls back laughing, all shyness gone.
“Well, then you better get it on. We have reservations in an hour.” He gives you a smirk and gets up to head towards the closet and your eyes go wide. This isn’t exactly the kind of dress someone wears to Jimmy Buffets…
“Winston’s?” You ask, mildly surprised. “Isn’t this like the nicest place on the island?” You hold onto his arm as he walks you towards the door for your private dinner. You knew it was going to be something fancy when he actually picked out your dress for you, but you didn’t expect Winston’s.
He doesn’t say anything, only ushers you in and gives the hostess his information. When you finally get seated at the small private booth in the back, he gives you a big smile.
“It’s a special night, and you deserve the best.” He reaches across the table for your hand and he rubs his thumb against your palm as he looks through his menu. You can’t imagine being any happier than this right now. Sitting here with your handsome, loving boyfriend of almost two years on your birthday in the most expensive place on the island. It can’t really get any better than this…can it?
After dessert, Owen reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small box. Your face breaks into a smile and you wonder if he actually remembered the diamond earrings you pointed out in the jewelers last month. You thought they were gorgeous and tried to drop the hint that that’s what you wanted for your birthday. However, after everything else he’s done today, you hate the idea of him spending that much money on a pair of earrings.
“Babe, you know I’m not really one for speeches, but you also know I’m madly in love with you.” Your smile grows wider and tenderer at his words. You really are lucky to have him. “I know you’ve been on your own for a long time and it’s been hard, but I don’t ever want you to have to be alone again. I want to be with you forever.”
Your smile begins to falter as you realize this isn’t something that someone says before they give you earrings. Surely you’re imagining the emotion in his voice… And the fact that he has now gotten out of the booth and come to kneel beside you.
“So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, will you marry me?” Your hand flies to your mouth in shock and he opens the box to reveal a small white-gold band with five diamonds side by side. You’ve seen it before and know it to be his grandmothers’ engagement ring. However, you never thought when you saw it that it would one day be yours.
The tears are streaming from your face now and you can’t speak so you simply nod slowly at first, but then excitedly. You pull your hand away from your mouth and squeak out, “Oh my god, yes.”
The people at few occupied tables around you begin to clap and cheer and you stand up, throwing yourself into his waiting arms. He gives you a deep kiss and you melt into him, not truly believing this isn’t all just a dream. When he pulls back, he looks down at you.
“I love you, Y/n. Happy Birthday.” The love you see in his eyes makes fresh tears come and you look down at the small box in his hand. He pulls out the ring and holds it out for you before slipping it onto your finger and you look down in awe.
“Owen, it’s beautiful.” Tears in your eyes, you look back up at him to see him beaming down at you.
“Yeah, you really are.”

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